SARA Agency Review 2022 – Is it safe to use with your Instagram?

Sara Agency Review

SARA Agency Review 2022

Virtually every business with an Instagram profile needs qualified followers in order to survive. Not only is boosting your Instagram about online growth survival, but it’s also about thriving on the platform.

Online, third-party companies like SARA Agency claim to provide services that save you time and effort while engaging on Instagram for you. The following will address SARA Agency and how it performs as an Instagram growth company.

It is important to know whether the type of engagement delivered by SARA Agency is effective as well as safe and legitimate according to Instagram’s terms of service (ToS).

With so many former companies getting shut down for violating Instagram’s ToS due to unacceptable methods of engagement or for using Instagram’s copyrighted name or image, Instagram users must be prudent in their choice of outsourcing their engagement.

Is SARA Agency a Scam?

The only way to truly determine whether a company is a scam or not is to learn about their features, how they work, and if their actions are safe and secure enough to avoid risking your Instagram account.

SARA Agency is a self-professed Instagram bot. While botting technology doesn’t necessarily make a service a scam, it may be questionable since similar companies using this technology have been shut down for this practice.

This company may be safe to use on the surface, but it is still a relatively unknown service, which means you should be guarded in your decision before partaking. With all that said, the following paragraphs will discuss what SARA Agency has to offer, how it works, and evaluate its safety and risk factors.

What is SARA Agency?

The claim of SARA Agency that they can “grow your Instagram 40 times faster than other Instagram marketing companies” may well be true. However, we are still looking at an Instagram bot that is almost identical to Instagress’ interface. Instagress was the most trendy and popular Instagram bot service for a few years until its shutdown in 2017.

One of the positive aspects of SARA Agency is that they are transparent about their location. This company was established and operates out of Los Angeles, California

Botting technology is well-known for its efficiency and speed, but with those positives come negatives. This method of engagement offered by SARA Agency may deliver as promised, but we need to be cautious about these companies as they seem to come and go due to being red-flagged by Instagram because they start to appear spammy.

How does SARA Agency work?

SARA Agency doesn’t require you to download anything, so you won’t have desktop software running on your computer. That means you don’t need to leave your computer on to boost your Instagram.

The botting technology used by this service allows you to automate your Instagram activities. This includes, likes, comments, and follow and unfollow actions.

SARA Agency doesn’t offer two popular features; Stories Viewer and Automated Direct Messaging that is not particularly known to grow your Instagram account like the essential actions such as commenting, liking, and following and unfollowing.

This service doesn’t help you grow on other social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Twitter. It is specifically an Instagram marketing service.

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Should you use automation for Instagram growth and engagement?

Two of the main reasons that prompt marketers to choose automation for social media engagement, in general, is to save time and money. The cost of running ads on Facebook or Instagram (owned by Facebook) can quickly turn into $500 per month, which most businesses don’t have allotted in their marketing budget for digital marketing on one or even two platforms.

Therefore, people turn to Instagram bots to engage and boost their presence. It’s effective and bypasses sponsored posts that most people ignore anyway. Manual engagement can create the same effect, but because it is slower, people want bots to encourage faster growth.

I would not advise anyone against botting in particular, but I would advise caution in how you use it. Regardless of all the safety and security of a website and its services, you cannot control what others do with this service.

While you may use automated Instagram tools responsibly, others may not, which creates the risk of the service getting red flagged and shut down like Instagress a short time ago. Ultimately, the decision to use Instagram bots is up to each individual, but it is suggested that you use caution.

Now that you have some background information about SARA Agency, we will move on to its features.

The Features of SARA Agency

Much like Instagress, SARA Agency’s features come with many functions and settings that may be useful in growing your Instagram account. Caution in using functions and settings is recommended regardless of how advanced they are.

You are given complete control over the settings to optimize your botting campaigns, which are designed to help you avoid problems with Instagram’s limits and guidelines. Some of these settings include:

  • Automated Following/Unfollowing
  • Automated Likes
  • Automated Comments
  • User Targeting
  • Hashtag Targeting
  • Location Targeting
  • Advanced Filters
  • Advanced Speed
  • Live Chat Support

The Dashboard

The dashboard features a simple and user-friendly design. After your payment is accepted, the system directs you to the login screen where you will connect to your Instagram account.

The login process is aptly secure and encrypted 100 percent. Your password will not be stored by SARA Agency. After you log in, you can configure your settings and set up your bot.

Automation Settings

If you ever used Instagress, the automation settings will be quite familiar to you as they are virtually the same. Many botting services are mimicking the interface used by the former Instagress service.

In the automation settings section of your dashboard, you will select your targeting, filters, speed, follow/unfollow, hashtags, likes, comments, usernames, and other actions provided in this automation. Each setting is clear and easy to understand. If Live Chat is available, you can contact them if you need help with any settings.

Speed Settings

One of the major issues involved with Instagram bots is related to the speed at which your account actions are performed. The goal is to stay within the hourly limits set by Instagram when engaging with likes, comments, and follows and unfollows. You will get blocked by Instagram by going beyond those limits.

Even if you are considered a very active account, you are only allowed between 12 and 24 comments per hour. Anything above that will get your account locked and you will be unable to interact on the platform for a period of time.

SARA Agency’s speed settings are designed to help ensure against going beyond the limits.

You can also use the “Delay Range” to delay actions between these activities.

These features are functional, but can you be sure everyone will abide by the responsible rules of engagement on Instagram through these configurations?

Target Filters

Filters are commonly used by botting technology for optimization. The filters of SARA Agency’s settings afford you many options on this front.

  • You can filter by age and type as well as setting your minimum and maximum limits for comments and likes on posts.
  • Filtering by gender, which is effective if your target audience is related to moms or other female followers.

Targeting Options

  • User: Advanced filter settings may include other types of targeting like user targeting. You can target your competitors’ followers, which are likely to be interested in your offerings.
  • Location: If you want to target a specific location with your offers, you can use campaigns with specific location targets.
  • Hashtag: Hashtags are identifiers and are used to personalize posts within your niche. They allow you to build your community.

Comments Functions

Auto-commenting is a feature offered by SARA Agency, but I don’t recommend it. This can create issues such as irrelevancy and awkwardness in your comments. If you decide to use SARA Agency and this comment feature, I recommend that you stay away from using emojis since they are often red-flagged and common when using bots. These comments must be generic and useful for any situation and cannot be specific.

What is the price of SARA Agency’s features?

SARA Agency allows for a free 3-day trial, after which you can sign up for one of these packages.

SARA Simple

  • $9.99 per Week
  • 20x Faster Growth
  • Safe & Secure
  • Liking & Commenting
  • Targeting by Username
  • 24/7 Support
  • Cancel Anytime

SARA Social

  • $12.99 per Week
  • 40x Faster Growth
  • Includes SARA Simple Features
  • Follower Booster – Follow/Unfollow
  • Targeting by Gender
  • Targeting by Location
  • Targeting by Hashtag

SARA Premium

  • $19.99 per Week
  • 50x Faster Growth
  • Includes SARA Simple Features
  • Real-Time Growth Statistics

The Positive and Negative Sides of SARA

Like Instagress and other similar Instagram bot services, SARA Agency has its positives and negatives.


  • Secure Website – SARA Agency’s website has the https secure website protocol, which is to your advantage, but also to theirs. It gives them the edge for getting noticed by Google and they can safely store your information.
  • Help and FAQ Page – Their common FAQs are visible, but they are also listed on the homepage of the website. They list only four FAQs, which is better than having none. While they should have an expanded page for FAQs and help, the fact that they have one is important.
  • Clear Pricing – SARA Agency is transparent about their packages and pricing options. This goes towards the credibility of service and a website, so this is not a surprise. They even placed their packages and pricing structure on a separate page, which means they took the time and effort to do so.
  • Real Reviews – Few companies like this one feature real reviews, so this is a unique aspect of this website. Their reviewers are associated with Instagram users. While this is impressive on the surface, be aware that there are people out there who can be paid for their reviews. Worse yet, these could be fake accounts made to appear real, which could cause problems.


  • Lack of Email and Phone Form – Listing an email or phone form on a service-related website falls into the “essentials” category when it comes to credibility and accountability. It makes customers and potential customers feel confident that they are using the right service and are respected.
  • Insufficient 24/7 Customer Support – There is the mention of 24/7 support within their package features, but otherwise, there is no mention of it anywhere else on the website. The Live Chat popup was inactive when I was visiting the website and that was during normal business hours. Therefore, that is not manned 24/7. While nothing is wrong with having to wait a few hours for a response, this kind of service should offer 24/7 support and have someone on-call to respond.
  • Unverified Payment System – Customers need to know that the service they choose is using a verified payment system. Without an authenticated, verified payment system, you cannot be sure that your payment information is secure.

Generally speaking, the negatives speak volumes to me and prompt me to be of the opinion that this service is not safe. It may boost your account for a time, but due to its infrastructure and similarities to Instagress, I cannot honestly recommend it.

Final Thoughts

SARA Agency’s website is about one year old and virtually an unknown. They have and are likely to attract more former Instagress users, which may be a positive for them, but I cannot make any assumptions about where they are headed in the future.

Mitigating risk is one of the aspects of a successful business. Using this Instagram bot may not be in your best interest. They fact that they do not have three of the imperative website features sends up red flags for me.

Also, while the website has a Trustscore on Scam Advisor of 71%, it also is a site that involves a high-risk country. It may be out of Bulgaria instead of Los Angeles, California.

No matter what, you must choose your Instagram growth and engagement methods and services with caution and wisdom to be credible and to steer clear of the risks of losing your Instagram account.

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Sara Agency Coupon

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