12 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer Tools in 2024

Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers

Need an anonymous Instagram Story viewer?

Everyone knows that Instagram is a huge visual platform with more than 1.3 billion global users actively engaging each month. Instagram profiles can be public or private.

If they are private and you need to view Stories and other content, you need to know the best anonymous Instagram story viewer available. 

While Instagram offers many amazing features like Reels, Stories, and more, there is one thing you cannot do. You cannot check out private profiles with anonymity. 

While you may not need to view private profiles on Instagram regularly, what if you think something is going on with your teen, child, or spouse/partner?

What then? What if you find a private Instagram profile using your child’s, partner’s, or teen’s image? Then what?

You can assume and fret all you want, but what if you can find out whether that’s a second or even third private Instagram profile they started on purpose, or if they’ve been hacked or had their account cloned or duplicated by someone they don’t know?

Either your child is trying to hide their activities from you, or your partner is cheating, or they have been hacked.

This is when you would need an anonymous Instagram story viewer to find out. 

What can you do? There are third-party private Instagram profile viewers you can use to get past the protocol and see what’s up.

Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer 2024

The following will review the 12 best anonymous Instagram story viewer services online today. 

1. Glassagram


Glassagram is almost always on top of every list of anonymous Instagram story viewer services for good reason. 

This may not be one that has been around for a long, long time, but they have shown that this service is high-quality and reliable. That’s why it’s so popular.

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When you use this app, you are getting services from one of the best Instagram viewer services on the market. 

This is an app, so you will get notifications whenever the chosen private Instagram profile gets an upload from the user. Therefore, you have no need to watch your Instagram or that profile all the time. 

Glassagram is easy to install and use. You can be using it within minutes. 

2. xMobi

xMobi Instagram Hacker

When it comes to an anonymous Instagram story viewer, xMobi has long been one of the top services in the market.

xMobi styles itself as a revolutionary new Instagram hacker tool, which enables you to get in and view private and public Instagram Stories, anonymously.

👉 View Private Instagram Stories

Like a few other services on this list, this one is great not just for Instagram, but for general phone tracking, which makes this a wonderful tool for parents who need to monitor and track their kids and keep them safe.

Other features include tracking outgoing and incoming phone calls, and monitoring social media apps.

Therefore, you can keep up with their Instagram, social media in general, and their phone calls. Plus, you get real-time updates.

We also like that this service is totally anonymous. 

3. eyeZy

Eyezy Instagram 1

Now we can address eyeZy, which is a great solution for  an anonymous Instagram story viewer that also offers one of the most powerful mobile device monitoring software on the planet. 

As you might have already imagined, this service is perfect for parents who need to keep an eye on their kids’ activities, especially on Instagram, online, and offline. 

The features offered on this site include being able to not only see Instagram chats, pictures, and review information and dates, it also gives you parental controls as a whole mobile phone monitoring and tracking app. 

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This is an all-in-one tracking app, so you don’t need to look for any other monitoring or tracking services to meet your needs.

Your children will never know you’ve been checking in on them since it’s all done anonymously.

The pricing on this service is quite affordable, especially with features like notifications if something harmful is happening on the users’ phone or Instagram app.

You can enjoy peace of mind without having to sit anxiously by your phone all the time. 

As Instagram viewers go, eyeZy delivers as promised, which is something you can’t say about every company.

4. uMobix

uMobix Instagram Spy App

The uMobix anonymous Instagram story viewer doesn’t always get second position on these lists, but it does on ours. Read on and we’ll explain why.

We like that you don’t need to even have an Instagram account to use this service.

Also, it’s compatible with Android and iOS devices, so regardless of what you need this kind of service for, you are going to be able to use it.

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Many users have this service to monitor and track their children on the Instagram platform, and for very good reasons.

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There are predators and then cyberbullies among their own peers. As a parent, it’s not just wise to keep up with your kids, it’s necessary.

You can use uMobix without your kids or the IG user even knowing since this is totally anonymous.

Therefore, you can view the content they are uploading, sharing, and watching to protect them from others and themselves.

If you want to feel at ease about using a service like this before you purchase a subscription, you can watch the demo provided on their site to see it in action.

Besides the demo, the website is chock full of information about the company, how it works, and how they can provide peace of mind when you need it.

This is one of the easiest methods for viewing IG Stories that you would otherwise have no access to view. 

5. mSpy


Our next anonymous Instagram story viewer for this list is mSpy. This is another superior monitoring and tracking service for social media, including Instagram.

Since we are honing in on Instagram for this article, this service made the list.

When you want to view private Instagram profiles with complete anonymity, this is a great service for doing just that.

Get mSpy FREE

One feature that parents love is the Instagram tracker that allows parents to check into what their kids are doing on the platform.

Yes. Parents gain access to all IG conversations and interactions.

You will be running anonymously, which is why this service doesn’t place an app on your child’s phone. That’s why they never know you are checking on them. 

Since this service has a tracking feature, it also tracks GPS locations and can also record the screen.

You can also remotely block sites you don’t want them to see and recover messages that they have deleted. 

6. Inflact

Inflact Instagram Story Viewer

When you need to focus on an anonymous Instagram story viewer that is safe, anonymous, and effective, Inflact is the service you need.

This one has been around for some time and has ample features to help you remain anonymous while viewing the selected user’s IG Stories.

You can also enjoy other features for Instagram with this service.

It also helps you with hashtags for marketing, content scheduling, and growing your IG profile. So, it’s a nice, all-around service even if you’re looking to boost your profile. 

The team behind the company has a lot of experience and expertise in this industry. The service has lasted a while, which says a lot about its accountability and credibility.

7. Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories

If you’re looking for an anonymous Instagram story viewer that is powerful, yet practical, Qoob may be just what you want.

Not only can you view Instagram Stories and content anonymously on private profiles, you can also download videos, photos, Stories, and more. 

If you hadn’t noticed, even public profiles don’t always allow you to download content, but Qoob helps with both public and private accounts.

You just give them the desired username to use the features of this service. Once you get started, you can download videos and pictures in high-res from IG profiles. 

You even have the option to automate IG Stories as you’re saving them, so you don’t waste time waiting for your downloads.

There are also features that provide you with sophisticated downloading solutions and sorting options.

8. SmiHub


Next, we will introduce the anonymous Instagram story viewer called SmiHub. This one is ideal if you need to anonymously analyze IG profiles.

One of our favorite things about this service is its user-friendly, neat interface. This lets you do your business unfettered. 

To get started, you just enter the username you want to check out on Instagram. Once you do this, you will soon have access to the IG profile of your choosing.

From this point, you get to view Stories, download content, and search for whatever with a few clicks of your mouse.

If you want to analyze a particular IG profile related to likes, followers, and comments, just browse IG profiles anonymously at your leisure. 

By the way, this service is free to use.

9. InstaDP


InstaDP is another anonymous Instagram story viewer that makes a lot of lists in this market for its features and reliability. In this case, you not only get to view IG Stories, you get to download them too.

The tricky thing about Instagram Stories is that they are designed to disappear in 24 hours after they are uploaded, so you must get to them on time.

You can do this through the system by copying the specified username and then pasting it into the system. 

That is how you anonymously browse through IG profiles and download content unbeknownst to them. InstaDP’s options don’t stop there.

You can also download IG Reels, photos, pictures, and videos without sacrificing image and video quality.

This is completely safe to use. 

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10. Instalkr


As the name reflects, Instalkr is an anonymous Instagram story viewer that is free to use and provides anonymity when viewing IG profiles. 

The unique factor of this service is that you gain instant access to public IG profiles even if you don’t have an Instagram account.

This viewer allows you to browse Instagram profiles under total anonymity. Also you can check out their Stories, likes, comments, and subscriptions without being discovered.

Another benefit is that you can even look at Stories and posts that the user has deleted. You get to view and download the IG Stories if you desire. 

Instalkr is free to use, which is another popular aspect of the service. All this system needs is a username you want to check out to start looking at any IG profile that is public. 

Let’s be clear. You don’t get to view private Instagram profiles with this one.

11. InstaStories


Instastories offers a lot of great features as an anonymous Instagram story viewer. You can anonymously view IG Stores and highlights simply with a public Instagram profile username.

There is nothing to register for and no extraneous information to provide. 

You can get access to any public Instagram profile via the site. Check out Stories, videos, photos, and highlights.

Additionally, you may also download the content without compromising media quality. 

Something that be a bit complicated about this service is its interface. It can seem overwhelming with users mentioning the difficulties in finding the text box for the username input.

It just means you need to stick to it and you will find it under all the details. Besides the challenging interface, we think this is well worth trying.

12. StoriesDown


If you want an anonymous Instagram story viewer that gives you access to instant view of Instagram Stories, StoriesDown is a good solution.

It could be just what you want in a Story viewer when you have no Instagram account. 

Once you have access, you can view, but also download the content to save on your mobile device or computer.

This Story viewer has an obvious text box for entering the username you want to check out. Additionally, you don’t have to register for anything or have an Instagram account.

The downloads you make will not lose their quality in the download process whether it’s photos or videos. 

This service is another one that is free to use and beginner-friendly.


Can Instagram Users Find out How Often Their Profile Has Been Accessed by A Person?

Currently, Instagram has no solution for finding out how many times a person has watched your IG Stories.

Why? Instagram only counts the number of views on a “one per viewer” basis. 

Can You View Instagram Stories without An Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer?

One little trick you can try is to turn airplane mode on your Android or iOS device, which can help you view Instagram Stories. 

That said, looking is all you can do in airplane mode. You cannot download anything or save Stories to your device. 

How Long Are Instagram Stories?

The average Instagram Story lasts up to 15 seconds.

For Stories longer than 15 seconds, the video gets broken up into several clips, which are each 15 seconds in length.


You may feel there are several justified reasons to use an anonymous Instagram story viewer to view Instagram profiles, public and/or private. 

When the goal is to be anonymous, you want to use reliable and credible story viewers. That’s why we put together this list of services for you.

Some reasons you might want to use such a service include things like, watching out for your children, checking on your partner/spouse, looking at competitors’ profiles, or to see what an influencer is all about.

Therefore, the need for an anonymous Instagram profile viewer is a great tool.

Each service, tool, or app we have shared in this article provides total anonymity, has suitable features, and helps you view, and some allow downloading some content without losing media quality. 

Additionally, you can do this with some of these companies without having an Instagram account.

We have given you a list of safe, secure, and credible anonymous Instagram story viewer options to consider.

Each one may be different enough to help you narrow down which one you need to use. 

We recommend sticking to our list and not straying much unless you can recognize a credible service in the market. 

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