The EASIEST Way to View Private Instagram Profiles in 2024

How to View Private Instagram Accounts without Human Verification

People who value their privacy want to keep their private Instagram profiles private.

That said, parents with young children or teens and people with potentially cheating partners understand the need to view private Instagram profiles in 2024. 

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In the following article, we will discuss viewing private Instagram accounts using special third-party apps or websites. 

How to View Private Instagram Profiles 2024

We have put together a list of sites and apps that allow you to look at private accounts easily. 

While many of these work across various social media accounts, on cell phones, etc, for purposes of this article, we are reviewing these viewing apps and sites for your consideration for Instagram.

1. Glassagram – The Best By Far


Glassagram’s website says this is the best Instagram tracker app. And from my research, it could be.

Glassagram it is an online software program that allows for anonymous viewing of private profiles, Instagram Stories, Direct Messages, and Likes.

Also, it’s used as a location and video tracker. 

Whether it’s the best or not is less important than the fact that it’s the most popular among its users for viewing private Instagram accounts.

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This says a lot about the company. You don’t get this popular without doing things right.

So, what is it that this company does so right?

First, it’s an award-winning Instagram private profile viewer that makes it easy to spy on your chosen locked IG profile. 

Of course, it is totally anonymous, so you are never discovered when looking through the user’s content and even direct messages. 

Glassagram makes signing up fast and easy.

You just click the “Try Now” button on the page, choose a subscription plan, install the app on the targeted Android device, then visit your account and wait for the devices to link and start sending data at your end.

Now you can monitor and track your kids, spouse/partner, or other loved one.

2. xMobi

xMobi Instagram Hacker

xMobi is an Instagram ”hacking” app that shows you private Instagram accounts without human verification or surveys, which can give you peace of mind in some cases, or just so you can find out if someone is worth following.

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The app itself is very simple, just like the service. There is no need to log into your Instagram to use this application.

You just go to the site, enter the private Instagram account you want to view, and get started. 

3. eyeZy

Eyezy Instagram 1

eyeZy is a new phone spy app lets you easily view private Instagram accounts–among other things. 

While this app allows you to remotely access your loved ones smartphones, we are addressing its Instagram private profile viewing solutions.

This is one of the features that this spy app is ready and willing to help clients with.

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One of the most popular things about eyeZy is that it’s affordable, so nearly anyone can use it for monitoring, tracking, and peeking into a person’s private Instagram profile across multiple devices from just about anywhere.

You can set this up on your phone also so that you don’t have to wait until you get to your computer.

As a parent, you can protect your kids without them knowing it, so they are free to interact as usual without knowing you’re protecting them.

So, instead of nagging them to see their phones or hovering over them, you can covertly watch over them.

If you’re curious about the app, the website features a demo you can watch to see it in action. That way, you know what you’re getting into before you decide to invest in it. 

4. uMobix

Umobix Instagram

uMobix is specifically designed for parents who want to track and monitor their kids to keep them safe.

Kids today are prone to making two or more IG accounts. One that their parents see, and one or two that are private and hidden from parents’ “prying” eyes.

This kind of activity has proven to be problematic, leaving children and teens susceptible to predators.

The private Instagram viewing service takes about 5 minutes to set up even if you’re not tech savvy.

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This is definitely a parent’s essential tool for tracking calls, social media interactions, location, videos they stream, and more. 

Another thing about this service is that it allows parents to access the settings on their child’s phone. 

That means they can restrict access to certain phone features and apps.

It offers app restrictions, app deletions, call restrictions, data storage, website blocking, Wi-Fi blocking, device blocking, and other useful features suitable for parents who want to do everything to protect their kids.

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Most parents use this app under the radar of their kids for good reasons.

You can trust your kids, but you don’t have to trust their Instagram, social media, and phone contacts.

5. mSpy


The mSpy Instagram tracker is one of several features this spy app offers, and is the one thing we will focus on in this article. 

This Instagram tracker is easy to install, works without you following anyone, offers 24/7 customer support, gives you access to everything (texts, images, videos, etc.), is completely anonymous, and keeps your personal data safe and secure. 

This app enables you to view private Instagram pages, monitor phone calls, read existing and deleted direct messages, view pictures and videos your kids or partner/spouse are watching, and even view their contact list.

What do you need to protect your children from online? While you already know, we will mention this list of things that can happen when kids have their own phone and Instagram account. 

You want to protect them from predators, cyberbullying, and looking at videos or images of inappropriate content or violent content.

That is what MSpy and the other services we put on this list can help you do.

This app is compatible with iOS and Android, and only takes a few minutes to get up and running.

So, no matter where you are, you can feel peace of mind in the fact that you’re doing all you can to protect your loved ones. 

MSpy happens to have a feature that alerts you if there is something dangerous happening on your child’s mobile device, so you can intercede. 

Apps like this have also been useful in catching cheating spouses or partners. 

6. PrivateInsta


PrivateInsta is compatible with iOS, Windows, Android, etc. It’s well-known and has built a reliable reputation.

A positive aspect of this Instagram private profile viewing service is that there is no need to sign into your profile to look at the private data.

However, this one offers a survey that you fill out first. We normally don’t go for that option, but this company has earned its good reputation, so it’s on the list. 

As always, make sure you are comfortable with these kinds of apps and services before you pay for or use them for free.

You don’t want to have your device or data compromised. That said, once you complete the survey, simply input the IG username you want to view and submit the page to use the Instagram Story viewer and profile viewer.

PrivateInsta is simple, secure, consistent, and offers wide compatibility. 

7. IGLookup

IGLookup 1

For IGLookup, you just go to the website, input the Instagram user profile name into the block and submit the information. You will click on “Spy Now” to get started. 

IGLookup is a popular and well-known app.

You will be viewing the profile of your choice in complete anonymity. That way, no one knows you’re “spying” on them.

A couple of ways this kind of app is used is to check up on the kids or a spouse/partner.

Please note, the process may take a bit before you gain access to look at private posts. 

8. InstaDP


InstaDP is another entry on this list of spy apps.

Not only can you access Instagram private profiles, you can also download videos, photos, profile pictures, IG Reels, and IG Stories. 

This one is just a little bit different from other private Instagram profile viewing apps you can use.

The first step for using this service is to get the username profile and input into the provided box. Then click “download” to get access. 

Then, you will see the targeted IG profile image. You will right click to save it to your device. Once you do that, you can view their IG content whenever you desire.

9. InstaLooker

InstaLooker 1

InstaLooker markets its service as a private Instagram viewer. You can better protect your kids and make sure your spouse/partner is being faithful.

There is nothing to download with this service since it’s all web-based. You will enjoy total anonymity, which is one reason it’s on this list.

You just go to the website, click “Spy Now”, enter the username of the private Instagram profile you want, and then click on “Start Viewer. 

It’s very simple, safe and secure, and delivers results. InstaLooker also has an export solution that allows you to download photos and videos from the private profile you have chosen. 

10. InstaRipper


InstaRipper is an app that you download.

This app is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, so almost all devices.  

It will request the username of the private IG profile and provide a link that will give you access to that private profile. 

This tool is easy to use, so you can access other accounts without anyone’s knowledge. 

11. Insta-Downloader


If you want to know view private Instagram accounts using Insta-Downloader, you will simply follow the site’s instructions. Here is an overview of how it works.

Copy the URL of the photo/image or video that you want to download, paste it into the text box on the website, and you will be able to download profile images. 

This is more of a downloader than it is an account viewer, but if you’re just checking to see what your kids or partner are looking at, this will work well enough.

You won’t need to sign into your IG account to do this since you will be going through this website.

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It is easy, quick, and secure. You can download videos and photos with one click from public or private accounts. 

The kicker is that you can download this media in its original resolution.

12. Private Instagram Viewer

Private Instagram Viewer

Last, but not least on our list of 12 is Private Instagram Viewer.

This is a tool that uses the web to get into private Instagram accounts.

You will be going to the site, entering the Instagram username without the asterisk, click search and you’ll be viewing the profile once you verify that you have the correct profile. 

Again, this method is totally anonymous, so no one will know you are or have been viewing their profile content.

There is a lot of helpful information on this website about Instagram profile viewers and more.


What Does It Mean to Have a Private Instagram Profile?

Private IG accounts are set to private, not public because the user wants to choose who can see their content and engage with them.

Some people do this to narrow their contacts to real friends and family. Some people are just private and want that level of security for their profile.

When your Instagram account is private, you have total control over who gets to follow you. Many personal IG accounts choose the private option, whereas businesses, brands, and influencers are public in most cases.

You can switch your profile back and forth from public to private and private to public as needed.

Are Instagram Viewing Services a Legitimate Way to View Private Ig Profiles?

The most ethical and legitimate method for viewing private Instagram accounts is to follow them.

However, you do have to request to follow them and wait for their response before you gain access. That is the only real way to legitimately engage with these users.

While you can use “spy apps” for Instagram to view private profiles, this is not the most ethical thing to do.

Naturally, if you have children or teens that you worry about, these apps are effective for keeping them safe from people who might bully them or wish to do harm.

Also, if you suspect your spouse or partner of cheating on you, you can use this kind of service. That doesn’t make it legitimate, but you may feel justified.

Are Free Instagram Private Profile Viewers Okay to Use?

You are ultimately responsible for the decisions you make online, including those regarding using free Instagram private account viewers.

Since they are free, you do need to learn more about them to protect your device and your data.

Free versions may be limited or restricted, so you may only use them for a short time. Also, you may be required to fill out surveys or other forms, which is sometimes a sign of a service that is suspect.

Paying for this kind of service is one way to ensure your safety.

What Are Some Other Ways to View Private Instagram Profiles?

Besides using these apps and services to view private Instagram profiles, you can create a new identity on a temporary or duplicate account and request access to the private profile.

If the person knows you and isn’t going to approve your request, this is another method of getting them to approve your follow request.

There is still no guarantee that the IG user will accept your follow request, plus creating duplicate or fake accounts is a good way to get suspended or banned from Instagram.


As you might suspect, viewing private Instagram profiles can be a questionable business.

It’s unwise to spy on people you don’t know or people who won’t accept your follow request. Sometimes, it’s just easier and smarter to let it go.

However, if you have kids or teens, you know how dangerous the social media realm can be, so it may be a good thing to monitor, track, and check out what they are doing on Instagram before something happens.

Whether you decide to tell your kids you are going to be monitoring their Instagram, social media, texts, calls, location, etc. is up to you.

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Most of the time, it’s better if they don’t know you are protecting them from afar. They will engage as usual without being afraid to do so.

There is a fine line drawn when it comes to interfering with people’s privacy like when you stalk or spy on Instagram private profiles.

It’s one thing to desire to monitor and track your kids or your spouse/partner, but it’s another to intervene in a stranger’s privacy. 

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