Best Sites to Buy Soundcloud Plays, Followers & Likes (2024)

Best Sites to Buy Soundcloud Plays, Followers and Likes

So, you’ve got your Soundcloud all setup, and you’re making music and sharing it. However, you haven’t got anyone who is jumping at the bit to check it out.

You know that it’s a tough industry to crack, and you know that you’re never going to get where you want to be without a bit of help. This is where buyinng Souncloud Plays, Followers & Likes can come in handy.

You’ve got to make sure that you find the right website, though, otherwise you could end up being taking advantage of.

When it comes to purchasing your Soundcloud followers, plays, and likes, you need to ensure that you put safety above anything else.

Best Sites to Buy Soundcloud Plays, Followers & Likes

Let’s take a look at what we think are the best places to buy Soundcloud plays, followers, and likes so that you can find more of the right people to listen to your tracks.

1. Media Mister – #1 Site to Buy Soundcloud Plays

Media Mister - Buy Soundcloud Plays

If you haven’t heard of Media Mister before, it’s about time that you did. This is because Media Mister is one of those companies that can do it all, so if you’ve got your music on Soundcloud, but your brand presence elsewhere, they can take care of things.

Media Mister can help you not only with your likes and plays on Soundcloud, but they can help you with your followers, too.

They can also help you with followers on other social media channels, so if you want, you can grow them all at the same time, and get people who like what you’re doing on Instagram to check out your Soundcloud as well.

We think that they have an excellent customer support team, and their prices are really good as well.

They also offer categorized features, which makes it super easy to choose what you need and run with it. Go for Media Mister if you care about your reputation.

2. Followersup

Followersup - Soundcloud

Followersup is one of the best places to get more Soundcloud plays, likes, and followers because you can choose between just getting some of your engagement, and getting it all.

They have a tiered pricing system, which means that they can help you with just your likes or just your plays if you prefer.

It also means that you’re just paying for what you’re using, instead of signing up for a package that covers things you don’t care about.

Followersup is personable, and we think that their prices are really affordable, which is always a plus.

3. SidesMedia


It’s hard to know what’s more important for your Soundcloud – plays, likes or followers. They all seem to work together for the greater good, which is why it’s nice to find a company that covers it all.

We love that SidesMedia can help you with it all, with the goal in mind to bring more exposure to your brand. They promise that their high-quality content will be ready for delivery within three days, which is a pretty fast turnaround time.

They can help you with other social media platforms out there, too, like TikTok and Instagram, so nobody is left behind.

4. Famups

Famups - Soundcloud

Are you hoping to find a company that’s dedicated to providing its clients with followers, likes, and plays for Soundcloud with all the security and safety intact? Then you need to check out Famups.

This company has a huge customer base already, which speaks volumes of the quality of its features.

They promise that they only use genuine marketing strategies to find the best followers for your Soundcloud tracks, and they promise that these strategies come with absolutely no risk.

They even offer a refund if things don’t go as planned, making them super reliable and accountable.

5. Stream Digic

Stream Digic - Soundcloud

If you haven’t already heard of the next site to buy Soundcloud likes, plays, and followers on our list, then we’re going to be pretty surprised.

They are dedicated to promoting your audio on Soundcloud, and a lot of people would say that these guys are the best place to go to when it comes to your engagement for this site.

They have a website that’s super easy to use, and they have a 24 hour turnaround time for their services, which is definitely one of the best in the business. They are also friendly and have great customer support.

6. Plays Wiz

Plays Wiz - Soundcloud

Are you someone who doesn’t have the time anymore to grow your Soundcloud organically? Then you need to make the most of Plays Wiz.

This site can help you with plays, likes, and followers, and they have a huge array of features that make the entire process a lot more manageable.

They say that all of their services are high quality, and they have extensive knowledge of the arena, making them a great site to have on your side when you need them the most.

They have quick delivery, and they can help you stand out from the competition, which is going to help you immensely.

7. Follower Packages

Follower Packages Soundcloud

If you need a company where you can get your followers, likes, and plays for Soundcloud from that is high quality and has a high standard of themselves, then you need to try Follower Packages.

These guys have been around for quite a while now, so it’s safe to say that they know what they’re doing. They have reliable delivery that’s almost always on time, and their results are trusted by their huge customer base.

They can help you with your Soundcloud campaign as soon as you sign up with them, which is promising.

8. Get Real Boost

Get Real Boost

If you’re looking for a quality website that offers SoundCloud followers, likes, and plays, then you need to get on board with Get Real Boost.

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They are unique because they offer highly efficient marketing strategies, which is going to bring the right kind of people checking out your tracks.

They can offer as little as 5000 plays on your songs, and as many as 50 million – yup, 50 million. It’s super easy to get started with them – all you do is place your order, and they will do the rest.

The best part is that they make sure to keep everything anonymous, so you’re safe with them.

9. Fastlykke


Sometimes, it’s nice to find companies that can do so much more for you than just provide you with plays, followers, and likes for your Soundcloud.

We love that they can help you with comments and reposts as well, and their prices are super affordable.

They even come with a money-back guarantee, which is going to be great if you sign up for them and then realize that they’re not for you – there’s no love lost.

They also offer customer support at any time, so you don’t have to wait for the morning to get in touch with them.

10. Social Noor

Social Noor

Currently, one of the most popular places to buy your followers, likes, and plays for Soundcloud is Social Noor.

This company knows a thing or two about growing Soundcloud profiles, so we think it’s safe to say that they’re going to be a good option.

They even offer unique solutions to your Soundcloud growth that’s going to result in viral success – as they have shown through existing clients.

They start with their services within just a few hours of signing up with them, and they have great pricing, so you don’t have to break the bank.

11. Tweetangles


Would you believe it if we told you that the next site on our list to buy followers, plays, and likes was formed in 2010?

That means that they have been doing their thing for a decade now, which is far longer than most companies on this list have been around for.

Of course, this means that they have had quite a bit of time to grow their reputation and become pretty popular among their existing client base.

We love that they are completely safe to use, and can help you with every aspect of your Soundcloud growth.

12. Play My Cloud

Play My Cloud

Sometimes, it’s nice to find companies like Media Mister who can do it all, and other times it’s nice to find companies that are specialized enough just to focus on one platform in particular.

If you’re someone who wants to find this for Soundcloud, then look no further than Play My Cloud.

This company has a super simple approach, yet they’re extremely effective, and they have some of the best pricing around, so they’re going to be hard to beat.

They can help you within 24 hours, and everything seems to be legit, making them a great option.

13. Music Growth

Music Growth Soundcloud

Sometimes, it’s worth going where everyone else has gone before because at least you know with this strategy that it’s going to work for you.

If this is something that you could get on board with, then you need to check out Music Growth.

Music Growth is a company that can help you with your likes, followers, and plays for Soundcloud, and they have been able to help as many as 16,000 bands and musicians not only do well on Soundcloud but launch a career from the attention they got.

This is good enough for us, and we think it’s going to be good enough for you, too.

14. Build My Plays

Build My Plays Soundcloud

You’re most likely someone who has to do things quickly because time is money and you don’t have a lot of it.

If you’re trying to get somewhere with your Soundcloud, and you think that buying your likes, plays, and followers from a company who understands your time restraints is going to do it, then you need to check out Build My Plays.

This company can help you with one of the fastest turnaround times, and they can also help you through their customer line that’s available around the clock.

They even have competitive rates, making them appealing to everyone who has budget restrictions.

15. Social Media Daily

Social Media Daily

Remember Tweetangles up there who has been around since 2010? Well, Social Media Daily isn’t doing so bad either and has been around since 2012.

This means that they’ve had a lot of time to build up a solid customer base, and they have since been able to help thousands of clients with their plays, likes, and followers on Soundcloud.

They are known as being incredibly discreet and secure, and they can help you with a turnaround time of three days, which, as you know, is really good for this industry.

16. Repost Exchange

Repost Exchange

Repost Exchange has one goal in mind, and that is to ‘help artists get heard.’ They know how important your music is to you, and they want to make sure that everyone else does as well.

They can help you with your likes, as well as your plays and your followers, and the best part is that their service is free to sign up to. When you sign up for free, you can get credits that will turn into fans.

You will get targeted reposts of your tracks, which is, of course, going to put it in front of a bigger audience.

17. Omari MC

Omari MC

Omari MC says that they are the number one ranked on Google when it comes to their Soundcloud features.

Of course, they can help you with your likes, plays, and followers, but they can help you with other campaign-like features.

They say that they can help you over on YouTube and Instagram as well, so you don’t have to restrict your fans to just seeing you on one platform.

They promise to get your music out there whatever it takes, which is the kind of enthusiasm you need if you want to make a real difference.

18. Online Music Promotion

Online Music Promotion

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience in the social media marketing industry and you don’t know the first thing about finding the right company to support your Soundcloud, you might want to start with Online Music Promotion.

This company can help you gain the attention that you deserve from the very beginning, so you’re always doing well no matter what.

They are incredibly effective at what they do, and they can help you grow things very quickly, so they’re another company that is great if you don’t have a lot of time to spare.

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19. Social Empire

Social Empire

This social media marketing company can help you with those plays and likes, as well as followers on Soundcloud, but they can also help you launch the right campaign for reposts and comments as well, so they can help with it all.

They have over 5 million users in their network, and their plays and followers are super high quality, which is going to go a long way in helping your tracks get out there and in front of the right people.

They can also help you get high-quality engagement on your music, which isn’t something that just any brand can do.

20. Audience Gain

Audience Gain

If you want to go for a company that’s been around for a while, just like some of the brands that we’ve already talked about, then you need to go for Audience Gain.

This company started doing its thing in Canada back in 2015 and then continued to grow to become what it is today.

As well as selling you plays, followers, and likes, Audience Gain can help you with all of your other social media channels as well.

This is a great way to grow everything at the same time so that you can find fans elsewhere online to listen to your music.


How Can I Buy Soundcloud Plays?

If you’re an aspiring musician, then Soundcloud is an excellent platform to make the most of.

Soundcloud makes it super easy for people to share their tracks with others, in the hopes of getting heard and hopefully getting a following.

When it comes to buying Soundcloud plays, all you’ve got to do is choose from one of the services above, and then choose a plan that fits your needs.

Once you have done this, you can submit the songs you want help with to the company, and they will provide you with engagement.

Can I Buy Them for Others?

One of the best parts of affiliating with companies like the ones that you see on our list above is that you can buy Soundcloud plays, likes, and followers for your friends as well.

No man is an island, which means that if you have friends who want their music to be shared as well, you can help them.

The best part is that none of these companies need your login details to send you plays, and if they do, be wary because it’s most likely a scam.

There’s nothing quite like growing a community through Soundcloud.

Why Do I Need to Buy Soundcloud Plays?

Have you just spent the weekend working on a song, and you think that it’s pretty cool? You probably can’t wait to share it with everyone.

How do you do this, though? Every song that goes onto Soundcloud starts right at the very bottom at zero, which means that you have to somehow connect people within your niche to your content.

If you don’t have the time or skills to do this, you need to rely on an outside source like the companies above.

Remember, the more engagement your songs have, the more likely they are to get more. It’s a catch-22 – you’ve got to start with some engagement to get it.

Are They Real?

Don’t worry – the companies that we have listed above provide real engagement for your Soundcloud songs.

This is because they are authentically designed and have your growth in mind.

They don’t just want to throw a bunch of engagement at your content that’s not going to stick – they want their clients to be around for a long time.

Just be aware, though, that not every company can guarantee their services are authentic, and there are some scams out there you’ll need to avoid.

Is it Safe?

Just like we talked about seconds ago, there are quite a lot of companies out there that can’t guarantee their services are safe.

This is because Soundcloud has limits that you can very easily go over in terms of daily engagement limits, and if the company you’re with isn’t worried about this, then it’s a problem.

The best way to avoid this is to make sure that they care about the security of your profile, and are going to ensure their services don’t break any limits.

We don’t advise you go with any company that doesn’t do this, because it’s not going to be safe enough.

How Long is the Signup For?

For most companies on this list, they offer monthly and yearly plans that you can sign up for.

While some of them will allow you to cancel anytime, there are some that will roll over automatically.

At the end of the day, it’s completely up to you how long you commit to them, but just be aware that they might renew your subscription automatically on a certain date.

Most of them have a free trial as well that you can make the most of, so just make sure that you don’t have to share your credit card number to benefit from it.

Final Thoughts

So, Soundcloud has a lot to offer when it comes to expanding your reach and realizing your dream as a musician.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s all going to be sunny days, and sometimes you might even find yourself wondering what you did wrong.

Don’t worry, it’s not your content – you just need a bit of help with the engagement side of things.

Once you have found the perfect company that can help you buy plays, likes, and followers, you will be able to elevate your potential and utilize Soundcloud for what it is.

Before you know it, your songs will be viral. Check out those free trials, and good luck!

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