16 Best Instagram Tools for Marketers in 2024

18 Best Instagram Tools for Marketers in 2020

Instagram tools are everywhere – but which ones are worth your money?

Marketers today know that Instagram plays a major role in getting more exposure to a brand or business.

It just so happens that Instagram comes in second as the most used social media channel in the world.

Therefore, it’s not to be neglected as a marketing platform.

Instagram is ideal for garnering interest from a large targeted market, which is one of the reasons it’s so invaluable to influencers and marketers across the globe.

If you want some numbers to back up Instagram’s viability, Social Media Today says that “80 percent of users follow at least one business on Instagram.”

That is if you’re doing it right.

Best Instagram Tools for Marketers (2024)

These best Instagram tools for marketers will boost your ability to get things right on Instagram and make it work for you.

From post scheduling and automated actions to image editing and analytics, this is your list of top-rated Instagram tools.

1. Stellation Media – #1 Instagram Tool

Stellation Media
Stellation Media – Instagram Tool for Marketers

Stellation Media offers several Instagram tools and services. However, for the purposes of this information, we will address their main services onluy.

What they offer is followers, engagement, and profile visits to improve your presence.

You can begin with a 5-day free trial. The steps include:

  • Tell them about your audience so they can use the appropriate strategy to help you get followers.
  • They start working by liking one to two photos from users that fit into your target market.
  • Your brand awareness is improved after these users get notification about the likes on their photos and usually reciprocate by checking out your page.
  • Sit back and relax as you get more followers and watch your Instagram account grow.

You have total control over your Instagram account strategy and can adjust it whenever you please.

Security is a priority to them, so they follow the strict Instagram guidelines to protect you.

You will see results within about 24 hours of signing up. If not, they are willing to provide you with a refund if you’re not happy after 30 days.

Advanced targeting helps to reach out to your ideal targeted users to interact with according to your preferences.

Your account manager will be available for a response within 24 hours if you ever need help between Monday and Friday.

Analytics is a crucial part of knowing when and what to change about your marketing strategy.

Stellation Media provides in-depth analytic reports to make it easy for you to track your growth.

2. Task Ant ???? – Hashtags Tool

Task Ant ???? is a semi-automated Instagram tool that uses the most popular and trending hashtags for your content to help grow your following.

If you’re looking to find your audience, this service is ideal for that.

You will get insights regarding the most trending and popular hashtags to use for specific content.

Once you have that, you can apply it to your account feed and start growing your Instagram profile organically and manually.

It’s important to understand that unlike these other Instagram tools for marketers, Task Ant ???? requires that you continue to still manually engage with other Instagram users.

It won’t do that for you. This service is resource-rich and time-consuming compared to these others.

It’s well worth the work to garner the organic growth you need when you use it properly.

This service is ideal if you know your audience and know how to engage with them.

The hashtags you use will make a difference. You won’t have the worry of getting banned by using this service.

You’re merely getting and using popular hashtags to attract your ideal audience.

3. Follow Adder – Instagram Tool for More Followers

Grow organically with FollowAdder

Followadder is an automation bot that boosts your Instagram account.

It’s safe and secure to use, or I wouldn’t advise using this technology.

I don’t commonly recommend bots, as you know. However, this one happens to be reputable and safe.

This Instagram automated botting service has something that others don’t have.

They offer a feature called “scraping” that is actually data gathering.

This system is phenomenal at gathering and organizing the data of Instagram users that have followed, clicked through to your feed, and liked your content.

Once they gather the data, the system organizes it into lists that you can use for several purposes like evaluating your audience reach and other data analytic functions.

This is an invaluable feature that most other companies simply don’t offer.

On the other hand, much like the other bots, this system also evaluates hashtags you have used in your content posts and then matches them to users with similar hashtags.

Using this method helps you to reach more people with like comparable interests.

Followadder then engages with them in an effort to get reciprocation from these users.

It isn’t often I advocate a system that requires that you download the software to your computer, but its features are worth it.

Even though web-based programs are considered better, and others may have a more attractive interface, this one works well and gets the job done.

Keep in mind that Followadder will require a lot of maintenance, which means you need to pay attention and stay on top of things to avoid missing out on engagement with as many people as possible.

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4. Jarvee

Grow your instagram with Jarvee

Jarvee is another automation bot that, like Followadder, requires that you download its specialty program, which is Window’s based (this will not work on OSX).

This software is safe and secure, sleek, refined, and easy to use.

It’s important to note that this software needs to be left on 24/7 to be effective and work properly.

It’s how you ensure that you achieve your desired results.

When you learn how to leverage, properly use, and correctly configure this program, you will experience remarkable growth.

This program manages every facet of your Instagram engagement (as well as across other social media channels).

You create the content and they take it from there. You put in minimal effort, but you achieve optimal results.

5. Lightroom


You may already know about Lightroom, since it’s an Adobe Photoshop product, but if you don’t, here are some tidbits for you.

This Instagram tool lets you easily edit photos to create a refined, cohesive image for your Instagram and other social media posts.

Because Adobe offers an intuitive interface, you aren’t going to be spending long periods of time learning how to use it or for creating images.

You can make your images look just the way you want.

Another great feature is that your images will be stored in Adobe’s cloud, where you can access them and edit whenever and wherever you want.

Let’s not forget about Adobe’s Sensei technology that allows you to auto-tag with searchable keywords, saving you more time and effort.

After you have your image edits just as you like them, you can then post them to your social media/Instagram via Lightroom.

It’s ideal if you aren’t looking to schedule your posts.

6. Magisto


Magisto is a fast and effective video editing tool.

It’s considered as one of the best Instagram tools on the market.

Video marketing is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds, which makes this marketing tool invaluable now and in the future.

Using advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, you can edit your videos, distribute them, and generate engagement analytics for your business videos.

Nearly 75 percent of online traffic today is driven by videos.

If you haven’t begun to use videos on Instagram, now is a good time to start.

Magisto makes video editing as simple as uploading your images and videos to their website, choosing your editing style, and then choosing your soundtrack.

Once you’ve made your selections, the AI technology takes over and generates a gorgeous video that you can distribute and share as you like.

7. Boomerang


Boomerang is a mini video editing tool for iPad and iPhone users created by Instagram, Inc.

Its purpose is to compile bursts of 10 pictures into one short video.

The results are similar to GIFs.

Matching your posts to your desired target audience plays a vital role in Instagram marketing.

Boomerang is a fun and trendy app that is popular on Instagram.

If you’re creative, full of fun and humor, then this is a good app for you.

8. Crello


Crello allows you to create custom graphics for your Instagram posts because not everyone is a graphics guru.

If you aren’t the best at graphic design, it’s okay to use tools like Crello to create gorgeous visuals for Instagram posts.

This system is for people who aren’t adept at graphic design, but who want to create attention-grabbing graphics without invest a lot of their time on them.

You get a huge variety of formats, photos, illustrations, and themes to work with.

This Instagram marketing tool is an easy, and quick way to create high-quality images without being an expert in the field.

Even if you are having issues with getting inspiration, Crello offers several ideas according to the topic, or a holiday message.

9. Iconosquare


Iconosquare is an analytics tool that provides you with useful and efficient information regarding your audience.  

This marketer’s tool offers industry benchmarks and actionable analytics for Instagram that you can merge into your marketing strategy.

It also works for Facebook.

Some of the analytics you can track includes:

  • Engagements Per Post
  • Impressions History
  • Followers Evolution
  • Stories

Besides these analytics, you also get insights on your profile links and activities, including hashtag and competitor tracking.

You will not be disappointed with the analytics from this company.

It’s not the only one out there, but it is one of the top-rated.

10. HyperAuditor


HyperAuditor is designed to check up on your followers.

If you have suspicions that some of your followers aren’t real, this is a vital tool for your account.

You can protect your Instagram by learning and removing those pesky fake followers and/or ghost profiles.

This tool will analyze your Instagram profile, checking it for the quality of your audience.

It also checks your engagement and demographics to ensure you have only real, quality followers on your Instagram profile who are active and who want to follow your content.

Relevant, interested followers that engage with you regularly are vital to your Instagram presence and your website traffic.

HyperAuditor allows you to hyper-focus on your most loyal audience so you can reach out and prompt them to engage with your posts.

If you want to analyze the validity and authenticity of an Instagram account, this tool can do that too.

All you do is enter the username.

Since brands desire to work with influencers who have and maintain a real group of followers, not bought engagement, this is an effective tool.

Try running your own username through this tool and see what comes up and what you might need to change.

11. SocialCaptain

Social Captain

SocialCaptain is an Instagram bot that helps to generate real likes, comments, and followers among your targeted market.

While I usually steer clear of IG bots, this one has a great reputation and is safe and secure to use.

This system can help grow your followers up to 150 times faster and better than manual engagement.

All you do is log into your account, choose your hashtags, usernames, and geo-location you want them to target.

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What happens next is their Instagram automation bots target the ideal users and interact with the accounts in an appropriate and safe manner.

You can also choose other demographics for your targeting.

You will achieve noticeable results in follower growth in a short time.

Your new followers will be sent a personalized message for you.

12. Sendible


Sendible is a social media management tool designed for agencies.

The main purpose of this tool is to schedule posts across social media networks, including Instagram.

This is a single, all-in-one dashboard system where you can schedule and see your results.

If you are team-oriented and do a lot of collaborating or you manage others’ social media accounts, this is a good fit for your business.

13. Buffer


Buffer is a well-known, popular post scheduling system for multiple social media accounts, including Instagram.

Not only that, but this app analyzes your performance so you can make adjustments to your marketing strategy as needed.

Fortune Magazine, Business Insider, the Denver Broncos, and the Seattle Times are a few of the high-profile companies that use Buffer to schedule their social posts.

Buffer can work efficiently with iOS, Android, and browser extensions.

It’s a dynamic Instagram account management tool that allows you to add team members and assign permissions as you see fit.

14. Have2HaveIt


Instagram is designed to be a visual social media channel, not an e-commerce website.

However, Have2HaveIt  makes this feature work for you.

This service recreates the feel and looks of your Instagram feed so it’s a shoppable page you can link right into your profile.

Followers can browse your products or services just like they can scroll through your feed.

When they choose to click on something that interests them, they will be directed to your e-commerce website where they can make a purchase if they choose to do so.

15. Tagboard


Tagboard converts real-time content from Instagram and other top social media platforms into dynamic displays for mobile platforms.

The web, venue screens, or for live broadcasts.

How this works: Tagboard filters Instagram posts and identifies popular posts.

If you search via hashtag, it generates a bulletin-board style grid of relevant/related posts from Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can block sites and content you don’t want to see.

You can even display your followers’ post on a big screen in your office or during meetings or conferences.

16. Social Rank

Social Rank

Social Rank is known as a marketing intelligence Instagram tool for segmenting your audience.

It’s a sorting tool that allows you to sort your target audience by the number of followers, demographics, hashtags, geolocation, device, and bio keyword.

Your search results can be saved as a list, making it easy for you access and use accordingly.

You can sort your market audience by highest engaged followers to lowest.

If you’re looking to target and segment your followers, this is a unique and efficient Instagram tool.


Boost is a business that is accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) that allows your followers to buy products through your Instagram comments.

You simply create a unique identifying hashtag for each item/product you have for sale and Boost generates a 3-digit number to the end of it.

After you post an item for sale, that purchase code is included in the description. It’s easy and effective.



FanBump is popular for offering no fake followers, active followers, and real engagement on your Instagram account.  

It takes real, active, and relevant followers that engage with you to achieve optimal organic growth, which is one thing FanBump strives to do for you.

Once you have a real and active audience, you will build trust among consumers on Instagram.

FanBump’s onsite testimonials are real and from real clients.

They talk about how they appreciate the safe and secure service they get from this company.

Where Stellation Media is an every-Instagram-user system, FanBump is focused on influencers and those wishing to be influencers who want their niche to have plenty of exposure.

The interface for this platform is user-friendly and streamlined enough for even the novice user.

If you know your target audience, segmentation, and demographics, the system is easy to set up.

The organic growth method used by FanBump is the same as Stellation Media’s.

It interacts on your behalf using your preferences and settings that are geared towards your targeted audience.

It likes, follows, and comments on the content of other users, which leaves you with time to run the day-to-day dealings of your business.

The only thing you should do is ensure that you’re using high-quality content on a consistent basis to maintain your followers.

While results vary, you should see organic growth rather quickly.

Instagram Tools Wrap Up

As you can see, there are more Instagram tools available outside of the normal schedulers and growth services out there.

These are marketer’s tools that can help you automate your Instagram account and take your company to the next level.

Instagram was once an easy platform upon which to engage.

Today, it’s trickier to navigate and to market without the right tools and strategies.

All these top marketer’s tools can help you boost your Instagram game.

Whether you want followers, engagement, better image posts, and videos, or effective analytics these Instagram tools will help you.

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