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Ella Marcotte

How To Protect Your Online Accounts

In 2022, statistics show that each day approximately 30,000 cyberattacks happen around the world. Since we’re spending considerably more time on the internet, we need to boost our cybersecurity strategies to stay protected.  To help you stay informed we’re bringing you a summary of the most common threats you can face while surfing the web,

What is a VPN? And why you need one.
Jonathon Spire

What Is a Vpn? and Why You Need One

Today there are major fears of cyber-crime. Identity theft is at an all time high with corporate intellectual theft following the trend.

Ella Marcotte

The Risks of Data Leakage in a Connected World

While we live in a world that is constantly connected to the internet, we also risk our privacy being invaded by people with malicious intentions. Whether companies collect consumer data for marketing purposes or hackers gain access to personal information, there are many risks associated with data leakage in today’s digital society. If you’re wondering

Jonathon Spire

How to Find Someone’s Location on Facebook Messenger?

With modern apps, tracking someone’s location in real-time has become quite effortless. Facebook Messenger is a versatile app for FB users to message instantly without logging in to the main website. As such, it is one of the ideal apps you can use to locate someone on Facebook. Why Track Someone via Facebook Messenger? Several

Ella Marcotte

Top Ways to Secure an Android app For Secure Experience in 2022

Mobile apps are the new era of digital engagements. In 2021 alone, the total number of annual application downloads reached 230 billion. Unfortunately, such a massive surge in application usage has also led to hackers and attackers exploiting mobile apps to manipulate users’ data.  Especially, Android has been at the center of the entire cyber-attack

Ella Marcotte

What Should Executives Know About SASE?

More and more companies are shifting their manual databases into cloud storage. 60% of business companies use a cloud computing service to store their confidential information. As the entire databases move to cloud infrastructure, it increases the risk of cybersecurity issues. Therefore, some cloud networks such as SASE deliver cloud services directly to a connection