Ella Marcotte

7 Tips To Simplify Mobile App Onboarding

If you’ve got a fantastic, useful, and creative mobile app that’s been recently launched, your onboarding can be a make-or-break factor.  25% of users abandon an app after one use. If your users aren’t familiar with your app, the process where they learn what you have to offer and how your app can improve their

Ella Marcotte

How To Ride The Wave Of 2022 Tech Trends

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X. Granted, there is no way to predict what exactly the future holds, but it is possible to use our power of observation and analyze the current tendencies to pencil out the chances of our success. The Tech industry is going through an

Ella Marcotte

How To Keep Up With Real Estate Technology Trends In 2023

The real estate industry was one of those business segments which suffered from the global pandemic a lot. Well, it was a regular phenomenon because of the global influence of COVID-19. People weren’t (and still not to the full) sure about their future. So the real estate market has been struggling for some time. Anyway,

Jonathon Spire

5 Effective Ways to Increase Brand Awareness in 2022

It is no secret that one of the most crucial aspects of digital marketing is maintaining a consistently strong level of brand awareness. This is important because you want your specific audience and target demographic to immediately be able to recognize and understand what you’re offering so that they are more likely to make a