13 Best Instagram Private Profile Viewer Apps in Jun 2024 (No Survey)

Best Instagram Private Profile Viewer Apps

Do you think there is ever a good reason to peek into someone’s Instagram activities? That’s how a private Instagram profile viewer app works.

These programs can run in the background while protecting your loved ones and yourself.

If you have ever had someone prey on your child, or your spouse gets messages from some extracurricular lover, you might see a need for monitoring loved one’s activities.

Likewise, you may be of the notion that privacy is more important. You don’t have to be a control freak to love your family and want to protect them.

Sometimes, protecting yourself and your family involves being more involved in their social media activities, which involves some level of monitoring and tracking.

Do they need to know? Not necessarily. It’s up to you whether you tell them you are monitoring their Instagram account.

However, if you’re trying to protect them, you may want to keep your spying activities on the down low.

That said, if you want more information about Instagram private profile viewer app that don’t require doing surveys to use them.

Best Instagram Private Profile Viewer App that Works With No Survey in 2024

While we also advocate and encourage you to be careful to protect the privacy of your loved ones, we also think you have the right to protect them. 

It doesn’t matter why you want to see what your child, spouse, parent, friend, or other relative is doing on Instagram if you are wanting to protect them from predators, or even themselves. 

There are loads of websites and mobile apps that claim to help you monitor and track loved ones’ Instagram activities.

Some are scams, so beware of them. Others are viable options that are safe to use and legit. 

We have put together this list of the best options for Instagram private viewer programs on the market. 

1. Glassagram


Glassagram labels itself as the “best Instagram viewer app” on its own website.

Furthermore, it’s an anonymous Instagram Story viewer that allows you to look into any account.

Even if you just want to see an account that is private, you can use this app to do so. Using a private Instagram viewer doesn’t mean you’re spying on someone.

It is sometimes just because you want to see what they have on their profile before you follow them.

👉 Get Glassagram FREE

It’s just another way to protect yourself from anyone who might be a scammer. 

It’s not challenging to sign up and get started with this app. It’s free to get started, so your app will be ready to work for you within a minute.

It also comes with very competitive pricing, so it’s worth the trial.  Also, you get real-time updates while you’re using it.

This app acts as an IG Story Viewer, Direct Message Viewer, Video Tracker, Location Tracker, and Likes Viewer. 

We think that Glassagram rocks the Instagram private viewer services of those that don’t require a survey or human verification to use it.

2. xMobi

Xmobi Instagram Hacker

This private Instagram viewer is definitely a game changer, especially if you want ease of use when it comes to being able to see a private account on Instagram.

xMobi styles itself as a revolutionary new Instagram hacker tool.

Not only can you see all of the obvious content that you could expect to see from an Instagram feed, but you’re also going to be able to see all of their hidden videos and photos, which means that you can take your Instagram story and activities to the next level.

👉 Access Their Instagram Here

Additionally, all the information that you are going to need in order to be able to use a tool like this is the username of the account that you want to hack, and they will take things from here.

The fact that they are super agile means that you are going to be able to access a private account on Instagram remotely, and you won’t need to have physical access to the device that the person uses to access their Instagram account.

Also, it’s going to take just a couple of minutes to get set up with xMobi.

3. eyeZy

Eyezy Instagram

Here we will introduce you to eyeZy’s private Instagram viewer. This app markets its services as an Instagram monitoring app that can help you read someone’s IG messages. 

The website says it lets you instantly track everything someone says or does on Instagram. 

So, this is perfect for getting access to those private Instagram accounts.

Get Started FREE

That way, you can skip the whole following ordeal and any messages or contact you may not want from the user. This isn’t the only purpose for this app. 

Using the eyeZy private Instagram viewer app, you can also look at someone’s chat messages, which can include those they may not want you to see.

What’s this good for? 

One use for this feature is for your kids to make sure they aren’t doing anything that could get them into trouble.

Likewise, you can also review the time and date info and see their posts.

This is how you can tell when messages were sent or received, so you know if you need to take any action or not. 

While we are centering this information on Instagram, this app also works with Facebook Messenger for monitoring. 

To get started, simply go to the site, or app, select the membership level you want, install the app, and get the information you need.

4. uMobix

Umobix Instagram

The uMobix app is a cell phone and Instagram tracker for today’s parents, according to the company website.

You can watch the demo on the site, and then try it before you pay for a subscription to this service. 

This app will track and monitor your loved one’s cell phone using GPS location, a keylogger, and lets you monitor and track their calls, messages, social media, and videos and photos. 

Get uMobix FREE

This app gives you total access to Instagram accounts, so if you need to access someone’s private IG account, you can use uMobix and save time and effort. 

This is compatible with iOS and Android, so you can track, monitor, and even manage your child’s phone and accounts.

You have the power to restrict any content you don’t want them to see.

This is in the top three of private Instagram viewer apps because it is easy to set up and use and offers a variety of subscription plans. 

Once you make your choices, you then install, setup, and start monitoring, tracking, and managing your loved one’s Instagram accounts, which includes those you cannot otherwise access.

5. mSpy

mSpy Instagram Tracker

The mSpy private Instagram viewer app puts it out there through its very name. There is no doubt what this app is used for.

It’s convenient and capable of giving you access to IG Stories and Instagram private profiles. It’s all done anonymously.

This service is awesome for checking up on your kids and other loved ones to see what they are doing on their Instagram account.

Get mSpy FREE

Who are they chatting with? Who is contacting them? What kinds of pictures do they share? What are they saying? You know, the things you need to know to protect them.

You may find that whether purposely or accidentally, your child is watching videos or checking out IG profiles that they shouldn’t be watching or following.

This doesn’t mean you’re being controlling. You can be protective without being controlling. Kids need boundaries. 

Besides monitoring their Instagram account(s), you can also monitor phone calls and text messages. 

You are not required to complete any surveys to use this app, or prove that you’re human. This is a simple and functional app service that is easy to install and operate.

6. PrivatePhotoViewer


One of the unique aspects of the PrivatePhotoViewer app is that it is one of the fastest to download. It’s also ideal for checking out private IG profiles. 

It’s considered one of the most dependable services for viewing private IG accounts. 

You don’t have to worry about human verification to use this app, which makes it easy to download, install, and use with total anonymity.

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Here are more elements of this service that makes it stand out from others.

The PrivatePhotoViewer interface is simple and straightforward, so there isn’t really a learning curve to use it.

You just give them the username for the profile you want to view, and you will be ready to use this private Instagram viewer.

They offer an active and responsive customer service team, a blog for learning more about the app and how to make your own IG profile look better. 

You will not be sharing any data about yourself with this company. Your personal and financial data is secure and safe all the time. 

Remember this when you run across one of these services that makes you fill out surveys or excessive forms before you can use them.

7. PrivateInsta


Another private Instagram viewer app on our list that is secure, safe, and doesn’t require human verification is PrivateInsta.

The website reports that it’s compatible with Android and iOS, simple, secure, and consistent. 

Its consistency is from being around for more than five years while providing reliable service.

Also, this company has good customer support, a FAQ section for common support issues, and is totally free to use. 

That’s right. You can use this Instagram private profile viewer app on your computer, smartphone, or tablet at no charge.

There aren’t many such services that are as easy to use as PrivateInsta. Viewing private Instagram profiles is made easy when you go through this app.

Also, you enjoy anonymity the whole time. 

Whether you want to check up on your kids’ secret accounts, a spouse’s account, or find out if you want to follow someone who’s account is private, you can do that with this service.

8. Gwaa


Gwaa is on the list for being one of the most secure of private Instagram viewers out there.

As you might expect, you will be looking at private profiles under complete anonymity. 

Since this app allows you to gather virtually all the information you may want from whatever private Instagram profiles you are targeting.

This can include people you want to follow, but you aren’t sure about the validity of the profile, your child who could be talking to predators, or even your spouse or his/her new lover if you suspect something is going on.

This app is so easy to use that you will be able to quickly view the private profile and the user’s list of followers. 

More good news. The app is totally free to use and offers superb security measures.

Even before you start using Gwaa, you can get all the information for using it right from the company website. So, there’s no guessing for newcomers to this kind of service.

This service has been around long enough to build a good reputation and a high level of trust.

9. InstaLooker


Instalooker is a private Instagram viewer tool that allows you to view specific private Instagram profiles and even download videos or photos from the profile without having to follow them. 

You can easily start using this IG spying app with total anonymity on your end. 

One of the things that make this service appealing is that you don’t need to download a thing.

This is an internet-based service that you can use in your browser to access its services. 

The Instalooker interface is clean and user-friendly. Plus, you avoid the risk of malware or viruses since there is nothing to download or install. 

If you have any problems using this service, the website features a FAQ section that answers the basic questions most people want to know before using such a service.

Currently, they offer no customer service, which is unfortunate, so it’s up to you whether you want to use it or not.

You shouldn’t require any customer service since this service makes everything so simple and easy to use. As a matter of fact, its simplicity is one of the things that makes it appealing.

Also, you don’t have to fill out surveys or verify that you’re human to use this website.

10. IGLookup


Next up is IGLookup. This one is one of the oldest private Instagram viewer services in this market, which is why it’s so trusted and has so many loyal followers. 

Being as the topic of this article is dealing with Instagram private viewing solutions, that’s what this website does.

All you do is click on the “Spy Now” button, enter the username for the IG private profile you want to view, and then view the videos and photos on the account.

You won’t have any worries about security or privacy when you use this service. Everything is covert and anonymous.

Before you decide to use this service, you can read through the website to learn everything you need to know about what it does and how it works.

It’s totally free and the information is transparent about the company.

This viewing service can easily be used through your mobile device or your computer without verification, filling out a survey, or giving them your personal information. 

Everything is done with excellent safe and secure measures in place.

11. ImageRocket


ImageRocket is another private Instagram viewer service we have for you to consider. This service is a little like Instalooker, and it’s totally free.

Again, you won’t be filling out any surveys, or anything to prove your human or not a bot.

This user-friendly private Instagram profile viewer offers a way to covertly view Instagram on your computer (desktop or laptop) or your mobile device (tablet or phone). 

Not only can you view private Instagram account information, you can also download content from the selected IG profile without anyone knowing any different.

It’s completely anonymous. Even the IG user will have no idea that you’ve been there.

If you are a newbie to viewing private profiles, the Instalooker site has plenty of information where you can learn more about the company, how to use it, and make the most of its features. 

You won’t have access to customer support, but there is a way to contact them through their blog if you experience any problems beyond what’s covered on the site.

However, you won’t get an immediate response, so you may have to wait a bit.

Honestly, this kind of setup is simple and uncomplicated, so you shouldn’t need to get more help using it.

12. InstaGrab


Instagrab is a good option for private Instagram viewers that don’t require a survey to use.

Additionally, you don’t need to verify that you’re human before making use of their services.

To get started using Instagrab, you enter the targeted Instagram profile address. Next, you get anonymous access to the private Instagram profile.

No one will know you are there, or that you’ve been there.

If you are just looking, that’s fine, but if you see videos or photos you want, you can download them without following the Instagram user.

You can also download the user’s Reels, Stories, Highlights, and private posts. 

All the tools from this website are completely free to use. You may not find out much information about them, but it’s simple enough to use. 

By the way, you aren’t going to make an account with the site or company, but you can use it from any browser on any device.

13. LikeCreeper


Don’t you love it when a company names their business basically for its purpose. That’s what LikeCreeper has done.

Though we don’t like to consider private Instagram viewer apps to be creeping, it kind of is, so there’s that. It depends on why you’re creeping, right?

This private profile viewer can be used without having to prove you’re human, yet it’s very secure and safe to use.

The process of using it is simple since all you do is input the username of whatever Instagram profile you want to view. 

In the next step, you gain access to the private profile’s information where you can find out more about the user and content, and download media they have on their profile without being noticed.

The LikeCreeper website has everything you need to know to use it right there on the website, so it’s ideal for the new user.

There are no downloads or installs for using this service since it’s all web-based. 

This fact means you avoid the risk of malware or virus contamination, and your information is totally safe and secure.


Do Private Instagram Viewer Services Work?

The answer is yes and no.

If you decide you need to anonymously view private Instagram accounts for whatever reason, you need to know if they work or not.

If you decide to perform a search for these services, you will find literally hundreds of them, but not all of them are going to work, or be reliable.

Some are actually scams, so be aware of that.

Scammers in this venue are just out to get your personal information, not to provide you with services.

Is Using a Private Instagram Profile Viewer Ethical?

This is a conundrum, but like social media itself there are good uses and not so good uses for it.

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Social media users share their lives in the most positive light, and use it to promote products and services.

Social media is far-reaching and can be used to create income streams or even make yourself famous.

The problematic side of social media relates to depression, mental health issues, body image issues, secret accounts for cheating partners or kids, etc.

So, it all depends on how you use these services. Do you suspect your partner of cheating?

That is getting into your personal relationship, so it might be wise to find out who it is and what the two of them are doing so you can make a decision about your relationship.

Also, kids can be naive and chat or follow people who are potential predators, so you want to prevent that kind of thing you see on television about kids who engage on social media with their predator.

Otherwise, people have private Instagram accounts for a reason, so if you are randomly creeping on some profile, you are breaching their privacy.

You are neither looking for a cheater or a predator.

Before you decide to use a private Instagram viewer for a random profile, request permission via a messaging or act one of your mutual followers to let you look at the profile.

Even those scammers that allow you access to private IG accounts will require you to share your personal information.

Others, make you fill out surveys and forms, and some require human verification to use them.

The apps and websites we have shared with you are 100% safe and secure without requiring surveys or human verification.

Can You Get a Virus on Your Device by Using Private Instagram Viewers?

Again, that’s a yes and no.

The answer depends on which site or app you decide to use. If it’s one of those scam sites, you do run the risk of getting a virus or at least malware.

Apps that come from unreliable sources are the same.

If you use one that we provided, the likelihood is almost nil since these are safe, secure, reliable websites for viewing private profiles.

One thing to do is avoid the apps and websites that require human verification and surveys or forms because by engaging with the app or website, you are making your system susceptible to malware or viruses.

Is There a Free Private Insta Viewer I Can Use?

You will be pleased to know that plenty of the private viewers for Instagram that we have talked about above have a free option, so that you can either try them out on a free trial basis, or you can just make the most of their limited features for free.

Even if they are limited, we still think that their free features are worth using and might actually help you see everything that you want to with the private Instagram account.

Just know that there are some private viewers out there that are going to make you pay in other ways if you are using their features for free, which could involve them sending your personal information over to a third party, who is then going to use it for marketing purposes.

Can I Access a Private Account Online?

There are lots of different options out there when it comes to choosing a private viewer for Instagram, and some of them have software and a system where you’re going to be able to download everything onto your computer and access their services this way.

Then there are going to be those that are going to have everything based on the web, which means that you will need to go through your web browser in order to access their features.

Which approach you prefer is going to depend on your personal needs, preferences, and what you’re hoping to achieve by using a private viewer in general.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to both ways, and you could even test both out, if you aren’t sure which one is going to suit your needs the best.

Is Privacy Really Important?

There is a certain irony to this question, because you are trying to access a private Instagram account.

However, you still need to make sure that you are not only doing it for ethical reasons, but you are maintaining the integrity of your own personal information.

Privacy is hugely important on the Internet these days, especially if you have an existing reputation on social media, and you want to keep it intact.

This is why you need to choose a private viewer that isn’t going to compromise anything on your end, and it’s going to be able to easily provide you with the information that you require.

What Can I Expect to Pay for A Private Viewer?

If you have never used a private Instagram viewer before, then you are probably curious to find out how much it is going to cost you.

Just like with other aspects of their features, pricing can differ depending on the service that you are planning on working with, so you will need to decide on pricing based on how much you have in your budget right now.

However, we do think that middle of the road is the best approach, because you don’t want to have to pay too much for your private Instagram profile viewer, but you also don’t want to be paying too little either.

If you think that you have come across pricing that is too good to be true, the harsh reality is that it probably is.

Pricing is a big indicator of whether the company is above board or not.

Will I Need to Have an Instagram Profile to Use a Private Insta Viewer?

The answer to this question completely depends on the private viewer that you are choosing to work with.

There are some private viewers out there that are going to require you to have an Instagram profile in order to use their features, while there are others that won’t require you to have one.

We think that it is helpful to find private viewers that are going to be able to help you access private Instagram accounts without needing to use your Instagram profile, because this gives you another level of anonymity that is going to be able to separate you even more from the person that you’re trying to look at.

What Does Instagram Do About Spam Accounts?

We have all had a bit of experience with spam accounts on Instagram, whether you suspect that there are some people who follow you that have a spam account, or you have used a spam account in the past in order to see somebody’s Instagram content and have them accept your follow request.

Either way, it is helpful to know what Instagram’s approach to spam accounts are.

As Instagram has become more and more popular, so has the temptation to use a spam account, whether it is to see somebody’s private Instagram profile, or to try and expand your reach in a way that is going to fast-track your success.

However, it is important to know that Instagram has a low tolerance for spam accounts, so if they suspect that you are running a spam or fake account, there is a good chance that you are going to be limited, or even restricted.

Final Thoughts

If you feel uncomfortable with using this kind of private profile viewer, maybe you shouldn’t use one.

However, if you have viable reasons, like protecting yourself and your family, then you may want to use one of these private Instagram profile viewers. 

All of them allow you anonymous access to private Instagram profiles and the content therein. No one will know you are there or have been there, if that helps you. 

Again, don’t be a creeper spying on random people you don’t know, someone who has blocked you, or just because you can. That may be crossing the lines of privacy.

Be sure to only use monitoring, tracking, and private profile viewers that don’t require that you verify you are not a bot or make you take surveys or fill out forms to use it. 

We have done the research for you and the websites on this list don’t require human verification or surveys to use them. These are viable and reliable Instagram private profile viewer sites and apps.

Please use this technology wisely and ethically.

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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