How to Hack an Instagram Account in 2023 (Password Hacker Apps)

How to Hack an Instagram Account

Instagram has grown to become one of the world’s most popular social media platforms in the apps market.

In 2021 alone, there were roughly 1.21 billion global Instagram accounts. 

Users have been sharing their real lives through imagery, videos, and stories since the beginning of the app.

It’s not just grown in user accounts. It’s also evolved by enhancing its features.

Because of all this, it’s not unusual for someone to want to hack an Instagram account. There are valid and nefarious reasons to hack an Instagram account.

For instance, it’s a valid reason if you are a parent of a child who is using a secondary account that they hide from you. 

That said, it’s possible to hack Instagram accounts.

You may have heard, seen, or experienced a hack yourself. IG accounts get hacked every day for various reasons using different methods. 

Let’s discuss how to hack an Instagram account using special Instagram hacking apps. 

How to Hack an Instagram Account Using xMobi

xMobi Instagram Hacker

We will address the xMobi tool and provide instructions on how to use it.

First, xMobi is categorized as a mobile monitoring and hacking app that’s compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Its purpose is to track activities performed on a specified device. Also, xMobi has over 10,000 downloads on Google Play alone.

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The xMobi hacking app is popular and affordable. It’s not time-consuming to set it up and use.

In this case, the costs are under $1 per day to use this app to monitor a device. Also, this tool allows you to get updates every 5 minutes.

How to Use xMobi

  1. Create a xMobi account. Choose the device you need to monitor (i.e., Android, iOS, Samsung, iPad, etc). Then, you will select from the available subscription plans. 
  2. Once you complete your payment transaction, you will get instructions to continue via email. 
  3. Download the xMobi app according to the instructions emailed to you. Then, install it on the Android device you want to monitor.  If you’re monitoring an iOS device, you will need iCloud credentials that are connected to the target iOS device. Now you can complete the installation.
  4. After the app is installed on the appropriate device, you just log into your xMobi user account to begin monitoring and controlling the actions on the device. 

This app has a keylogger and allows you to find social media account passwords on the device. 

Features of xMobi

xMobi Features
  • Keylogger to see everything the user types
  • See and Monitor Calls
  • See and Monitor SMS
  • See and Monitor Web Browser History
  • See and GPS
  • See and Social Accounts and Messengers
  • See and Access Contacts, Videos, Contacts, and more

So, if you want to know how to hack an Instagram account, xMobi is perfect for that.

You can track and monitor Instagram messages, social media interactions, profile image changes, chat ID changes, and more. 

While Instagram isn’t the only social media platform you can track using xMobi, it’s certainly one of the most important right now and is the focus of this article and review guide for monitoring and tracking apps. 

xMobi Subscriptions

xMobi pricing
  • 1 Month – $49.99/month – Full pack features including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, WhatsApp, and more social media apps. Plus, call logs, GPS tracking, SMS, time recording, online status, keylogger, and more. 
  • 3 Months – $27.99/month – Full pack features including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, WhatsApp, and more social media apps. Plus, call logs, GPS tracking, SMS, time recording, online status, keylogger, and more. 
  • 12 Months – $11.66/month – Full pack features including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, WhatsApp, and more social media apps. Plus, call logs, GPS tracking, SMS, time recording, online status, keylogger, and more. 

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What You Need to Know About XMobi

Is xMobi legal?

Yes. As long as the device you’re monitoring belongs to your minor child under 18 years of age or it belongs to an adult who allows them to use it.

How Does It Work with Android and iOs?

For Android devices you must be there in person to turn on the app and use it. For iOS, you may not need physical access to the device.

You should be able to do this via Apple ID, password, and the 6-digit verification code for each usage.

You may need to ask for the code from the device user/owner, or you can get it yourself through the device. 

How Many Devices Can You Access?

This app only offers one subscription for one device. You can switch between devices with one subscription, but you would need to reinstall the app every time.

To monitor and track more than one device, you need multiple subscriptions. 

Where Do You Find the Monitoring and Tracking Information?

You can access the monitoring and tracking data from a browser on the xmobi website by logging into the site. 

Essentially, xMobi does all the work of hacking for you when you have it active on the device you’re watching.

It’s the easiest Instagram hacking app. 

If you want to hack an Instagram account using other apps, here are some alternatives and how they work.

How to Hack an Instagram Account Using xMobi Alternatives 

1. uMobix

uMobix Instagram Spy App

The best alternative to xMobi is uMobix as a cell phone tracking app for real-time monitoring and tracking.

Like xMobi, uMobix is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 

The uMobix app can monitor and track over 30 social media and other apps installed on a phone.

This is another good solution for parents who need to protect their children from threats.

You also don’t need any tech skills whatsoever to use uMobix. It’s easy to set up and use within minutes. It also updates every 5 minutes like xMobi.

This is How You Get Started With uMobix

  1. Go to the uMobix website and register for a new account. 
  2. Choose from one of the subscription plans.
  3. Complete the payment process and look for the instructions in your account.
  4. Install uMobix on the specified device using the instructions on the site.
  5. Now you will receive monitoring and tracking data to your account from the specific device.
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Features of uMobix

  • Dashboard to access all the functions and features.
  • Social Media Monitoring.
  • Messaging and Call Monitoring.

Therefore, you can track phone calls, text messages, social media interactions and messages, look at call history, deleted calls, changes in profile images and chat IDs, and even email messages. 

uMobix Subscriptions

  • 1-Month – $49.99/month – Full features including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, WhatsApp, and more social media apps. Plus, calls, GPS, SMS, keylogger, and more. 
  • 12 Months – $12.49/month –  Full features including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, WhatsApp, and more social media apps. Plus, calls, GPS, SMS, keylogger, and more. 
  • 3 Months – $29.99/month – Full features including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, WhatsApp, and more social media apps. Plus, calls, GPS, SMS, keylogger, and more. 

2. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch Instagram Tracker

Hoverwatch is the next alternative to xMobi that we will discuss. This tracking tool is also well-known and respected.

If you’re trying to keep an eye on your child’s Instagram activities, you will like this app.

Besides Instagram, Hoverwatch can also help you track the device’s calls, GPS, text messages, and other social media apps.

This tracking tool is popular enough to have over 12 million users across the globe. 

How to Get Started with Hoverwatch

  1. Go to the Hoverwatch website on a browser.
  2. Sign up for an account online.
  3. Download and install Hoverwatch.
  4. Start monitoring and tracking activities.

Features of Hoverwatch

  • Stay invisible from the user.
  • Track Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp.
  • Track SMS messages and calls.
  • Track GPS.
  • View phone’s internet history.
  • Monitor contacts and new contact entries.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Set Hoverwatch to periodically snap screenshots.

Hoverwatch Subscriptions

  • 1 Month – One month, one device, $49.99 – Includes Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp Hacking Apps, Keylogger, GPS tracker.
  • 12 Months – $12.49 per month, one device, all monitoring features including, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp Spy Apps, Keylogger, GPS tracker.
  • 3 Months – $29.99 per month, one device, all monitoring features including, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp Spy Apps, Keylogger, GPS tracker.

3. eyeZy

eyeZy Instagram

The eyeZy app claims to be “the most powerful phone monitoring software on the planet”.

We aren’t sure that’s totally accurate, but it’s certainly one of the top solutions for tracking and monitoring Instagram accounts and more. 

So, when talking about hacking Instagram accounts, we can’t leave out the eyeZy monitoring system.

Parental control of mobile devices is used by parents through this spying application.

How to Get Started with eyeZy

  1. Go to the eyeZy website and click “Get Started”.
  2. Choose from a membership plan that fits your needs.
  3. Create a new account.
  4. Install eyeZy using the Friendly Installer feature.
  5. Log into eyeZy via your browser and check the dashboard for various device activities.

Features of eyeZy

  • Social Spotlight for Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, screen recording and more
  • Keystroke Capture for iOS or Android keylogger
  • Web Magnifier to monitor web surfing
  • Magic Alerts for getting alerts if the device is in a set danger zone or a place you don’t want them to visit.
  • PinPoint uses real-time technology so you can see where they are on a user-friendly map.
  • Phone Analyzer to let you see who they’re talking to or chatting with. 
  • Connection Blocker to prevent them from going to potentially harmful websites. 
  • Invisible Shield keeps you under cover, so they don’t know you’re using it.
  • Friendly Installer to make installing the eyeZy app easier and faster.

eyeZy Subscriptions 

  • 1 Month – $47.99 per month for one device and all features.
  • 3 Months – $27.99 per month for one device and all features.
  • 12 Months – $9.99 per month for one device and all features.

4. mSpy

mSpy Instagram Tracker

When you’re choosing a phone tracker app for a device, mSpy is another one to consider. It’s in our top 5 on this list.

This app is also highly effective if you have kids you need to monitor and track for whatever reasons. It works on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

When you’re seeking ways to monitor incoming and outgoing social media messages, you need to know how to hack an Instagram account.

Using monitoring and tracking “spy” apps is the easiest and best way to protect them.

Let’s find out what mSpy has to offer. Setting up mSpy comes with instructions and is easy to do. 

How to Get Started with mSpy

  1. Start at the mSpy website and create your new account by inputting your email address. 
  2. Select the appropriate package from the available plans.
  3. Complete the payment process.
  4. Now you can log into your new account to see Instagram activity and all of their activities on the specified device.

Being an Instagram follower isn’t required when you use monitoring technology on their phones.

Also, you will be invisible, so they’ll never know you’re there or that you’re monitoring them.

Features of mSpy 

  • Call monitoring that allows you to view their call log, call duration, timestamps, and more.
  • Text messaging monitoring to view what they are saying, pictures they’re sending, etc.
  • Keylogger to see every keystroke made on their phone.
  • A screen recorder so you can get a visual of what they are doing and saying when they are on their phone. Also, this feature takes screen shots regularly for further monitoring.
  • Social media monitoring for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Tinder, Snapchat, and Instagram.
  • GPS location tracker so you know where they are or where they have been.
  • Photo viewer to see what’s happening in their camera roll. 
  • Video viewer to make sure they aren’t sending inappropriate videos to anyone.
  • Geofencing alerts that deliver notifications when your kids go somewhere you don’t approve of. 
  • Skype, Telegram, Hangouts, Line, Viber, Kik, and iMessage monitoring.

mSpy Subscriptions

  • 1 Month – All features for $48.99 for one month.
  • 3 Months – $27.99 per month for three months (most popular).
  • 12 Months – $11.66 per month (best value).

So, you don’t need to know how to hack an Instagram account when you have mSpy.

mSpy has more than 1.5 million satisfied customers who come from over 180 countries across the globe.

5. Glassagram


Glassagram is marketed specifically as an anonymous Instagram hack app. This is online software that allows you to look at any IG account. 

Using Glassagram lets you monitor the Instagram user you want to hack and get access to.

This is another easy and simple way to monitor IG accounts.

How to Get Started with Glassagram

  1. Go to the Glassagram website.
  2. Sign up for an account.
  3. Choose from the subscription plan that matches your needs.
  4. Process payment for the service.
  5. Wait a few minutes for installation and user instructions.
  6. Install Glassagram software on the device you want to monitor, which will take only a few minutes.
  7. Log into the system and start getting information from the specified device. 

Features of Glassagram 

  • Anonymous usage that allows you to view the Instagram profile and story of the targeted user’s device.
  • Video tracking
  • See who’s been liking and commenting on the targeted IG account.
  • Get a detailed history of posts.
  • Monitor multiple IG accounts.
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Glassagram Subscriptions

  • Free version with some limitations. You can view and download Instagram Stories and public Instagram accounts. 
  • 1 Month – $59.89 per month for viewing private accounts, Instagram Stories, and direct messages. You can also use video and location tracking. 
  • 12 Months – The annual package costs $179.88 per year, which comes to $14.99 per month. You get to view private accounts, Instagram Stories, and direct messages. You can also use video and location tracking. 

This software is specifically designed specifically for Instagram hacking and monitoring. 

Those are our top five Instagram hacking apps to use. Now, we will answer a few frequently asked questions. 


Why Use Cell Phone Monitoring Software? 

The only legal reason to use a phone monitoring app or software is to track your underaged child (under 18) to keep them safe. 

Any other reason is considered illegal. It’s illegal to install a monitoring app on an adult’s phone without his or her consent. 

What Is a Phone Tracking App?

A mobile phone tracking app lets you view, monitor, and track incoming calls, files, images, and texts. 

Also, these apps have GPS location tracking, social media monitoring and browser activity monitoring.

Are Mobile Phone Hacking Apps Safe to Use?

When you are using this kind of technology for its rightful purpose (tracking and protecting your underaged kids), it’s safe to use. 

Some things you need to know:

You need to turn off security protocols when installing the spying app or it will make the device susceptible to hacking and malware attacks.

Also, use the recommended hacking apps from our list to get the best value and safety.

Can You Tell if There Is Mobile Monitoring Software on Your Phone?

One way to find out if someone has installed a monitoring app on your phone is to look at your storage.

If you find any suspicious files, look them up to find out what they are.

Signs that your phone might have tracking and monitoring technology on it include faster battery drainage, slowing down, or random restarts. 

Can You Prevent Instagram Hacking?

If you find a suspicious file or your phone shows signs of having such software on it, here are some things you can do to prevent Instagram hacking.

• Enable your phone’s two-factor authentication (2FA), which requires a code to get into it. 
• Change your Instagram password regularly and make it different and strong.
• Look at the security section of your Instagram account to check for logins from different locations and devices. Log out of any that you don’t recognize.
• Avoid jailbreaking your device to prevent spyware.
• Use only reliable app stores like Google Play or Apple App Store for downloading and installing apps (Microsoft and Samsung Galaxy also have reliable app stores).
• Install top-quality antivirus apps to protect and secure your phone from spyware. 
• Check the URLs of sites you visit.

What Are Other Reasons People Want to Know How to Hack an Instagram Account?

Besides parents who want to legitimately keep their kids safe, there are other reasons that people might want to hack into Instagram.

People in relationships with partners or spouses feel they have legit reasons to use this kind of software, or even other Instagram hacking methods. This is illegal but is also debatable. 

Hackers who want to steal personal data target mobile devices and computers. Instagram hacking is one of the ways they do this.

There are even some people who want to take over celebrity and popular Instagram accounts, making wealthy Instagrammers highly targeted. 

Are There Other Instagram Hacking Methods?

Unfortunately, there are other ways to hack an Instagram account. 

Phishing attempts are one of the most common methods that are high-risk.

Phishing has been around for several years and has been used in emails to encourage users to open up a file or URL where they can gain access to their personal data including credit card numbers and passwords. 

You may have gotten emails from fake PayPal sources or other banks claiming that your account is in danger or has been restricted. Phishing is an illicit method of hacking into a device.

Fake websites, which can be inside phishing emails, text messages, Instagram messengers, etc, are designed to get access to your personal information. 

This happens when you visit the fake site and enter your login information.

Once that’s done, the hacker has access to your account. Hackers are known to recreate fake Facebook, PayPal, Instagram, and other real-looking sites to trick you.

So, those are some other ways people use to get access to your Instagram account and more.


It’s common for parents to want to protect their children in the best ways they can.

Installing a phone tracker to monitor and track where they are, who they are talking to, what they are doing on social media, and more is the smartest and most covert way to do that. 

When you’re choosing an app to hack into Instagram for legit purposes, be sure to find out if the app is legal in your country or region.

You don’t want the worry of getting in trouble for using an app that isn’t legal where you live. 

You can have peace of mind using one of the Instagram hack apps we shared with you in this article when you want to protect your child.

Most of these apps are undetectable to people, so no one will know you’re keeping tabs on them. 

Employers may also want to use a cell phone hacker app on work phones to prevent issues like hacking or extraneous downloads of apps on their phones.

The goal in this case is to ensure high productivity among employees. Plus, the phones belong to the company.

Therefore, they can monitor and track employees at some level, however they want.

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The apps we’ve shared with you today all have a wide range of features to suit your phone monitoring needs. Also, they come with pricing ranging from free to annual plans. 

Knowing what you know now from reading this article, will you install a cell phone monitoring app to monitor your child’s account? 

So, if you need to protect your kids, or have another reason to hack an Instagram account, these apps will do it for you.

You don’t need to know how to hack an Instagram account when you have access to the target device and the software to install.

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