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Ella Marcotte

How To Write A Popular Medical Blog

Do you want to start a popular medical blog? Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, or just have a lot of medical knowledge to share, starting a blog can be a great way to reach out to more people. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to write a piece that will be

Ella Marcotte

Website Trends To Use To Make Your Site Modern

A website’s design contributes to 95% of the immediate impression a visitor gets of your company. So your website’s first impression is essential. Investing in a good design website will attract more customers.  Now the question is, what cutting-edge web design trends will 2023 bring to the market, and how can you implement them to

Ella Marcotte

5 Tricks To Make Your Website Convert Visitors Into Donors Better

In case your non-profit organization has a website then one of the functions it can easily perform is donor attraction. Collecting donations through a branded website is one of the most reliable and respectable ways for most NGOs today. But what if you really want visitors of your website to donate to your project, organization,

Ella Marcotte

The Differences Between VPS Hosting And Other Options

The entire mechanism of how web hosting works may appear complex because features appear comparable among the various web hosting options available on the market. However, each option has its own set of details and features. VPS hosting, or Virtual Private Server Hosting, is an example of a virtual server that exists privately on a

ways to monetize blogs
Jonathon Spire

3 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Blogging has become a very trending topic and activity today, and many people even pursue it as a career. However, earning through your blog means bringing traffic to it, and let’s face it, it’s no easy task to monetize your blog. However, it’s not an impossible thing to achieve either. While monetizing your blog can

Ella Marcotte

Taking Preventive Measures Against Ransomware

A ransomware or ransom virus is a form of harmful program that encrypts local data or those stored on network drives connected to infected systems in order to earn economic benefits by demanding payment from victims. In return for interpreting the material, a ransom is demanded. This prevents the equipment from operating correctly, resulting in