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Ella Marcotte

5 Amazing Web 3.0 Project Ideas To Get Started

The web is moving into its third era with enthusiasm, and there are all sorts of opportunities thrown up by the new technologies built upon the blockchain concept that underpins this sea change. If you’re looking for a project to sink your teeth into so that you can grab a slice of the web 3.0

Ella Marcotte

2023 Might Be The Year For Digital Currencies – Here Are The Experts’ Predictions

The crypto sector has always been versatile, but it has been highly unstable since 2022, and investors don’t know what to expect from it. All cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, registered drops in value, losing over 60% of their financial worth. And let’s not forget about the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX, which happened

Ella Marcotte

Keeping An Eye On The South Korean Crypto Scene In 2023

At the beginning of 2020, there was little to rejoice about in the cryptocurrency sphere. It was toward the end of the year when cryptocurrencies’ prices reached new highs, spreading their popularity worldwide and leading to a fever sweeping South Korea, especially in the following year.  According to Statista, this East Asian country is considered

Gunbot Review - Should You Give It a Shot or Not?
Jonathon Spire

Gunbot Review 2023 – Is It Safe? Is It a Scam?

Unless you don’t keep up with financial and investment news at all, you should have an idea of the magnitude of how quickly cryptocurrency trading has gained popularity just in the past couple of years. A lot of this popularity has been enhanced via more people of various statuses all across the globe becoming interested

AIVIA Review - Is It a Safe Crypto Trading Platform?
Jonathon Spire

AIVIA Review 2023 – Is It a Safe Crypto Trading Platform?

AIVIA Review The world of cryptocurrency trading is alive and well. Even with its fluctuating nature, it’s more popular than ever. One of the appealing things about crypto trading is its volatile nature. Due to the daily fluctuations in cryptocurrencies, traders have turned to cryptocurrency trading bots like AIVIA to help mitigate risks in this

Jonathon Spire

Kryll Review 2023 – Is It a Scam? Is It Secure?

Kryll Review The cryptocurrency markets are in full swing with no chance of slowing down. The digital currency markets are here to stay. If you started when Bitcoin was made available, you are probably in good shape with your funds.  If you are just getting started, you may have already had a few ups and

Luna Trading Bot Review - Is It Safe and Secure?
Jonathon Spire

Luna Trading Bot Review 2023 – Is It Safe? Is It a Scam?

Luna Trading Bot Review One of the first questions about anything you buy, invest in, or use should be, “Is it safe and secure?” Your safety and security is a priority, especially in the online world. When you are in the crypto trading markets, you certainly want to know if a trading bot like the

Jonathon Spire

Jet-Bot Review 2023 – Is It a Scam? Is It Safe?

Jet-Bot Review Have you seen the online offerings with cryptocurrency bots these days? There are almost too many to list now. With the growth of the cryptocurrency trading markets, the crypto trading bot industry is also booming. We will be discussing a specific cryptocurrency trading bot in this review, called Jet-Bot. However, we will also

Jonathon Spire

LiveTrader Review 2023 – Is It Safe? It It a Scam?

LiveTrader Review The massive growth of the cryptocurrency trading market has become one of the most viable methods of earning profits by daytraders. The problem with cryptocurrency is similar to that of traditional trading markets in that no trader can be stuck looking at their computer or device screens all day long just to execute