Instazood Review – Is Instazood a Scam?

Instazood Review

Users have had to contend with sifting through a large number of automation tools since the closure of Instagress.

Some of the bots have stood out as credible in reviews, whilst some are out to get your extra buck without delivering what they promise.

After using and trying out so many programs available for users, one doesn’t seem to fit the bill; Instazood.

Complaints are rife about this bot, and we decided to get down and try the bot and find for ourselves what it offers, and what it doesn’t do.

Instazood Not Working

After signing up for the program, it started off with a bang.

It could do what it was supposed to do. A few days down the line and the performance starts fluctuating – fast. No more likes no more followers.

The excuse from the technical team was that they were having technical issues. This begged the question, why offer a live service that has technical issues with the client?

Further, the customer support is not available 24/7, and we found they took as long as 4 days to reply to our messages.

The next thought was to get a refund from Instazood, but this didn’t work at all.

Zero response.

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Instazood Not Following or Liking

We had to contend with slow performance and fewer likes and followers. The engagement level went back to zero and nothing was done. There went our cash, with our target for more engagement and leads for our business still miles away.

Fact: The trend seems to point to the fact that the bot doesn’t have the ability to align its bots to changes in Instagram’s algorithm.

This is because at first, the bot worked flawlessly, then when Instagram sort of changed its algorithms, the bot became useless.

Because of the change, the bot doesn’t work as expected and still might not work at all!

Not Helpful

A true bot provider needs to know when Instagram updates its algorithm – and get on it fast!

These guys seem to either have no idea or not to care.

Instazood don’t seem to upgrade their bot to match what Instagram is doing, which is such a let-down. The representatives didn’t take time to communicate to clients about the change in Instagram’s algorithm, and their English was poor – this is also apparent on their website, so perhaps it was our own fault for signing up with them in the first place.

One of the best aspects of any automation company is to provide help when you need it. From their promises, you expect the company to offer extensive customer service to its clients, but this isn’t the case. The customer representatives are the most unpleasant you will come across, and aren’t any helpful at all.

After taking time to contact them, and moving from one representative to the next, I decided to file a PayPal dispute for a refund.

This kind of triggered a response from them – they insisted that the bot was now working perfectly. They added a few days to the order and this excited us.

Bam! Same problem as before – the issue wasn’t sorted.

Instazood will do anything to avoid refunds, even if it means bluffing you to believe that the issue is fixed. Super rude reps that aren’t helpful don’t make anything easier.

Tough Interface

After you create an account, Instazood expects you to read the tutorials in order to use the dashboard.

The tutorials are a bit confusing and the dashboard not such an easy thing to navigate. The reps don’t help at all, referring every inquiry to the tutorials.

Instazood is not the best tool for newbies and those who are busy because it takes time to decipher the use of the platform.

Copyright Infringement

Worse still, when digging we found out that companies and apps aren’t allowed to use Insta, Gram or IG in their names. Instagram has copyrighted all of these.

We were surprised InstaZood hasn’t already been shut down with a heavy legal letter like so many others (e.g. Instagress!). Then we found out that Insta Zood is based somewhere outside of Instagram’s legal reach – it’s been hard to determine where, as they are hiding it – but it seems the company is like in Russia or Eastern Europe, which explains their poor command of the English language.

The Final Nail in the Coffin

Instagram kept blocking their service, and the final issue was that the account we used the bot on was temp banned by Instagram. We had to go through a long process to get it reinstated.

Still, the customer reps were useless, showing that they don’t know anything about the tool or Instagram. We think they probably outsource their tech support to a cheap third party.

So… What Next?

Obviously, based on our experience, we don’t recommend this bot.

Their customer support is absolute garbage. They are accusatory and with a poor command of the English language. Instazood has also been known to buy fake reviews to inflate their ratings on review websites. If you look carefully, you can find some real ones on SiteJabber and TrustPilot.

It is important to get value for money; you can do this by going for automation tools that are guaranteed to work.

Top Instazood Alternatives

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Instazood Coupon

I have tried to contact Instazood for an exclusive coupon or discount code but has been unsuccessful so far. Have you found a working coupon? If you have, please share it below.

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Do you disagree with my review? Sometimes I do make mistakes. Comment below & let me know what’s factually incorrect and I’ll rectify it as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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