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Ella Marcotte

5 Ways E-Signatures Can Help Boost Performance Of Business Processes

With the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the workforce, businesses have adopted remote working to keep employees safe. However, this raises the question of whether employees can sign documents and contracts electronically to avoid frequent trips for in-person signing. Luckily, digital transformation allows information to be captured, delivered, signed, processed,

Jonathon Spire

6 Ways to get blog traffic through Instagram

Instagram is now one of the leading social media websites online, being used advantageously by millennial’s and business entrepreneurs alike to boost their engagement and community on the internet. We’re at a stage with social media where it would be silly not to use it for some marketing or promotion around business – many people

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Ella Marcotte

How Can Automation Grow Your Business?

Technology is in a constant state of change. New innovations arise every year, making business and personal lifestyles more convenient and simpler. One aspect of advancing technology is automation. The process of applications or software performing actions with less human input to maximize efficiency and free up human labor for other activities. Innovations in this

Ella Marcotte

How to Write an Impressive Cover Letter for an SMM Job

The business world is experiencing stiff competition today. Companies use every possible way to win customers. One of the strategies they use is social media marketing. They open social media accounts on multiple platforms.  Due to various tasks, the managers cannot manage the accounts. They hire a social media manager to do it on their

Ella Marcotte

How to Create a Great Content Strategy for Your Blog

When you think about it, content isn’t something you find or create. It’s something that lives and breathes and continues to evolve and grow. It’s the lifeblood of your online presence, and without it, your website or blog will feel dead and directionless. That’s why it’s so important to have a solid content strategy in

Ella Marcotte

How To Choose The Best Advertising Campaign For Your Business

Running a business requires you to handle and balance several functions, whether they’re part of your core operations or not. Without them, you’ll barely make any sales, affecting  the growth of your business. One such operation is marketing that aims to give your brand visibility and boost awareness, enabling you to sell your goods or

Ella Marcotte

7 Reasons Streaming is Better than Cable

Streaming has taken over the way we enjoy entertainment. With the sheer amount of specialized services out there, you can find streaming apps that will keep you fully loaded with the exact type of content you want. Whether you enjoy watching pop-culture hits, are a horror nut, or prefer more edu-tainment style shows, streaming has