How to Get Instagram Famous Overnight

There’s a lot of people who want to be famous.

There’s also a lot of people who are already famous have worked hard to get there. The online world makes it incredibly easy to achieve overnight what some people gained over years of working hard for it.

Let’s see what it takes to get Instagram famous overnight. Literally.

Get Creative with Your Bio and Pics

Creative Bio And Pics

You need to stand out. Instagram is now a huge pond, and you’re still small fry. The online world of social media is a fiercely competitive arena, which means you’re going to need to be different, creative and original. It’s all very well to copy everyone else, but then you’ll just end up like everyone else. To be famous, you’ve got to be creative.

Your bio is one of the first things people will see when they visit your page. This means you’ve got to make it as appealing as possible. Play around with the limited characters you have, and think about what you want to communicate about your brand. Make it personable, professional and relatable. People like to feel welcome, but they also want to feel like you know what you’re talking about.

Your feed is also just as important. Once someone has read your bio, if they’ve taken the bait they’re going to scroll down to see what your feed looks like. If you’ve got a professional feed full of stunning pics, they’re going to be impressed and want to keep you in their newsfeed. Word will spread, and soon you’ll have lots of people coming to check out what you’ve got.

Follow Adder


This step is necessary!

Whether you want to buy your first few followers or not, an organic growth bot that will build your account for you is an absolute must.

Follow Adder simulates human interaction with your audience so you know that the followers you will gain are real which means they are more likely to stick around for the long haul and allow you to realize your dreams for a lot longer. Remember, we’re thinking longevity here, so while you might want to do all the work overnight, there’s also merit in taking your time and watching your fan base consistently grow to a trustworthy and loyal following.

Follow Adder uses hashtag research and specific locations to target your audience niche, so you can put your money directly towards the right people who are highly likely to follow you. Driving engagement with an organic growth service like Follow Adder is a great way to boost your account and get that extra help that will make all the difference.

Buy Followers

This step is optional, but we’re talking about overnight here, remember.

So, while there are plenty of things you can – and should – do to leverage yourself into the elite Instagram club, there are also things you need to do to give you an initial boost. You can’t just expect to go from nothing to everything overnight without putting some money into it.

Buying a few initial Instagram followers is the perfect way to give your account the jumpstart it needs. If people come across your page and like what they see, but you don’t have that big of a following yet, they’re going to ask why. Even if you have the best bio and amazing pics, it’s still going to be a red flag if you haven’t built up that following a bit yet.

You can use SocialShop for this, who also offer followers for other platforms, too. They offer different price packages around buying some initial followers.

Develop Your Hashtag

Create A Hashtag

You’ve got to spend money to make money. Now that you know how to get Instagram famous by outsourcing some of the more menial tasks let’s take a look at what else you can do to gain that notoriety.

Making your very own hashtag is an excellent way to break through the same old and prove yourself to be original and creative on Instagram. If you look at big brands on Instagram, most of them have made their own hashtag. This is then exclusively used by them and those that are following their content – it’s like a secret code that they have with their following. This is a great way to develop your community on a particular topic.

Creating your own hashtag immediately gives your account a professional appearance. It also makes you look bigger than you are, especially in the beginning stages. It is a quick-fire way to get people interested and engaged in your brand.

Get creative with your hashtag. You could use your account’s name, your brand name, a product you sell, a service you provide or a catchy word sequence that best describes what you’re trying to market.

Use High Numbers of Hashtags

Numbers of Hashtags

Let’s continue with looking into the business of hashtags. There’s a lot of differing opinions out there when it comes to how many hashtags you should use in your posts. Some people say it’s better not to use too many, to avoid looking spammy. Others suggest using the maximum number – thirty – to give your posts the best chance of exposure.

Let’s look at what the research tells us. Research suggests that you should use a minimum of 11 hashtags. Apparently, posts that have at least 11 hashtags on them get more engagement.

Personally, I would probably use the maximum 30 hashtags. As long as they’re not all generic, overused hashtags that you could find on anyone’s posts, it’s a safe bet that this will help increase your engagement levels. Finding original, unique hashtags within the arena of your target audience can help you to pick up more followers in your areas of interest. The more communities you can penetrate and get exposure in, the more likely you are to achieve that Instagram fame.

Go ahead and try it both ways. Chances are, if you use fewer hashtags, your engagement will decrease. It’s a good experiment and can help you see the merit in using a high number of hashtags.

Track Exposure Using Hashtags


This is a particularly important way of getting Instagram famous. It can be easy to forget that while there are people who are browsing their friend’s profiles for cool content, there are more people who are doing this to discover new and exciting content.

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This means doing a little bit of extra work so that you can figure out what hashtags are working for your content and what aren’t. If you want your content featured in the “top posts” section of Instagram, they need to gain a massive amount of attention in the few short hours after you’ve published it. Hashtags make or break this kind of opportunity.

Pick out your hashtags and give them a go. Track their popularity and see how many of them reach the top posts sections. If some of them didn’t then these are probably not specific enough and have been used by too many people already. Do your research and tweak your list of hashtags that you regularly use until you’ve worked out the ideal formula that gets you in the top lists every time.

Once your account is big enough, you won’t even need to worry about this algorithm because you’ll be hitting these lists pretty much every time.

Use Your Competitors and Idols

Instagram Logo Silhoutte

Use your competitors to your advantage. It can be easy to feel intimidated by them initially, especially when you’re first starting out. Instead of putting your energy into this, however, you could instead be figuring out what has worked for them so far. It’s good to get to know their profile and what makes it so popular.

As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. It’s much better to be on good terms with your competitors than feel threatened by them. You can even collaborate with them and give you both a good chance of being Instagram famous. There’s no harm in bringing a couple of people up with you on the journey.

If your competitors are too big even to notice you at this point, try mentioning them in your posts. If they see this effort, they could potentially interact back by flicking you a comment. This automatically gives your post a good chance of getting big, quick. This kind of interaction is considered invaluable for giving your account some traction and leveraging your brand into superstardom.

Set Your Theme

Find Your Theme

Remember, you want to get famous on Instagram. But you also want to be original and do this in a unique a way as possible. Most of the people that are already famous have achieved this by going against the current. While there is merit in taking ideas and inspiration from people who are already up there, you don’t just want to be the next travel blogger or indie clothes line.

Find your theme and stick to it. Using the same colour palette throughout all of your posts is going to give your page a continuity that is instantly recognizable to your followers. They won’t even need to look at your name to know when they see a post from you.

The important thing to remember here is that it has to be your own. Don’t copy this theme from someone. By all means get inspiration, but don’t copy it verbatim. Find something that is uniquely you and call it your own. Being genuine and real is a strong game on Instagram. The more people see who you really are, the more popular you will become. You don’t want to get to the top by being fake.

Create a Story

Instagram Create A Story

Why do you think people interact with other people on social media? What do you think it is that they get out of scrolling through people’s feeds and looking at pics of interest? People are looking to be entertained, educated and inspired.

Tell a story about your brand. Tell a story with your passion – help people to fall in love with you and your product. Make it personal and relatable.

A great way to do this is to share what you are learning as you learn it. People love to share in the journey with you and be there for the good times and the bad. They also want to be informed. Telling them about a new technique you learned or something you overheard that is helpful to you will fill them with inspiration and make them come back time and again to see if you’ve got anything else they want to hear.

Most people hold a certain level of empathy, even online. If you’ve struggled lately in an area of your passion, share this with your followers. People love to be inspired by overcoming hardships and obstacles, so even sharing the not-so-good times that you go through with your followers will help them feel closer to you.

Be Consistent

There are certain strategies to implement when starting a famous Instagram account and brand. There’s a technical side to things that lie beneath the glitzy posts and glamorous photo shoots.

The best way to describe this aspect is consistency. You’ve got to maintain a high level of consistency with your posting and general activity to keep your audience engaged. Decide from the very beginning the number of posts you are going to publish per day. If you’re in it for the long haul and want to get Instagram famous, you should post a minimum of two times per day, maybe even 3.

That sounds like hard work – and it is. Building a famous Instagram account isn’t a walk in the park. And no, this many posts a day isn’t going to come across as tacky or spammy. So long as the content of your posts is high-quality, you’ll only increase your engagement.

Instagram roots for accounts that consistently post high-quality content. It’ll even reward you for putting in the hard work by giving you increased engagement rates and giving you a better chance every time of making it into the explore section.

Work out Your Best Posting Times

Instagram Best Posting

Now that you’ve worked out how often you want to be posting and have decided to stick with it, you need to figure out when its best to post. Yes, there is an algorithm to when you should post on Instagram, and this can make all the difference with your engagement.

Many big brand marketing companies will tell you that there are good times and not so good times to publish your posts on Instagram. While this is true to an extent, you also have to take into account that your page is unique and different to anything else that’s out there. This means that it’ll have its perfect posting times based on content, engagement, and audience. Figuring these out based on past posts and their engagement is crucial to getting Instagram famous.

The way your audience consumes your social media will be completely different to your competitors. It’s worth doing your research and playing around with some different posting times. You’ll find your sweet spot soon enough and be away with high levels of engagement before you know it.

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Curate Tagged Photos

Tagged Photos

There are some things that start to happen with your account gaining traction. One of these things is that followers will start tagging you in their posts. Unfortunately, because this is something you can’t control, this means that some of these posts will be low quality and spammy – not something you want to be associated with your account.

You want to be in control of your image and branding and not leave it in other people’s hands. Getting tagged in big brands is obviously significant exposure, but this isn’t going to be the case with every single tag.

Thank goodness there’s a ‘’remove tag” feature. If you don’t like the photo you are tagged in; you can get rid of it from your feed by going to the photo and clicking on “photo options.” You can keep it in the section of photos that you are tagged in, but you can leave it out of your feed.

Another great thing to do is to adjust your settings so that tagged photos don’t show up in your feed unless they are approved by you. This is done by going to “options” then “photos of you” then choosing “add manually.”

Gain Local Exposure

Tagging Location

Now is a good time to remind you that Instagram is a global thing. There are many more countries than just your own that spend their time on Instagram which means there’s a good chance that some of your followers are from one of these countries. If you’re travelling, make sure you interact with the locals through your Instagram by tagging your location in your posts and mentioning it in your stories.

Interact with accounts similar to yours nearby and post videos of your time in that place. This is an excellent way to establish new relationships and focus on smaller sub-communities within your larger one. Don’t go off and use geo-tags without intention – they should be specific to your location. Otherwise, they are just wasted.

The more specific and relevant your location is to a group of people, the more interaction you’re going to get. While it might not be to the liking of your entire following, you’ll win favour with a smaller group who can quickly spread the word that you’re in their neck of the woods. They’ll love the interaction, and you’ll most likely get more followers out of it.

Use Shoutouts

Instagram Shoutouts 1

Using a shout out is a great way to get more followers if you feel like your account has been lacking lately. This feature is typically better used if you’ve already gained quite a large following. You should try to have at least 10,000 followers before you give this a go.

Really what a shout out boils down to is a mention of that person in your post or on one of your stories. You can talk about their account in your caption or tag them on the post media.

The biggest thing to remember with shout-outs is that there are two ways of doing them. You can trade shout outs with somebody or pay for them. Exchanging shout outs is pretty self-explanatory – you shout out to someone, and they pay back the favour. When you pay for a shout out, this means you get in touch with an idol or competitor and offer them a fee for mentioning you in one of their posts.

Be careful not to overprice yourself and get taken advantage of. $20-$30 is a reasonable amount to pay for a shout out, so be wary of people who want to try and get more out of you.

Get Featured

Instagram exposure 1

If you feel as if your brand is unique enough and you’ve got something to offer the world that hasn’t been seen before, you can always involve the media and try to get some exposure through the good old printing press.

If you’ve genuinely got an original idea to offer, then there’s a good chance of there being someone who wants to share this – beyond Instagram. Reaching out to a journalist or media publication with your pitch could boost your page into fandom. This can lead to exposure on news sites, blogs and other people’s Instagram pages.

Just try to make sure that the stories are sincere and ring true. Remember, this type of exposure is short-term, but the consequences of the negative press could outlast the time it takes people to read about it. Be careful with how you’re seen in the public and make sure it’s true to you.

Engage Your Audience

Instagram Followers 3

This last way to get Instagram famous also happens to be the most crucial. If people are following you because they like what they see, engage with them. Message them directly to thank them for their engagement.

Try to respond to as many of your comments as possible, and take the time to engage with your followers personally. Go to their pages and like or comment on their photos too.

Beyond being the considerate famous person, this type of interaction will boost you up Instagram’s popularity list. When you start to have high levels of two-way engagement, Instagram will promote your stuff in the top posts section.

So, keep this important piece of advice in mind. While being Instagram famous is about having as many followers as you can get, it’s also about maintaining these followers around by having positive and meaningful interactions with them. You’re building relationships that are going to be responsible for the longevity of your brand.


Being Instagram famous is a realistic goal in 2018 that will open you up to a world of possibilities.

It’s all about delivering high-quality content that your audience is going to stick around for. While it might seem like it’s hard when you’re first starting out, if you stick with it and use these guidelines to help you it won’t be long until you can hardly remember what it was like just having a few followers.

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