Superorder Bot Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Superorder Bot Review - Is It Safe & Secure?

Superorder Review 2024

Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin changed the face of conventional trading across the financial markets. It’s absolutely not like any other form of currency trading.

For one thing, crypto trading is decentralized, unlike the traditional fiat models. 

Likewise, cryptocurrency trading bots have changed the face of cryptocurrency trading with consistently evolving tools and resources to make this form of trading easier and more profitable.

One of these crypto trading bots in Superorder. 

In the next few paragraphs, we will discuss what you should know about this automated trading tool in this Superorder bot review.

What Is Superorder?


The Superorder bot is considered a next-generation platform for crypto trading. It provides the necessary tools and resources for efficiently and effectively trading in the cryptocurrency markets. 

It is associated with some of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry.

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How Long Has Superorder Been In Business?

In 2018, Superorder began to offer certain forms of services for programmed bot trading in the crypto markets.

By early 2019, this automated service had grown to become a full-blown trading bot service. Therefore, it technically launched for public use as a cryptocurrency trading bot in 2019. 

Since its official launch in 2019, the team behind this service has established its effectiveness as an automated trading option.

It offers its service in an innovative and different way than most of its competitors. 

This automated service is unlike its counterparts that use web-based or downloaded bot programs to provide services in that it operates via an extension on TradingView’s interface.

It allows newbie and experienced traders to buy and sell crypto from that application. If you like, you can use the Chrome extension alongside of your TradingView account.

This extension allows you to connect your exchange accounts for automated trades dependent upon market conditions.

Essentially, it adds buying and selling resources built into the technical analysis application. How it is used is one of the things that set this automated crypto trading bot apart from its competitors.

More than that, it offers competitive pricing and plans that are affordable and appealing to today’s cryptocurrency traders.

How is Superorder’s Reputation?

To get to the point, this service is used by a specific following of users who prefer to enjoy a balance between real trading functions and ease-of-use.

Superorder is a niche product with its unique method of operation without being reliant upon an installed app or being web-based.

This system has a small, but loyal community that raves about it. So, as far as its user base is concerned, this service has a great reputation for their purposes.

Just because the community surrounding this automated crypto trading resource is small, doesn’t mean its not popular among its users. It is certainly popular among its users.

Superorder has around 500 members on Reddit and 300 followers on Twitter. Also, its Telegram channel is where its users discuss strategies and updates.

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Even though the community of users is small, it is a loyal base that is communicative and strong.

What Exchanges Does Superorder Support?

Superorder Exchanges

This service supports the big four exchanges that users can use to buy and sell across their supported crypto markets.

  • Binance
  • Bittrex
  • BitMEX

According to Superorder sources, it is in the process of adding more exchanges, though there is no information related to how soon that will happen. 

What Plans and Prices Does Superorder Offer?

Superorder offers four packages that start for free with limited trading options. You may also enjoy a free trial if you are new to the platform.

The free trial allows you to trade for free for three days. This is ample time to find out if you feel this service is worthy of your patronage. 

Each package comes with annual or monthly billing options, with the annual subscription rates being discounted over the monthly billing subscriptions.

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What Are the Package Options?

Free – You pay nothing to use this subscription, but there is a trading limit of $1,000 a month, basic support, and no accessibility to chat support.

Otherwise, you have access to other features on the platform.

Starter – The Starter package offers access to all features, plus basic support, and $25,000 trading volume for $22 per month with annual billing and $29 per month with monthly billing. 

Advanced – The Advanced package is $49 per month with the monthly billing subscription, and $37 per month if you choose the annual billing option.

Monthly trading volume is limited to $75,000, and you get chat support and priority support. All accessible features come with this package.

Pro – As the highest tier package offered by Superorder, you get a monthly trading volume of $250,000 with chat and priority support services.

All the platform’s features are available with this plan at an annual billing cost that comes to $75 per month, or $99 per month if you choose the monthly billing option.

How Easy to Use is Superorder?

Superorder use

As mentioned previously, one of the appealing factors of Superorder is its ease of use. Being built into the TradingView interface, it offers a sleek and modern design that is easy to understand and use.

It is easy to acclimate to its user-interface, and it won’t seem out of place using in your TradingView interface. It fits right in, making it easy to use every day.

Choosing your order types, setting up your strategies via current market conditions are also easy tasks. You can refer to the user guide on the website that is both a tutorial and knowledge base. 

Any trader at any level of skill can use these resources to make wise decisions in any market climate.

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What are Superorder’s Settings?


For as easy as this crypto bot is to use, it offers a wide variety of strategies, settings, and indicators you can use to your advantage.

Here is a list of just some settings, indicators, and strategies.

  • RSI Indicator
  • Stop Loss
  • Limit Buy and Sell
  • Market Buy and Sell
  • Training Buy and Sell
  • AND Fork and OR Fork
  • MACD Indicator
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Traders can easily set up their strategies using these and the other forms of orders.

You can also use Super Trade mode, which allows you to easily set up more complicated strategies. It is another factor that makes Superorder stand out.

Is Superorder Secure?

API keys are used, so you can connect your exchange accounts without withdrawal permissions. So, yes. It is secure in that way.

Since this is connected to TradingView, using this crypto trading bot is as safe as using your TradingView account.

How is Superorder’s Customer Service and Support?

Basic support is part of all plans offered by Superorder. The higher plan tiers offer priority and chat support.

There have been no significant complaints regarding its customer service and support. Its support is as good as any other competitor in the industry.

What is Superorder’s Profitability?


You won’t find any promises of profit percentages from using Superorder. If this service did, we would not recommend it. But, since they follow the gold standard in this area, we do recommend this provider.

How much you make from your trades is totally up to you. There is  no way a service can guarantee any profitability margin. 

This is also true since cryptocurrency is a wildly fluctuating market that is volatile, it’s hard to know how well you will do without research and effort. 

That said, its users appear to be happy with this company’s efficacy.

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Review Conclusion

Superorder could be an answer to any trader who wants something easier and more convenient to use.

Also, due to how unique this system is operating, your market conditions can be easily reviewed without having to do the back and forth on your browser tabs, or program tabs.

You get functionality through simplicity with an easy-to-use user interface that contains complicated settings that will not feel stressful due to how this all works. 

If you have never utilized a crypto bot before, you may feel the prices are expensive, but once you look around, you will find that pricing is competitive and in many cases affordable.

However, if you want to use the free plan for a bit to see how it works for you before investing in a higher tier plan, you can do that.  Remember that the higher tiers do offer a free trial.

It is ultimately up to you whether you try, use, and/or stay with Superorder. It is imperative that you make decisions about using crypto trading bots with much consideration. 

If you like Superorder’s features and resources, then you can use it forever if you want. Otherwise, you can find another cryptocurrency trading bot that fits your needs.

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