Pionex Review 2024: Profitable Trading Bots or a Scam?

Pionex Bot Review - Is It Secure?

Whether you are aware of it or not, Bitcoin is well-known for being a highly robust digital asset with inherently high value. It’s no longer the only cryptocurrency out there, but it’s still considered the best.

Nowadays, digital assets are gold in the crypto markets, since it offers a solid value proposition that is crucial in today’s financial realm.

It might interest you to know that the conventional financial system has been on the decline since 2000 in multiple ways. 

Nations all over the world are suffering major financial struggles due to the traditional financial markets.

This has been happening since 2000 and into today. The emerging markets from the United States, Japan, etc. have been hit hard since 2000 and into today.

The unbelievable nature of cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, is part of its appeal to traders.

Where once, trading in cryptocurrency was tedious and time-consuming, it is now easier with the use of cryptocurrency trading bots like Pionex.

The primary goal of these trading bots is to streamline the trading process, but for traders, it’s all about those gains and losses.

Pionex Review 2024

Pionex is an exchange that offers built-in bots to help streamline your crypto trading process, while helping you win. 

Ultimately, the strategy you use is what will create gains and losses. The bots merely give you an edge, with no guarantees unless you trade wisely. 

Let’s find out if Polinex is safe, secure, and worthy of your attention with our full Pionex review for 2024.

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What is Pionex, and How Long Has It Been In Business?

As we already mentioned, Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange that incorporates automated bots to streamline your trades.

While Pionex was in development in 2018, it wasn’t launched until 2019.

This gap in time relates to the time taken to work on the service and programming, do the research, and implement the system when it was ready. 

Right from the start, the developers were able to offer a fundamentally good product to attract their ideal users.

This company has continually pushed forward to progressively achieve more attention and higher exposure across search engines. 

Pionex regularly delivers more offerings to make sure that its clients are satisfied with them and will stick with them. 

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A Review of Pionex’s Reputation

As far as the cryptocurrency industry is concerned, Pionex has a solid reputation, mostly due to its uniqueness. The fact that it’s an exchange with built-in bots and automation is what makes it different.

Some very prominent websites have reviews related to Pionex and its users have been busy building it up.

Crypto trades appreciate this exchange because not only does it have built-in bots, but they are freely provided. So, anyone who wants to trade on this platform gets free access to trading bots. 

Another thing people like about this automated exchange is that it is regulated in nations such as the United States and Singapore.

Whether you know them or not, the backers of this firm include Zhen Fund, Shunwei Capital, and Banyan Capital. Also, Pionex has other partners who have millions upon millions of users globally.

It wouldn’t attract this kind of support and partners if it had anything other than a stellar reputation.

Supported Exchanges 

Pionex Supported Exchanges 

Since it’s an exchange itself, it support its services and automation, which makes for a unique strategy that works for them and for their users.

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Review of Plans and Pricing

A small trading fee is all you are charged on this exchange. This is beneficial to those who are constantly paying fees for every trade on other platforms.

The trading fee is the only price associated with Pionex.

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Ease of Use 

Simplicity is the cornerstone of Pionex’s platform. It’s relatively new to the industry, but it knows what to look for and how to provide its users a superior experience.

Navigation on the platform is easy and simple and compatible with multiple devices. You can even take advantage of the light or dark modes for your experience. 


Because this is a cryptocurrency exchange platform as well as a trading bot, you will find multiple and functional settings inside. 

There are more than 8 Pionex bots that include trailing take profit automation, TWAP automation reverse grid, grid auto tool, infinity grid, reverse tool, margin automation tool, and a DCA tool. 

  • Grid Bot: This bot is ideal for a flat moving market. You can buy low and sell high with low risk.
  • Trailing Take Profit Bot: Maximizes your fund gains by exiting at the ideal time. 
  • TWAP Bot: If you prefer to execute trades that don’t significantly influence the crypto market, this is the bot option you will use.
  • Reverse Grid: This bot will keep your digital asset safe as prices decrease. It will buy more on the decline.
  • Infinity Grid: This bot allows you to buy when values are low and then sell them when values hit a high.
  • Margin: The margin tool lets you lock funds in for a specified time. This involves speculation and lending elements. 
  • Leveraged Grid Bot: This bot is for when you are ready to double or even triple your profits via leverage. It is used when one believes the market values will radically rise.
  • LRD: This bot uses leverage to increase your gain by utilizing reverse grids with leverage to sell assets first, then buy soon.
  • DCA Bot: Leveraging in concert with your portfolio to increase your profits is what this bot is all about.
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Security Review & Is Pionex Safe?

With no hacks being reported on Pionex, it’s a secure system. The business is a licensed entity and regulated, so they are obligated to provide solid security to its users. 

They store funds in multiple ways for asset protection, and they offer 2FA (two-factor authentication for enhanced security.

Customer Support

Support comes from email, Twitter, and Telegram. Also, you will have access to tutorials to create the experience you want from this kind of trading.



Due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, including Bitcoin, the chances of making a profit are good.

That said, you still need to utilize the bots wisely and take advantage of the programming available in them. 

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Ultimately, you are in control of your profitability based on how you choose to trade. Research, backtesting, and utilizing strategies will help you be as profitable as you can be. 

Review Conclusion

This brings us to the end of our Pionex review for 2024.

The Pionex exchange and automated strategies are designed to be appealing to traders who want to win at this kind of trading.

The cryptocurrency market is unpredictable and constantly fluctuating, which means you should be trying to find ways to streamline the process, and living your best life.

When you do your due diligence, you will find the perfect strategy and trading modes that suit your goals.

You can trade with confidence on the Pionex platform with automated trading and secure trading.

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