AIVIA Review 2024 – Is It a Safe Crypto Trading Platform?

AIVIA Review - Is It a Safe Crypto Trading Platform?

AIVIA Review 2024

The world of cryptocurrency trading is alive and well. Even with its fluctuating nature, it’s more popular than ever. One of the appealing things about crypto trading is its volatile nature.

Due to the daily fluctuations in cryptocurrencies, traders have turned to cryptocurrency trading bots like AIVIA to help mitigate risks in this financial market.

The following review of AIVIA will provide you with enough information to decide if this platform is the easiest way to invest in cryptocurrency as it claims. 

What is AIVIA?

According to the site’s FAQ, AIVIA is a platform for traders, investors, and trading bots.

Its unique technology empowers investors to mimic the top traders on their cryptocurrency exchanges, analyze their activities, and monitor statistical data in real-time. 

The mission statement used by AIVIA on the website states, “Helping investors to achieve desirable results in the crypto market by providing advanced wealth management technology.”

The team of professionals behind AIVIA plays a major role in how this company works for its users.

The website is impressive, not only in its appearance but also in that it provides valuable information about the company, its mission statement, and its benefits to users and potential users. 

What Features Make AIVIA Unique?

One of the benefits of choosing the AIVIA platform is the peace of mind that comes from knowing the traders put through a probationary period and audit before making them available to investors. 

Let’s Take a Look at AIVIA’s Features.

Traders and Bots

AIVIA Traders and Bots

Investing in proven cryptocurrency trading strategies plays a major role in how investors trade their crypto. AIVIA offers top-rated traders that go through a process before investors even see them.

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The process looks like this:

Trader Probation:

Each trader gets interviewed to assess their level of professional skills, performance, and risk management. 


Trader strategies are backtested based on data from their own exchange accounts. 

Risk Assessment:

Finally, before the trader gets released into the system, a risk assessment is performed to maximize the drawdown ratio and to offer optimized settings.

Therefore, the first step in signing up for AIVIA’s system as an investor must choose one of the available trading strategies. 

ROI Estimator:

AIVIA ROI Estimator

Using AIVIA’s ROI Estimator you can analyze your theoretical portfolio based on historical data backtesting. The system offers an ROI calculator for doing that.

You can find out how much you can profit today by using this feature before you begin actively using it to trade. Real historical data is used to perform these calculations.

Mirror Trading:

With the Mirror Trading feature, AIVIA gives its clients a system that empowers thousands of investors to mirror any trader simultaneously. 

Golang, today’s most sophisticated and fastest programming language to synchronously processes many trading activities. 

Now, all the investor is to do is choose a trader then click the associated button.
The mirror system does the rest.

Risk Management:

The intentional focus on risk management is an aspect of AIVIA that sets this platform apart from its competitors.

Only traders who pass their strict risk management protocols are permitted into the system. 

Investors have complete control of the settings and parameters for their risk management that they can access and change as desired.

AIVIA offers investors to select from a wide array of trading strategies among its diverse bots and traders. 

Trailing Stop:

Would AIVIA even be a crypto trading platform without a Trailing Stop feature? The goal here is to retain an initial deposit, so when profits exceed the acceptable drawdown, the original deposits won’t be drained.

How Much Does AIVIA Cost?

AIVIA Pricing

AIVIA is no different from its competition when it comes to offering prices for its tools and strategies. They offer competitive pricing for high-quality products and services. 

Choosing the plan that is best for you means knowing what the platform’s plans are and what they included.

There are three plans offered by AIVIA

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For new and qualified trading accounts, this is the best option. 

  • Free to Use
  • Unlimited Traders and Bots
  • Unlimited Connected Exchanges
  • ROI Estimator
  • Copy Trading System
  • Risk Management System
  • Lot Size and Drawdown


If you’re a novice investor with some experience in the cryptocurrency trading market, this is the best choice for you.

  • $14.50/month
  • 1 Trader or Bot
  • 1 Connected Exchange
  • ROI Estimator
  • Copy Trading System
  • Risk Management System


Experienced investors will want to choose the pro option.

  • Unlimited Traders and Bots
  • Unlimited Connected Exchanges
  • ROI Estimator
  • Copy Trading System
  • Risk Management System
  • Lot Size and Drawdown

These plans are trusted by over 300 investors that have reviewed and recommended AIVIA. 

How Do You Get Started with AIVIA?

AIVIA works

From the plan you choose, click “Get Started” or “Buy Now”. Fill out the required form with your name and email, then create your unique password. Your information is encrypted, secure, and safe. 

Named a Top Binance Broker

The Binance exchange named AIVIA among the top Brokers for the month of December of 2021.

aivia top binance broker

Review Conclusion

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re a veteran crypto trader, we feel confident that AIVIA is the right platform for you.

The website offers transparency in pricing, plans, company information, team information, and has FAQ and tutorial pages, a blog, and now a White Label platform option you will find beneficial if you’re an expert.

Take a look at AIVIA today to discover if this is the crypto trading platform for you.

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