Jet-Bot Review 2024 – Is It a Scam? Is It Safe?

Jet-Bot Review 2024

Have you seen the online offerings with cryptocurrency bots these days? There are almost too many to list now.

With the growth of the cryptocurrency trading markets, the crypto trading bot industry is also booming.

We will be discussing a specific cryptocurrency trading bot in this review, called Jet-Bot. However, we will also discuss other things before we get into the review.

For instance, not all of these crypto trading bots stand up well in real-world testing, which is why we provide our readers with unbiased reviews based on these tools.

Some of them simply do not perform as they are described, or to the user’s expectations. Others may take too long to create and manage a profitable trading strategy.

This is one of the reasons we write these reviews. We want you to know about these trading bots, so that you can glean the information needed to make an informed decision for yourself. 

Jet-Bot allows you to trade via successful traders’ strategies. Therefore, you can be more of an investor than a crypto trader.

These are the kinds of trades that work using tested, tried, and proven strategies with months of tweaking and optimizing behind them.

However, if you are a person who wants to create your own trading strategies, Jet-Bot lets you do that as well.

Now that you have a little insight about these reviews and why we write them, we can get down to the meat of this review, which revolves around the Jet-Bot cryptocurrency trading bot.

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What is Jet-Bot and How Long Has It Been Around?

As usual, we will cover the most important and pertinent details about Jet-Bot and its length of time in business.

What it is and how long it has been in operation are crucial when you are looking for this kind of trading tool.

What is Jet-Bot? It is an automated crypto trading tool that utilizes customized and preset bots for its users to trade their digital assets. The trades are performed via futures and spot markets across long and short strategies.

Automated trading gives you a break from the computer screen by making trades that you configure for your cryptocurrency trading.

This is how you can best benefit from favorable crypto market conditions as you buy and sell your digital currencies.

This bot continues to work once it is set up to your specifications. You can even watch it as it carries out the strategies you select or create.

When the crypto market triggers a condition that fits into your selection, it immediately buys or sells your chosen currency. You benefit from less risk and higher chances of profitable trades.

How long has Jet-Bot been around? Launched in 2020, this newer trading bot has attracted a nice following within the cryptocurrency community.

One of the main reasons for this is its unique branding, and its partnership with the Binance Broker program. These factors set it apart from its counterparts in the industry.

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Jet-Bot’s Reputation

Jet-Bot is a newer trading platform with only 12 months behind it. If you compare that to the more popular crypto trading bots, it is a mere infant in the market.

Despite that fact, this trading bot has grown in popularity over the 12 months since its inception.

One reason for this is that the people behind the crypto trading platform are regularly enhancing its reputation through the Bianance Broker partnership they maintain.

The partnership with this highly visable and popular currency broker partnership, it has given Jet-Bot an edge over the competition.

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The benefits of this partnership allows the bot to see some profits from the trading fees associated with the Binance coin.

Users benefit by using the platform to create a new Binance Broker account through Jet-Bot with the click of the mouse.

Beyond these elements of growth and popularity, Jet-Bot has garnered a high number of video testimonials on YouTube.

These testimonials have served to influence the cryptocurrency community by sharing what the users think about Jet-Bot. 

It seems that this platform has pulled out all the stops to market itself wisely, so it can achieve bigger things in the future.

Jet-Bot’s Supported Exchanges

Binance is the only exchange supported by Jet-Bot. Therefore, if you have accounts on other exchanges, you will have to create a separate one on Binance to benefit from this trading platform and its features.

This could become an obstacle for anyone who does not want to go through the trouble of creating another exchange account, regardless of its popularity.

To ease that burden, Jet-Bot has made it possible to open a Binance account with one click, but only when you use the platform (Jet-Bot) for the process of setting up a Binance Broker account.

Since that makes things easier for the traders, it is a great perk.

To enhance the perks even more, and to compensate for the lack of supported exchanges, Jet-Bot allows you to leverage the higher synch speed via the Binance API (application programming interface). 

That is an advantage that does have any specific benefits for functionality, since the other crypto bots operate effectively without it, but Jet-Bot adamantly claims this features will make great things happen in your trading adventure.

That is an advantage that does have any specific benefits for functionality, since the other crypto bots operate effectively without it, but Jet-Bot adamantly claims this features will make great things happen in your trading adventure.

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The Cost of Jet-Bot

jet bot pricing

This platform offers you a 3-day free trial of its offerings, just so you can try it before you buy it. You get to see how it works, in real time, for 3 full days.

This is a demo version of the platform that does not require your payment information or a credit card to use. 

The Jet-Bot demo offers a hands-on form of experience of the platform’s app and its features. You can definitely decide if this bot is one you want to pay for or not.

Besides the demo/trial version, Jet-Bot shows four paid packages available on the site. Each one has its own features, and the packages are based on an annual subscription payment.

Every account offers the web application interface, and the feature for trailing take profit. 

Binance Broker Package – $7.99/month

You do not get bots for spot trading or exchange accounts. 

  • 1 Futures Bot
  • 1 Binance Broker Account
  • Regular API speed
  • Leverage x20

Beginner Package – $27.00/month

You do get spot trading and a connection to an exchange.

  • 1 Spot Bot
  • 1 Futures Bot
  • 1 Exchange Connection
  • Regular API Speed
  • Leverage x20

Basic Package – $41.00/month

You will be getting double crypto bots and exchange connections, plus more leverage.

  • 2 Spot Bots
  • 2 Futures Bots
  • 2 Exchange Connections
  • Regular API speed
  • Leverage x30

Extended Package – $62.00/month

This is the highest tier in the packages offered. 

  • 10 Spot Bots
  • 10 Futures Bots
  • 10 Exchange Connections
  • Max API speed
  • Leverage x 50 (can be increased by asking to x125)
  • Martingale Multiplier
  • Telegram VIP Success Manager

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Jet-Bot’s Ease of Use

One of the appealing aspects of Jet-Bot is within its ease of use. This crypto bot does not require you to download or install anything to your computer.

You will be accessing the system via the web application, so it is a web-based tool. That way, you do not have to go through the process of ensuring your safety, security, or privacy.

All you do is log into your account via a web browser from whatever computer you are using. You can check on your account status and modify your strategies.

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Aside from the bonus of not having to install anything to a computer, and its instant method of web access, the user interface, GUI, is extremely easy to use.

Besides the user-friendly and functional design, the crypto trading bot has a plethora of helpful video tutorials and articles to assist you with your use of Jet-Bot.

Via the efficient features and navigation, the bot also allows you to easily alter and tweak your bots.

If you prefer not to create your own bots, you can copy from other traders willing to share them with you on this trading bot platform. They call it “copy trading“.

Copy-trading falls under the classification of investor as opposed to just a user.

Therefore, you can leverage expertise from experienced and proven traders for using Jet-Bot alongside of Binance trading. This will streamline the process of learning.

Jet-Bot’s Security

The use of API keys is the industry standard in security for protection. The use of said keys will allow the bot to access your Binance account without your login or password.

It connects to the back end of the Binance exchange, connecting to your wallet, so it can make your trades for you.

This process will save you from incurring unauthorized withdrawals.

Since this bot trading platform is a web-based application, it is hosted on a secure server that encrypts your data.

Additionally, this bot uses Telegram to provide access to bot creation, trading reports via mobile, and setting modification. Telegram itself offers a highly secure tool for communication through an app. 

Jet-Bot’s Customer Support

The way that users describe the customer support from Jet-Bot is ‘excellent’. There is a comprehensive support sections that provides answers to the most basic questions as well as the more sophisticated ones.

Also, you will have access to multiple video tutorials and introductory discussions, which are great for newbies.

You can also reach the support team through via a support ticket system, which is often answered within just a few hours.

If you require support with more urgency behind it, Telegram Live Chat has a channel for those instances.

Jet-Bot’s Profitability

jet bot about

The claims made by Jet-Bot regarding profitability come from the gathering of information of traders who have graciously shared it to the public.

This data is made accessible in the form of crypto trading bots that were created by said traders.

In February 2021, one trader with a top-performing bot on the platform reported profit increases (total) of over 10,756.19 percent.

Another example is from a high-performing bot with reports of increases in the range of more than 8,485.63 percent.

It does show you that with the proper trading strategies, Jet-Bot offers verifiable potential of high profits in your funds.

This does not negate the concept that you are ultimately accountable for your own crypto profitability.

You must still make wise decisions and only trade with funds that are extraneous and not necessary to your safety net.

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Review Conclusion

Overall,  Jet-Bot is an easy-to-use, secure, and potentially profitable crypto trading bot platform. It is unique among its counterparts for offering copy trading. 

The bot provides you with the potential to generate more passive income through proven and strong strategies.

If this is something you are looking for, you can try this system and decide if it is for you.

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