How To Start a YouTube Blog About Video Games

Video games are one of the main hobbies of the new generation. Two and a half billion people play video games, tens of millions work in this area.

The video game industry is at the forefront of technological advancement. Developers have big salaries, while esports players have crowds of fans and huge fees.

If you just adore video games but have not succeeded in becoming an esports player, don’t rush to despair.

You can transfer your hobby to vlogging, which is no less interesting and can bring good money to the author.

So, today we’re going to figure out how to start a YouTube blog about video games and successfully promote it.

Are Video Gaming Blogs Really Popular?

Games are truly one of the most popular and lucrative genres on YouTube today, thanks to their talented creators and a huge fan base of this hobby.

According to the official YouTube blog, 2020 was the best year for gaming in the history of the service, with over 40 million active gaming channels.

Imagine the top blogger in games, PewDiePie, has a whopping 110 million subscribers! Swedish content creator Felix Kjellberg launched his gaming channel in 2010, transforming it into one of the most iconic pages in the gaming community.

Among his blogging advantages that led the guy to huge success is the combination of Let’s Play videos, witty humor, consistency, and top-notch play skills.

Well, that doesn’t sound super complicated. Let’s try?

Launching Your Own Gaming You Tube Channel in X Steps 

#1. Define the Direction of Your Game Video Blog and Choose the Niche

Your first step is to decide what your video blog will focus on. Answer yourself a few questions:

  • Which direction do you want to go?
  • Who do you want to blog for?
  • What is the main purpose of your blog?

Without a clear understanding of the purpose behind your blog, it will be difficult for you to decide on a specific niche or content type. Basically, you need to create a recognizable brand on YouTube.

For example, you can be the best blogger for the Grand Theft Auto video games, or share a videogame guide for Mass Effect. Or, you can become an expert in gaming graphics cards. Got the idea?

Here Are Some of The Most Popular Niches:

  • Gameplay walkthroughs 
  • Best videogames of all time reviews
  • Gaming news
  • Console reviews
  • Streaming channel blog
  • Game development topics
  • Esports news and events

Remember one simple thing: telling stories about different popular videogames won’t make the channel famous in a short time.

People are mistaken that only videos about popular games will bring the channel to the top. If you decide to talk about PUBG or Fortnite on the YouTube channel, you will either have to fork out for an ad or create unique content.

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The second option is more difficult because the number of channels for trending projects is much larger.

Telling about what the viewer has not seen and making a worthy video out of it becomes a difficult task that most people cannot cope with.

The right decision is to study new games and understand their potential. Analyze how popular the game will be.

The sooner you realize this, the higher the chance of getting more views and subscribers.

This cannot be called instinct – it is important not only to discern the potential to become a hit in the game but also to analyze the interest of the audience.

#2. Get Creative to Find Your Perfect Nickname

Remember the same PewDiePie or the Russian blogger Marmok. Super catchy and bright nicknames.

#3. Take Care of The Technical Side of The Creation

In short:

  • Go to the YouTube website.
  • Log in to your profile using your email address.
  • In the upper right corner, click on your profile photo and select “Create channel.”
  • Specify a name and choose an image of the channel.
  • Confirm creation by clicking “Create channel.”

#4. Delve Into a Video Montage 

Most of the gameplay on YouTube is of no interest to anyone. Filmed without preliminary preparation, they contain many unnecessary, often prolonged scenes without any processing.

But just a few simple steps in one of the best video editing software could turn a boring clip into addictive gameplay and attract much more views. 

If you want to publish your gameplay to YouTube, it’s crucial to understand that half the time, people don’t watch the entire video.

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it is quite difficult for modern Internet users to keep their attention on the same video for more than a couple of minutes.

Secondly, most often gameplay is watched in order to solve a specific problem. 

For example, a player is stuck at some point and wants to figure out how to go further. Or the person is looking for a capacious overview of the best moments of the game for inspiration or distracting.

In both cases, the raw gameplay recording will disappoint the viewer. To make your video useful and engaging, you need to apply at least minimal editing.

What is the best program to edit game videos? Almost any. Most free non-linear Windows or Mac video editors are great for editing gameplay.

Note: if you are shooting “let’s plays” or videos about the full game walkthrough, there is almost no need to edit the footage because the audience initially wants to see the unprocessed video.

However, if you are creating instructions for passing specific moments in the game or want to publish a splice of the best moments, you will have to check how to do video editing on YouTube.

#5. Start Promoting 

A detailed guide on how to promote a video game channel can be found at YouTube BootCamp.

But we would like to list a few key ideas anyway.

  • Get a good microphone. A bad camera is not a problem to get started. A bad microphone is the worst thing you can hurt yourself on the way to promoting your YouTube channel. If you want to save money on a device, you can start with budget professional microphones, but in any case, don’t speak into the speaker of your laptop or phone.
  • Show yourself in the frame during the gameplay. YouTube viewers love naturalness, they love to look at the blogger, and it doesn’t matter how you look – beautiful or not. It’s important to be real. Show your reactions, how you feel in different situations. Your sincerity will be the easiest way to find a common language with the viewer.
  • Connect and engage your audience. In your videos, ask open-ended questions that need to be answered in detail. For example, start the video with the phrase “you asked me about a new episode of the game, so I’ll show it today. And write to me right away in the comments, what to show you in the next videos? ”. This, you’ll kill two birds with one stone: you get feedback and organic comments.
  • Use vibrant video covers and catchy titles. The cover should complement the information in the title and be bright and attractive enough to be clicked on. Therefore, you take a screen from the game, add bright-colored text to it, the key characters of the episode – and the cover is ready. And use different titles for your videos. You should always grab attention with your headline. By the way, don’t forget about SEO.
  • Be the first to release videos of new games. There is no magic in gaming. If a new game comes out, just be the first to reveal it. Even if the game comes out in a month, you can already stir up interest in your channel with the news about it. 
  • Do collaborations. From time to time, say something like, “This blogger made a good strategy video, you should watch it.” It costs you nothing at the development stage, and some viewers may tell the authors of other channels that you mention them. They, in turn, can recommend the audience to go to your channel or watch your videos.
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Collaborate with other bloggers. Chat with them on different social media and other platforms, go to general events and make friends with them. 


Show yourself and declare your creativity! And we hope this article on how to start blogging will help you quickly break into the ratings of the best gaming bloggers. Good luck!

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