How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting The Video Game Space

If you play video games on a regular basis, you’ve probably already had to deal with Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short. It doesn’t matter which genre you prefer.

Elements that are controlled via Artificial Intelligence can be found in racing games, baller games and many other video games.

But also in modern online casinos or crypto casinos, where you can pay with cryptocurrencies, visitors can deal with Artificial Intelligence.

In most cases, these are the less noticeable characters that players don’t really have on their radar. Often, it is animals or neutral people that are equipped with Artificial Intelligence.

In fact, Artificial Intelligence has had an enormous effect on games and has changed this field significantly.

AI Plays An Increasingly Important Role In Video Games

Artificial Intelligence is essential in online and video games today. It ensures that players are completely involved in the game and that a modern gaming culture is created.

As a rule, AI is mainly used in adaptive and highly responsive games. Usually, the NPCs, characters that are not controlled by the player, act with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Thus, it almost seems as if these characters are also controlled by a real person. The Artificial Intelligence virtually determines the behavior of these characters in the respective game environment.

In the field of online casinos, Artificial Intelligence is used for voice and face recognition, fraud detection, automation and marketing.

Artificial Intelligence has been around in video games for quite some time, but it plays an even bigger role in the development of new games.

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In such games, the user has much more control over what happens in the game. This also leads to new game experiences being created again and again.

Artificial Intelligence is needed in gaming to enable an optimal gaming experience. This is particularly important because games are always developed for different devices.

In the past, it was primarily a matter of playing games either on a computer or on a console. But now there are so many mobile devices that are also designed for gaming.

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Users now want to play on their smartphones on the go and expect a first-class gaming experience here as well. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, developers now have more options to adapt games to different types of devices.

Artificial Intelligence May Be Inferior To Human Skills

You would now think that Artificial Intelligence is far superior to a real player. However, this does not correspond to reality at all, because it still looks quite different at the moment.

Of course, game developers are working hard to keep improving Artificial Intelligence. Nevertheless, these characters have a very big shortcoming: They simply lack the ability to learn, so that they stop at a certain level.

As a rule, the behavior of the characters in the games is programmed, so they don’t learn anything new in the course of the game.

While a human player can always expand and optimize his abilities in the course of the plot, the NPCs reach their limits.

On the one hand, it is almost impossible to program these characters in such a way that they can learn something during the course of the game.

On the other hand, this is intentional. If these characters were to behave completely unexpectedly, gamers’ gameplay experience might suffer.

One of the first video games where the NPCs can learn something is “Petz”. The player has his own pet, which he can teach something to, like a real dog.

AI has Already Been Around Since The End Of The 70s

Artificial Intelligence has become an indispensable part of modern games. Not only does it adapt to gamers’ behavior at breakneck speed, it can even create new game worlds.

In the past, NPCs often behaved strangely in video games because Artificial Intelligence was still missing. However, as early as the late 1970s, AI made its way into the field of gaming.

In order for players to benefit from a first-class gaming experience, it is important that humans and machines interact well with each other. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in, both in game development and as an element of the game itself.

You can probably still remember the chess computer that even beat the world champion Kasparov in 1997. Especially real-time strategy games like Command and Conquer or Age of Empires cannot do without Artificial Intelligence.

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To provide authentic gaming experiences, machines must also be capable of learning. Today’s games are so complex that Artificial Intelligence is indispensable.

The player should perceive the environment as real as possible and be able to immerse himself completely in the game world. This requires not only an authentic virtual environment, but also a credible representation of the NPCs.

Depending on how the player behaves in the course of the game, the environment must also adapt to his behavior. A typical example is the soccer simulation FIFA, where the behavior of the NPCs is controlled by AI.

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How Artificial Intelligence Helps With Game Development

However, Artificial Intelligence does not only play an important role in the video games themselves. Programmers are already relying on the advantages of AI during development.

Ubisoft, for example, has its own department dedicated solely to research in this area. Artificial Intelligence can, among other things, process motion and animation data that has previously been captured via motion capture.

A human software developer would be busy with this for several hours, while the AI can do this in a few minutes. At the moment, work is even being done on an AI that works completely independently during game development.

In this way, virtual environments will be created automatically and other elements in the game can also be generated independently.

Another area of application for AI is the adaptation of older classic games to high-resolution image quality. Artificial Intelligence will play an even greater role in the field of video games in the future.

AI offers such a wide range of possibilities that the potential of this innovative tech is far from exhausted. We can therefore look forward to seeing how video games will be optimized with AI in the future.

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