DayZ: A Beginner’s Survival Guide

DayZ: A Beginner’s Survival Guide

DayZ is a survival game set in a dystopian world where you see zombies walking on the earth. The place was attacked by an unknown plague that infected people. DayZ is a first-person game and is all about survival. It is grueling which makes it difficult to begin and complex to master.

Check them out at Battlelog’s website to understand the mechanics of the game and follow this guide to get suggestions on how make the game easy.

So What Is Dayz All About?


DayZ is clear on one fact – You are sure to die a lot. This is the reason why you should not get attached to your weapons and gears because the odds of dying and getting your items looted are high.

Death is inevitable in the game not just for those who fight every zombie that comes their way but also for those who are pacified by nature but die just because of bad luck.

The players need to manage to live each day. They need to fend for their basic needs, taking care to not exert themselves a lot and ensuring that the resources are not wasted.

The game poses a lot of challenges and when the player fights those obstacles and comes out victorious it makes it highly satisfying.

Satiating Hunger

Players need to feed themselves to stay alive. Beginners thus need to know where they can find food and how they can access the food. If in an urban area then the player will have to hit the civilian areas. The players also need to be equipped to open the food that is stored in a can. Players can also search for food on the coastline.

You can also hunt to fill your stomach and for this, you need a long-range weapon and a knife. You can create a fire to cook and kill animals as well as scavenge from materials.

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Satisfying Thirst

Thirst and food go hand in hand. If players are active and fighting then they feel thirsty often. The players’ thirst level will deplete when they bleed. So players must be adequately hydrated.

Clean water is the best way to hydrate oneself. Then comes the other thirst quenchers like Sprite Lemonade and Nota Cola. Seeking out wells is invaluable and should be done when venturing into the towns.

The players can also use their water bottles to collect clean water from a source of water like a river or lake. Unclean water can be purified by boiling it or using purification tablets.

Avoiding the Infections

DayZ 4

If you get infected then you need medical supplies to fight it. You will need to pop on the multivitamins found in the medical shops and spawned in the civilian locations.

Tetracycline pills should be taken once each day because the medicine needs to be replenished in your body. If you see a small pill icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen then it is fine. However, if it disappears before you get cured then take one quickly.

Gaining Back Your Health


Be prepared to take damage when you play this game. This could happen to the zombie or the survivors. You can also get damaged when you starve or get dehydrated.

How fast you lose your health is dependent on how often you get hit and the kind of injury that you have. There is unfortunately nothing in DayZ that helps to restore health immediately. Players need to give recovery some time and their blood level determines how soon they will recover.

The blood level is determined by the water and energy level in the player. This is why it is always important to stay hydrated and have some source of water in your hand.

Gear and Loot Spawns

Players can get hold of better loots when they go inwards. However, there is also more danger when players venture deep within. Players would have to encounter tough zombies and professional players.

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Check out the risk and reward ratio before you venture deep within. Beginners should take time to prepare well. A backpack gun, knife, water, and food are essential items that you should be ready with. Military bases have plenty of loot but these are also surrounded by zombies.

Once you lay hands on the loot it is also important to understand how to use them. Each long-range weapon has its own reload speed, recoil, and firing range so ensure that you develop the muscle memory and do a little bit of practice.

Encountering Other Players


You will encounter other people but it is hard to know if they are your friends or your foes. Players need to know how to deal with people. This survival strategy may not be used right in the beginning because the other players are also starting and would often avoid and ignore each other.

Some may however pick up those who they find inexperienced or kill the newbie. The idea is to be cautious of the other players in the game.


The best thing about DayZ is that there is no goal that the players need to fight to win. This gives the players the liberty to play the way they want.

Finding water, food, and fighting infections however is the biggest challenge in the game. This guide is a keepsake helping you survive the early stages of DayZ.

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