Should You become A Streamer Full-Time? 

In the digital age, we are constantly adapting to new ways of doing things. This has even had a huge impact in the job market as technology is changing the way we work and the types of jobs available forever.

In fact, in recent years, streaming has flourished in popularity with millions of people watching streamers everyday on different streaming platforms. With latest trends, streaming has not only just been regarded as a hobby but also as a potential career path for many who want to pursue it long term.

But is it easy learning how to stream? Prior to becoming a streamer, it is important that you consider the steps that you need to take before considering making it a profession. Streaming is a job that involves a high level of autonomy and flexibility and also requires you to interact with others.

However, streaming is not a career option that can be chosen overnight. Most streamers who choose to have a job in this field have only been able to because they have built up an audience on a specific platform.

This is because if you start live streaming with no following, you will not be likely to make any money. If you already have a following on a platform like Twitch for example, taking the leap to making it your full time career could be feasible. 

Becoming familiar with Twitch is also helpful if you want to take streaming seriously. Twitch is regarded as the world’s largest video streaming platform and it was founded in 2011. It has around 140 million monthly users and around 15 million daily users and has a reputation for being the most well known live streaming platform for video gaming content above other  competitors like YouTube and Facebook.

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For many, even if they do have a big following there are still pitfalls and mistakes that need to be avoided if they are going to be successful with their streaming career. For example, content creators are now everywhere which means that it is increasingly more difficult to have original and unique material that people want to watch.

So as a content creator yourself you always have to keep it fresh and keep things up to date or you can very easily get left behind. This also means being creative and being consistent with how you deal with your ideas online. 

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Before you embark on a streaming journey, you should also invest in a solid streaming setup. Without a solid setup and good equipment, it is unlikely you are going to be very successful in this industry. Firstly, you should obtain a webcam which will capture you as you game.

If you want to make sure that you don’t spend a large amount of money, there are plenty of low budget webcams that are available to purchase. A good setup also means that you should purchase a microphone so that you have good audio quality.

Lighting setups also help when you are streaming as your streams will seem more professional when playing sandbox games. This should also attract more viewers to your streaming channel.

There are so many benefits to being a full time streamer as well. You have full control over your own schedule and can take as many days off as you want. It is also important to keep in mind that content creators who earn a full-time streamer salary aren’t relying completely on monetization options from the platform to generate income, they often have good knowledge how to monetize blogs.

They also take advantage of setting up donations on a third-party platform like patreon, affiliate marketing, brand sponsorships, and learning the art of how to sell merchandise. Knowing what ways you are going to make an income will help when you are starting out in the world of streaming. 

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It is also wise to be cautious of the information you are providing during your live streaming sessions. It can be dangerous to give out any personal information such as your bank details or certain addresses.

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Moreover, it might be worth steering clear of controversial topics and gossip as it could give you a bad reputation. On top of this, a good way to engage your audience is to encourage them to like and subscribe to your channel.

This can boost the amount of people watching your live streams and keep them coming back for more. Informing them of what content you are going to generate and publish next could also be beneficial for your potential viewers.

In conclusion, it is now possible for many to turn their hobby into a real career. With the number of streamers steadily increasing in recent years, it is no surprise then that the job market is being flooded with streamers.

With a good streaming set up, a prior following built up from a streaming platform, fresh ideas that are being brought to your live stream and a clear plan for the direction you are heading in, you should be ready to pursue a career in streaming.

Remember to also encourage interaction from your viewers and be careful not to divulge confidential information while you are streaming, especially when revealing codes for simulator games. 

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