5 Tricks To Make Your Website Convert Visitors Into Donors Better

In case your non-profit organization has a website then one of the functions it can easily perform is donor attraction. Collecting donations through a branded website is one of the most reliable and respectable ways for most NGOs today.

But what if you really want visitors of your website to donate to your project, organization, or initiative but the conversion rate is really low? Today we will share 5 main tricks that will help you improve your website conversion rate and attract more donors! 

The main thing to remember is to create an offer and optimize your website to focus on that offer and support it in all ways possible. You may offer your visitors to make a one-time donation or subscribe as a regular donor, you may ask them to donate for one project or systematically support a certain initiative of yours, or you may want them to subscribe as volunteers to help you with your project – all those things are potential offers.

You should decide which offer is the main one and concentrate on it. In case you want to keep a few offers on your website at the same time things will be a little bit more difficult as then you will need to adapt your non-profit website design and content, targeting multiple users at the same time.

You can change your “offers” from time to time, to test which one works better. In this case, you will still need to implement certain alterations to your website each time. 

Trick #1 Audience Research 

The best decision is to research your audience before you design your website in order to consider its journey in advance. Depending on the user personas you describe you will choose design elements, the balance of textual and media content, content tone of voice, and so on.

Each person reacts differently to different content and the format it’s presented. If your website doesn’t fit your audience then it will be very difficult to turn your audience into donors or volunteers, for example, as they will not find touching and important things on that website. 

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Trick #2 Alternatives Research 

Businesses usually research their competitors. You will need to research other NPOs that provide the same services or run similar projects and initiatives. This is a very important step you need to complete to define the specifics of your approach to your activities as well as ways to grow your NPO further.

If you want to create a large, popular and thriving NGO, it is vital to identify potential competitors and then differentiate your service from theirs. There is always a chance that a project of yours will be too similar to the activities of another NGO.

Trick #3 Be Unique

You will need to compare the things you do and the way you do it to organizations similar to yours to find out how your NPO can become unique.

For example, if you are running a project to teach youth some digital basics and a similar project is run by another organization in your town you might want to cooperate on it or on the contrary split the subject into two different sides so each NPO could cover it from a separate side and both could be useful for your visitors.

And of course, you need to point out your differences and the importance of your activities on your website to demonstrate them to your potential donors. For example, the Michigan Humane Society does not provide direct hands-on care for animals

Trick #4 Concentrate 

Your website should always be focused on your mission and how important it is for the people/animals you are doing it for. Do not try to use catchy offers and create content that mismatches your mission.

Visitors will feel it when checking your website and will not trust your organization to become their donors. The Sierra Club is a nonprofit environmental organization that encourages people to explore, enjoy and protect the wild places of the earth

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Trick #5 Test your Offer

Having completed your offer, try to quickly check if it:

  1. Clearly explain the importance for a visitor donating to your organization

  2. Confirms an ability of your organization to make a positive change and impact with donations received

  3. Features as an explanation of how important it is to donate right at the very moment the visitor is on your website and not to postpone the decision

Use those simple but fundamentally important tricks to convert more visitors to your website into donors – it’s easier than you think!

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