7 Things To Consider Before You Accept A Job Offer

Job hunting can be an arduous, stressful and time-consuming process. You need to do thorough research for the position and make sure that you meet all of the listed requirements.

Nowadays, however, this is simply not enough to guarantee that you will be selected for the interview stages.

After all, with the increased digitization and interconnectivity of our society, you may be competing for the same position with people from all around the world. 

One of the easiest ways to increase the chances of your CV getting picked is to turn to a professional CV service.

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However, after you get a job offer, do not breathe a sigh of relief and immediately jump to accept it.

Starting a new career is a crucial moment, and the decision must be taken only after all possible angles have been considered.

Check If The Salary Is Negotiable

In most cases, employers or the hiring managers will not come forward and state that the listed salary can be adjusted.

The company’s goal is to find the most qualified candidate while paying as little as possible.

It is up to you to represent your own interests and show that you value your time and skills. Ask the HR representative directly, and you may be surprised with a not-insignificant bump in the offered salary. 

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Ask For Benefits

Even if the salary is around the average for the position, the additional benefits could more than make up for it.

Try to learn what is included in the benefits package associated with the position. Ask about the health plan and how much you may have to pay yourself. Also, inquire about what is covered specifically. 

Other appealing benefits include paid time off, child care allowances, or bonuses upon meeting specific milestones.

An increasingly common practice among employers is to motivate their employees via stock options, so ask about this as well. 

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If the benefits are lackluster, it may be an obvious sign that you should keep looking for other job offerings.

Lower Overall Expenses

Another detail that can make or break a job offer is the opportunity to ease the pressure on your budget via additional cost-saving opportunities.

For example, if the particular position is suitable for remote work, it could boost your monthly savings greatly. You won’t have to give money for parking fees, gas or tickets for public transport.

No longer having to buy lunch every working day or needing dedicated office attire shouldn’t be ignored, either.

Some employers may offer to cover a portion of these costs for their in-office employees as well. 

Vacation Time

While it may not seem appropriate to start asking about vacation time even before you have officially accepted the position, this is a crucial question that should be clarified as soon as possible.

Having the opportunity to relax and spend some days away from the office is being widely accepted as an important factor for the wellbeing of the company’s employees.

As such, you would want to know if you would actually be allowed to take vacation time.

Some employers may only offer unpaid time off, while others may require that you have worked for a certain period before taking a vacation. 

Career Advancement Opportunities

Before signing anything, ask if the company has an internal career advancement plan.

Typically, this includes any programs for acquiring new skills, taking on more responsibilities, polishing your current skill set, or anything that helps you move towards your personal career goals.

It is quite possible that the employer will not be willing to share any specific details with a potential candidate, but they should at least outline the avenues for career growth for the offered position.

This aspect of the job offer could be especially appealing for people who are passionate about the field and want to progress further into it and build a stable career. 

Work Expectations

Starting your new job with realistic work expectations can save you a lot of stress, especially in the early months while you are still adjusting.

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Even in the long run, knowing what is expected of you and having clear goals and responsibilities can work wonders for your mental, emotional, and even financial state.

That is why you should try to get as much information about what a typical day in the chosen position looks like. 

Another critical detail that must be clarified as early as possible is if you are expected to do additional work in the evenings and especially during the weekend.

Employees should be allowed to achieve a sustainable work-life balance, and their extra efforts should be adequately compensated.

Furthermore, even if the total salary is the same, there is a massive difference if you have earned it while working the normal 40 hours per week or you are expected to put in 50+ hours.

Get Everything In Writing

A written agreement is far more definitive than any oral arrangement. If possible, ask to receive the job offer and every agreed-upon detail in writing.

Doing so will keep the employer honest and prevent them from simply backing out on their word by saying that something was not part of the initial offer or adding additional tasks that weren’t in the job description.

Rushing into a major decision such as a new job is not a wise move, and it may lead to a lot of unnecessary frustration.

Take your time, talk with the employer or hiring manager, and iron out as many details as possible before entering into any official agreements. 

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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