Glassagram Review 2022: Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Glassagram Review - Is It Safe? 

Glassagram Review 2022

Are you addicted to Instagram like most of us? If so, you probably post photos of your food, pets, take selfies, and watch a lot of Reels, Stories, and other content on the platform. 

Have you ever watched Stories anonymously? Did you know there are services that allow that?

This Glassagram review will explain a lot about how to watch Instagram Stories anonymously and why. 

If you can relate to this, you are in good company with 1.393 billion Instagrammers that do the same.

It’s no wonder this platform is used so widely by marketers, brands, businesses, social sellers, and influencers at every level. 

Just a few years ago, Instagram started losing its audience. Then, suddenly, just as quickly as it grew in the beginning, it started fast growth again due to its new features and evolution. 

Instagram was losing its audience to Snapchat where people see live images and videos quickly.

Those disappearing, momentary videos and photos were creating new online stars and getting a lot of attention.

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As a result, Instagram found itself needing to do something to catch up and get in on that trend. It wasn’t long after that the Instagram Story was born.

Once that feature launched, Instagram quickly got back on top and started growing again.

According to data sources like Facebook, over 500 million people on Instagram watch Instagram Stories each day.

Why is this feature so successful? Well, after 24 hours, it disappears like magic and cannot be seen ever again. 

Why is that so popular? Let’s say you wanted to share something with someone, but you didn’t want everyone to see it? This is why it’s popular.

It’s convenient for watching Highlights to catch your favorite brand or influencer in action on any given day. 

Now, what if you want to see Stories that are posted on a given day, but you don’t want to be noticed?

Usually, your profile ends up in the list of people viewing a particular Instagram Story, but not everyone wants that.

So, let’s discuss all this in the following Glassagram review.

Glassagram Review: Anonymously Watching Instagram Stories – Is It Important to You?

Glassagram review

It’s common for people to check out their Instagram Stories a few times a day to stay updated on their viewers.

They want to know who is watching to get to know their fans better. So, they always know their real fans’ usernames. 

Those who are ‘watching’ for poor intentions don’t usually subscribe to these profiles, nor do they intend to watch Stories.

These people may be gathering information about users who are viewing certain Instagram Stories. 

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Now, there are specialty websites that allow you to browse Instagram accounts and watch IG Stories anonymously.

In the next sections, we’re going to address how to be anonymous by using only one service. 

Perhaps you have a business and you want to watch Instagram Stories of your competitors without being noticed. This is the kind of research businesses do to help them improve their content.

However, there are many reasons that you may want to watch anonymously. 

Glassagram is a specialty private instagram viewer and Story viewer that comes with several features. This is an online service that lets you view Instagrammers’ Stories and direct messages.

What if you need to do some research in the Instagram feed of a specific user to help you improve your ranking?

How about counting IGTV likes for research? Maybe you want to read specific users’ comments on their posts.

Glassagram is a service that makes all these tasks possible. 

First, let’s explain the idea of anonymous browsing.

  • The Instagrammer won’t know you watched their Story.
  • Download and watch IG Stories without registering for free.
  • You can download Instagram Stories to your smartphone or computer without anyone knowing it.
  • You can create an archive of Stories from other Instagrammers’ profiles.
  • You don’t need to be logged into your Instagram account to use the program.
  • You don’t need to download or install anything.
  • There is no reason to create an empty IG account. 

This is a public, open service anyone can use.

What If the IG Account You Want to See is Private or Closed?

You can consider Glassagram a spy in that you can gain total access to any Instagram account, including private accounts

This online software is compatible with iOS and Android, so you can find and gather the info you want as pictures and screenshots. 

  • Profile Photo
  • Stories
  • Posts
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • DMs

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How Do You Use Glassagram?

When you are ready to view a Story on any Instagram profile incognito ? , you will be using a special algorithm via the service.

When we review websites, we like to include how to use it when we can.

  1. Go to Glassagram
  2. Input the IG profile, tag, or location in the search bar (you will need to know how this person is signed in on Instagram)
  3. Look at the comments, views, number of likes, text, and publication date
  4. Press the button to ‘Download’
  5. Wait for the Story or Stories to load

You now have access to all the data on an IG profile.

In the next section of this Glassgram review, we will talk about the benefits of such a program.

What are the Benefits of Using Instagram Story Viewer Through Glassagram?


This wouldn’t be a Glassagram review if we neglected to cover some benefits of using the anonymous Instagram Story Viewer.


You are totally in incognito mode, so you can browse 24/7 without anyone noticing your presence.

Instagram doesn’t have a feature that notifies users that their data has been downloaded. 

Private Instagram

You don’t need an Instagram account or be logged in to view anonymously. You don’t have to register to access Glassagram’s features.


If you like an image, you can download Stories or posts right to your phone or computer. Simply choose the dedicated arrow to download content. 

Free Instagram Story Viewer

Probably the most popular Glassagram feature is the free Instagram Story Viewer.

It allows you to view IG Stories completely for free without anyone being aware that you’re there, or that you’ve been there.

The Glassagram service is perfect for businesses to collect and analyze others’ profile data. It’s perfect for marketers and social media specialists to help their clients improve their Instagram presence. 

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You can even follow posts on the IG platform anonymously. It’s important to find reliable and credible services for anonymity when you want to check out other IG profiles, posts, Stories, etc. 

Glassagram happens to be one of the most convenient ways to anonymously browse the platform.

You don’t have to worry about anyone knowing you’re checking them out since it’s completely anonymous. 

Now, we will provide our Glassagram review verdict.

Glassagram review


When we conducted this Glassagram review, we were pleased to see that they have a lot of variety and flexibility when it comes to their features.

This is because they want to cater to a wide audience, and they want to make sure that everybody is covered when it comes to being able to view Instagram stories on Instagram.

However, you do need to note that as far as their compatibility goes, right now Glassagram is developed only for Android.

This means you’re only going to be able to download and install the app on an Android phone. You aren’t going to be able to do this on an iPhone.

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However, there is hope, because in the future, we are sure that Glassagram will develop an app that is compatible with iPhone.

For now, though, you will just have to make the most of the service if you are somebody who is trying to target an Android phone.

Customer Service

Another thing that we noticed when we conducted this Glassagram review, is just how good the customer support was.

When we logged into the dashboard, we were able to see a customer support option on the panel, which wasn’t hidden away, or hard to get to.

When we did click on this option, it was easy for us to get in touch with a customer support representative, and as soon as we explained the issue that we were having, they were able to assign us a specific person to deal with our problem.

This means that we don’t have to go through two or three people in order to get the problem resolved, we were able to talk to one person about our issue, and find a solution to it relatively quickly.

Dashboard Features

When you sign up for Glassagram, and you get access to the dashboard, you are going to realize that the dashboard is pretty minimal.

However, we think that this is actually well suited to what it offers, because as far as being able to view Instagram stories, direct messages, videos, and more, there’s not a lot that you actually need when it comes to the technical side of things.

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You need a minimalistic yet effective dashboard that is going to help you view Instagram stories, and other content on Instagram.

We actually found the fact that their dashboard is minimalistic really helpful and practical, because it meant that we didn’t have to trawl through a lot of technical features and add ons that would only end up being confusing.


What is Glassagram?

Glassagram is an Instagram story viewer that is compatible with Android, that can help you view people’s Instagram stories, especially if they have set their Instagram profile to private.

With their free version, you’re going to be able to view Instagram stories and you’re also going to be able to download Instagram stories onto your computer, so that you can look at them at a later date.

They also have a paid version as well, where you’re going to be able to access their more advanced features.

Is There a Free Version of Glassagram?

Glassagram does offer a free version, in the form of being able to view Instagram stories and download Instagram stories to your computer.

Just know that if you want to be able to view the rest of somebody’s content on Instagram, you will have to sign up for one of their subscriptions.

However, if you’re just trying to view Instagram stories anonymously, without your view counting towards their total view count, then you can definitely make the most of their free version, without having to pay for anything for it

Is It Legal to Use Glassagram?

When it comes to the legality and ethics around using Glassagram, we think that it is legal to use Glassagram if you’re using it for ethical reasons.

If you’re using it to see what your teenagers are getting up to because you’re worried that they are posting content that is causing them to be vulnerable online, then you have every right to see what they post, so that you can get involved if need be.

You might also have cause to look at somebody’s Instagram stories if they are an ex-boyfriend or a girlfriend, and things don’t end well.

However, we don’t suggest that you just go on to Instagram and find anybody’s Instagram stories to view, because this isn’t ethical.

Is It Safe to Use Glassagram?

Yes, we believe that it is safe to use Glassagram.

If you really want to, you can use a VPN with Glassagram, just for additional peave of mind, but generally speaking, we believe that it is safe to use Glassagram, and we think that you are going to find their features have robust security measures, so that you can stay completely invisible, without the person that you are trying to target knowing that you are viewing their Instagram stories.

Again, be aware that as far as this industry goes as a whole, there are plenty of sites out there that claim to help you view people’s Instagram stories, that are going to leave your personal information vulnerable to cyber criminals, and cyber-attacks.

Review Verdict

Glassagram is safe and has many benefits to modern businesses. 

The ability for businesses, brands, influencers, and marketers to be anonymous online when viewing user content on Instagram plays an essential role in today’s marketing industry. 

Due to the highly competitive nature of industries and niches on social media, especially on Instagram, it’s crucial to be able to obtain tactical information about your competitors without them looking over your shoulder. 

Successful businesses have always done competitor research when it relates to successful businesses.

This kind of incognito software can give you an edge and allow you to create better business strategies without compromising your ethics or identity.

We think Glassagram is one of the best options for anonymous browsing on Instagram Stories you can find.

That concludes this Glassgram review. We hope you give this website a try.

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