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Octopus CRM Review – Is It a Scam?
Jonathon Spire

Octopus CRM Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Octopus CRM is a company that claims to be an all-in-one LinkedIn automation software. They say that they have helped thousands of LinkedIn users so far by simplifying their growth so that their business can do well on yet another social media network. We think they are a bot.

Grambutler Review
Jonathon Spire

Grambutler Review 2024 – Is It Legit?

Grambutler Review Marketing on Instagram is a must in today’s business and influencer marketing strategies. With over 800 million users and more than half being active on this social media platform, you have a bigger target audience. The goal is to grow your Instagram with active, real, and relevant followers. Another goal is to stick

Gramista User Reviews
Jonathon Spire

Gramista Review 2024 – Is Gramista a Scam?

The decision to use services like Gramista is totally up to you. It’s my job to inform you of the risks and effectiveness of such services, so you don’t go in unaware.

ENK Marketing Review – Is ENK Marketing a Scam?
Jonathon Spire

ENK Marketing Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Based on our test and the review in ENK Marketing, we don’t think you should use them for your Twitter growth, they are using a bot to automate your Twitter growth, and they don’t have real reviews.

Dux Soup Review – Is It a Scam? Is It Safe?
Jonathon Spire

Dux Soup Review 2024 – Is It a Scam? Is It Safe?

Dux Soup is a company that claims to offer its clients a lot of features that can help them stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn and find the right connections for their chosen industry. While this all sounds well and good, there are a couple of concerns about safety.

500 Views Review – Is 500 Views a Scam?
Jonathon Spire

500 Views Review 2024 – Is 500 Views a Scam?

When we tested out 500 Views, we bought 1000 YouTube likes, and we’re not too impressed with the results. Within two days, most of the engagement had gone away again. We think that they’re a scam.

Vidiq Review – Is Vidiq a Scam?
Jonathon Spire

Vidiq Review 2024 – Is Vidiq a Scam?

All in all, we think Vidiq are actually a pretty decent company. However, we do think that their pricing is a bit on the expensive side of things, and we think that you need to have a bit of patience with them because they will probably end up taking quite a while to grow your YouTube channel.

Social Blade Review – Is Social Blade a Scam?
Jonathon Spire

Social Blade Review 2024 – Is Social Blade a Scam?

All in all, we don’t actually think that Social Blade is all that bad. However, we do think that the services themselves are on the expensive side, and it is going to take you quite a long time to get the growth that you will need.

TikFuel Review – Is TikFuel a Scam?
Jonathon Spire

TikFuel Review 2024: Is It a Scam?

We think that TikFuel are nothing more than a scam. While they might look promising on the outside, in reality, they’re nothing more than a generic growth company that’s selling you fake engagement.