Tailwind Review 2024 – Is Tailwind a Scam?

Tailwind Review – Is Tailwind a Scam?

Tailwind Service Comparison

TailwindTop Alternative
Organic GrowthYesYes
Personal ManagerNoYes
Proxy SupportNoYes
Real FollowersYesYes
Real LikesYesYes
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Tailwind Review 2024

Tailwind is a brand for Instagram that says a lot about their features, boasting that they have some of the best on the market. We have yet to agree with them.

The use of third-party Instagram marketing systems, schedulers, bots, and engagement selling is flourishing. That is good and bad at the same time since many of these companies aren’t particularly good for your Instagram account.

Fake followers, Instagram Bots, and untrustworthy business practices make the good guys look bad. That’s why reviews are important to people who want to honestly market their brand, service, or product.

Tailwind seems to be a popular Instagram and Pinterest scheduler that some users can’t live without. For others, it’s mediocre at best and for some, it’s ineffective. The reviews are mixed, but mostly on the positive side.

However, this reviewer has a few things to address about this service. One of the things that you need to figure out about companies like this is whether they are legit or not.

This goes beyond their features, and questions the legitimacy of the people behind them, too.

You don’t want to associate with a scam that’s going to take your information and sell it to someone else – you need a trustworthy and reliable company.

How do you do this, though, especially if you haven’t spent too much time in this business? You read reviews like the one below.

I’m Jonathon Spire, and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with my readers, so that they can learn more about what a legit company for Instagram growth looks like.

This is your best way of doing well, and the more you learn about this industry, the more you’ll understand why you need to avoid scams.

Let’s review Tailwind.

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What is Tailwind?

Tailwind logo

Tailwind isn’t an Instagram growth service, but a scheduler and monitor for Instagram and Pinterest. Unless you want to pay the higher price for their advanced services, you won’t get much of a growth strategy using this service.

Tailwind’s website requires you to identify your marketing goals with a popup window before you can gather any information about them.

It seems schedulers like Tailwind, HootSuite, and Buffer are favorites of marketers over any other types of third-party services. Even digital marketing agencies use these services for social media post scheduling.

Let’s look at Tailwind from an unbiased point of view by looking at the features, prices, and website safety.

What Tailwind’s Main Features?

Tailwind Features

Since nothing about them is on the website, I did discover that they offer

  • Smart Scheduling – Multiple Post & Repin Scheduling – Bulk Upload or Browser Extension
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • Tracking of Likes, Comments, Pins, and More
  • Conversation Monitoring
  • Drag-and-Drop Calendar Share
  • Basic Website Insights
  • 30-Day History Archive
  • Multi-Account Capacity
  • Analytics – Measure Post Success – Basic Profile/Board Metrics

That’s all I can get out of it without signing up, which I am not personally apt to do.

Top-rated Growth Tools for Instagram

Here’s my list of top tools to grow your Instagram account. Did they make it?

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Tailwind Pricing
  • The website says they have a free trial.
  • The Plus Plan is $9.99 per month
  • The Professional Plan is $799.99 per month
  • The Enterprise Plan is by request and quoted according to your specifics

The Plus Plan provides all the main features mentioned above, but the more advanced and expensive plans provide further features like content discovery, optimized content strategy, industry trends, and more archival options.

Pros and Cons

Is Tailwind Safe?

I cannot say that Tailwind doesn’t provide valid, viable, and credible services, but I can describe what the pros and cons of their website features. This site and service post a moderate risk but is overall safe to use.

While they don’t have customer support that’s available around the clock, they have other methods of helping their clients, which we can appreciate.

Around the clock care is a lot of money, and most companies simply can’t afford the investment.

Review Conclusion

If you read the review and overview of Tailwind on IGReviews here, you will find they have updated their website to include some information they previously did not.

The Small Business Blog reviewed Tailwind recently, and since then updates to their site have been made. All in all, we can’t see too much wrong with a company like this.

However, we also suggest that you approach Tailwind and other companies with caution, as you never know what you’re getting into.

There’s every chance that it could be safe and worth you using, you just need to keep your wits about you.

Top Tailwind Alternatives

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Tailwind Coupon

I have tried to contact Tailwind for an exclusive coupon or discount code but has been unsuccessful so far. Have you found a working coupon? If you have, please share it below.

Have Your Say!

Important: Do you represent this company?

Do you disagree with my review? Sometimes I do make mistakes. Comment below & let me know what’s factually incorrect and I’ll rectify it as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

5 thoughts on “Tailwind Review 2024 – Is Tailwind a Scam?”

  1. I set up Tailwind to re-post my Insta content onto Pinterest. The website said it does this, all the linking looked great, even some reviews and third party posts. It doesn’t. Beware of Tailwind. It doesn’t do what it says it does. Not happy

  2. I don’t recommend using Tailwind for posting or promoting your social media accounts. My experience with this service hasn’t been positive. Many of the features that they claim to offer don’t work at all. The whole website is glitchy and hard to navigate. I didn’t get any growth on my accounts.

  3. I prefer services that offer you more features to use with your social media accounts. I found Tailwind to be very limited in what it can do. I only used the free plan but I haven’t found anything in their offer to make me want to pay for more features.

  4. Tailwind is not a very good service for Pinterest. Whenever I would click on the Pinterest icon it would open a blank page and not do anything at all. It just doesn’t work. I reported this issue to the customer support but they haven’t gotten back to me yet. I’ve no idea if they’ll solve the problem.

  5. I was only using Tailwind for their scheduling feature but there were many issues with the service. First of all, they only work with Instagram and Pinterest, so if you’re using other social media platforms, you need to find something else. And the scheduling would sometimes glitch and not publish the post so it’s not very reliable.


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