What You Should Learn About Branding From These 4 Companies

Branding is vital for a company’s growth and continued success. It’s not just about having attractive graphics and a memorable logo. It’s also about how the audience perceives the company as a whole.

This perception may come from customer experiences when encountering your brand, including through social media, your business website, or an agent your clients interacted with. 

Why Is Branding Important?

It’s crucial to have a view of how your business presents itself and to have a proper branding strategy.

This would allow you to create a company image that can occupy a unique place in your customers’ minds.

At the same time, it would allow you to assess how your business should address the market, including what tools and elements you need to reach your goals.

Your brand strategy can include setting a company vision and mission, brand storytelling, developing brand personality, and defining your brand’s position. 

If you aren’t sure how to go about your branding strategy, consider hiring a branding agency to point you in the right direction.

As an example, if you’re a company in the UK that requires help with branding and positioning in London, you can get the services of a branding agency to help you get your brand to stand out.

Furthermore, you can learn from big companies and know how they use branding in their products or services.

The information would help you gain traction among prospects and make your company relatable to your audience. With that, here are four companies you can study.

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Comcast is a company that offers broadband and internet connections. They received a lot of customer complaints and negative feedback in the past, but they took such complaints and used them to further their branding strategy.

So they became the first company to provide customer service on Twitter.

Through this method, it became easier for Comcast to connect with their customers and show them they value them. In the end, they gained positive feedback for addressing their concerns. 

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You can apply this strategy to your company and also utilize social media.

You can create and post engaging videos and content about your products or services, which can help you increase your online traffic. 


Coca-Cola company is an expert in their field with over USD$70 billion in revenue. They have illustrated how superb branding strategies can make the same soft drink remain popular for decades with great success.

Furthermore, the promotion of universal values, such as family bonding, sharing, and happiness, combined with the localization of their product, has made their brand one of the most famous globally.

One example of this strategy was their use of local cultural references and celebrities during one of the FIFA World Cups.

Another branding strategy they applied is keeping up to date with their present customers.

They continuously came with new concepts in their campaigns and have consistently updated their logo since 1886 to make it modern.


The Apple brand is known to a lot of consumers. Whenever people hear this brand, they mostly think of high-end technology, bright stores, and innovative creators.

In terms of customer service, Apple caters locally, even though their products are the same everywhere.

Also, they have used emotions to appeal to their potential customers. They have sent the message that their products will bring comfort to an individual’s life. They maximize their capabilities to get ahead in branding.

One instance is when they launched iPhone, which has changed the mobile phone market tremendously.

You can be inspired by Apple’s strategies and apply them to your own. Thus, consider tapping on your customers’ emotions, sending the right message, using your strengths, and catering to customers in various locations differently.


The tagline ‘Just Do It,’ a swoosh logo, and famous athletes’ endorsements always come to mind when talking about Nike.

But did you know that what made the company famous was the value they have for their customers and getting their interests?

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They show their value to consumers by addressing their pain points, which is staying fit. They act as a tool to address this need, mainly by providing jogging shoes or sneakers.

Consumers have connected to their tagline ‘Just Do It,’ which delivers a message of self-empowerment. Because of this, it became the source of success that Nike has now.

People get the message that no matter what their situation is, whether it’s a social or economic limitation, they’re in control of their life, and they just need to do whatever they need to do.

Overall, what you can learn from Nike is that a well-made tagline, one that represents your message, and proper concern for your customers’ needs are crucial for the success of your brand.

To Wrap Up

A company can use branding in various ways. If done well, branding can positively influence your audience’s perception of your products or services.

It will allow people to remember and trust your company and build a relationship with you. To achieve this, your company should apply some strategies to capture people’s attention.

Branding has indeed helped many large companies reach the success they have now.

And your company may benefit from it by following in their footsteps, which will allow you to build better connections to people.

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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