SocialRush Review 2022: Is It a Scam?

SocialRush Review: Is This Service Safe or Risky?

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Let’s face it. Engaging on Instagram is tedious and challenging nowadays. At one time, it was easy to get noticed on the platform, but it grew and evolved into one of the most popular social media networks all over the world.

The challenges of Instagram engagement for marketers, influencers, affiliate marketers, businesses, and brands have resulted in a rush to outsource the tedious tasks necessary to gain ground on the social platform.

Outsourcing is fine unless it puts your Instagram account at risk of getting flagged, suspended, or banned.

That’s why it’s vital to understand how to engage safely while protecting your IG account, and online reputation.

The following review about will include valuable information about social media engagement best practices as well as facts about the service. 

Before we get fully into the review, we will talk about Instagram engagement best practices. 

Instagram’s Rules

Like all social media platforms, Instagram has rules that you must follow. Let’s call these the rules of social engagement, which they tell you about in their terms of service. 

If you haven’t read Instagram’s terms of service, I recommend that you do as soon as possible. Knowing these rules will help you protect your account as well as your overall online reputation.

Some things you will find in the ToS of Instagram include what is and isn’t allowed on the platform. These things are crucial to your account and credibility.

The rules that Instagram has put in place are for your protection and for accountability. Due to changes in technology and the diversity of human behavior, these rules are sometimes updated.

You will likely get updates about changes in terms from Instagram. It’s smart to read them.

What Practices are Prohibited By Instagram?

Bot usage, automation, and fake followers are three of the things specifically mentioned in relation to prohibited activities on the social platform.

While this is common across social media networks, Instagram has especially restrictive sets of algorithms that monitor these activities.

By the way, “the Instagram algorithm” is a misnomer. Instagram uses several algorithms to monitor what happens on the platform.

Technically, any form of automation, bots, and fake accounts are all prohibited, according to the IG rules of social engagement.

So, using any form of these methods for engagement is considered breaking their rules, which is considered a breach of contract. 

Yes. When you signed up and agreed to their ToS, which you must do to use the platform, you agreed not to use these methods of engagement.

While some leeway is given, or at least not everyone gets caught using prohibited methods of engagement, doesn’t mean there’s no risk at all. 

Some services are riskier than others. It’s important to remember that using bots, automation, or fake accounts is not exactly an illegal act, but can sometimes come with legal ramifications.

However, it can come with penalties that Instagram can impose when they so choose.

What About Copyright Infringement?

Something else that is prohibited by Instagram, but is a legal aspect rather than a contractual issue, is copyright infringement.

What could possibly constitute a legal copyright infringement on Instagram? 

Instagram owns the copyright on not only its full business name, but also the terms used in its name. For instance, the terms “gram”, “insta”, and “IG’ are owned via copyright by Instagram.

Therefore, any business that uses these terms related to the platform are in legal violation of the copyright.

Remember Instagress? That Instagram service was shut down for multiple reasons, but one was for copyright infringement. 

How does that relate to your account? If you are currently using an Instagram growth service that uses any of the owned copyright terms of Instagram poses a major risk.

If they keep closing them down, and it seems they are, that will leave your account with fewer followers, and you will also lose engagement. Your account will take quite the hit. 

The worst impact is that due to the loss of engagement and followers, your rankings in the feed will drop. 

Now that you know some of the basics of Instagram best social practices, we can move forward with the SocialRush Review.

What you have learned thus far will go a long way to understanding what’s good and bad about the service.

Let’s dig into it.

SocialRush Review Intro

SocialRush provides a variety of services across multiple social media networks. We will be focused on their Instagram services, but they cater to Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and more social outlets. 

Now you know it’s a “growth service” that serves multiple platforms, you need to know if it’s safe, risky, effective, secure, or worthy of your attention. 

What is SocialRush?

Social Rush logo

You know it’s a growth service, but how does SocialRush promote itself? The homepage says that it helps you get maximum growth for your social media accounts. 

The Instagram services include followers, likes, views, comments, autolikes, and impressions. 

What’s actually happening here is that you are buying these engagements from this company. Already, you can imagine the issues that might cause. 

Not all of their engagements or followers will be real, if any of them are at all. We try to give these companies the benefit of the doubt. 

What are SocialRush’s Features?

Social Rush Followers

Since you are just buying followers, likes, autolikes, views, comments, or impressions from this online service, the features are not the same as using automation or bots.

SocialRush’s website claims that you get the following with your packages:

  • Premium Quality
  • Fast Delivery
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • 24/7 Support
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

You could consider these features. These “features” are consistent across each page of the Instagram offerings.

SocialRush claims to provide instant delivery of followers, and you don’t need to share your password with them. It’s good that you don’t need your password to use their offerings. 

There are rules against buying followers on Instagram’s ToS. However, you’re not likely to get caught doing this if the followers you buy are actually real IG users who engage with you. 

When you buy fake followers, they will be of absolutely no value to your account. Other than adding to your follower numbers, you will get nothing from buying fake followers. 

Fake followers cannot engage with you, cannot become loyal customers, and they cannot buy anything from you. Therefore, they only provide very short-term aid in your follower numbers, but nothing else.

Plus, these accounts are usually inactive and highly likely to be removed by Instagram, which means you lose them anyway. 

Top-rated Growth Tools for Instagram

Here’s my list of top tools to grow your Instagram account. Did they make it?

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SocialRush Packages & Pricing

Social Rush Instagram Followers

We’ll do a brief overview of the packages and pricing that is offered by SocialRush.

Instagram Followers: 

Numbers – 250 to 10,000

Cost – $3.99 to $107.99

You will find similar packages and pricing for likes, views, comments, autolikes, and impressions. There will be some differences in numbers and prices.

What are the Pros and Cons of SocialRush?

You can’t have an unbiased review without looking at a company from all sides. Therefore, we include the pros and cons because every company has them.

  • Secure HTTPS website – This is a protocol that protects your information when you’re using the website. It’s a common practice nowadays that benefits the website owner and you. They benefit by enjoying a higher ranking in Google Search.
  • Chat and email support – We cannot confirm whether the chat is monitored 24/7, but there is a chatbot on the page and a Contact page where you can send them a message for any reason.
  • Transparency in pricing – Another good thing about SocialRush is that they are open about their services and how much you can expect to pay for them.
  • Order tracking – If it works, they do have a page where you can track your orders.
  • Missing FAQ page – The FAQ page seems to be available, but when you click on it, the browser goes nowhere It’s not working. So, they offer no information that helps you know how they work or what to expect from their services there.
  • The site is very new – Scamadviser calls the website very young, which means it hasn’t been live very long. It looks like it may be a month or so old.
  • Slight risky site – Scamadviser also says this site may pose a small risk and gives it a trustscore of 60/100.
  • Secure payment issue – We cannot verify whether their payment system is secure. While the bottom of the homepage shows credit card icons, that tells us nothing.

The homepage is their “About” page, which is sketchy to us. The same goes for the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions links.

They all direct you to the homepage. If you’re on the homepage, it takes you to the top of the page.

The cons make us suspicious of this service. Just the navigational issues alone are ineffective and ineffectual.

It doesn’t exactly give us any peace of mind about how their service works if their site doesn’t work well. 

Is SocialRush Safe or Risky?

We are going to have to say that this service isn’t safe to use. Perhaps if they are more forthcoming about themselves with a dedicated FAQ page, we might be able to at least say it’s somewhat safe, even if we don’t recommend it.

We believe that this service will pose a risk to your Instagram account with fake engagement and possible bot usage. That is a double whammy if bots are confirmed.

Review Verdict

Our final verdict about SocialRush is that you should look elsewhere for Instagram engagement help. 

We don’t recommend most sites that sell engagement, though not all of them are terrible or risky. 

We have some alternatives for you that you should check out and steer clear of SocialRush at least for now. 

If something changes about this service, we will likely update this review.

Review Conclusion

If you don’t already know, bots, automation, and fake engagement methods are not working on Instagram like they used to. 

Due to updates/upgrades to Instagram’s algorithms, these companies are much less effective or no longer working at all for Instagram engagement. 

Some of these companies are services that have been popular in the recent past but are losing business and popularity because of more recent bad reviews. 

These facts alone should prompt you to dig deeper and find more ethical and safe methods of engagement for all your social media accounts. 

We encourage you to not only read our reviews, but user reviews on sites like Trustpilot when they are available.

Trustpilot does have a few reviews for SocialRush on it now, but the review page hasn’t been claimed by the company, nor has the company given them any information.

It’s highly likely that these “new reviews” for an essentially brand new site are bought and paid for by the company to try to boost their ratings. It’s a practice we don’t appreciate, but you need to know about it. 

Doing your research is imperative in today’s social media engagement realm to protect yourself and your social media accounts. 

Be safe and cautious about how you engage. 

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