Instapromote Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Instapromote User Reviews

Instapromote has been around for years at this point promoting their cheap wares.

We all know that Instagram followers and engagement are key elements to gaining popularity on Instagram, but the methods you use for gaining followers and engagement are just as important.

If you use questionable methods, you may gain some popularity, but your credibility is likely to be lessened.

I understand that it is a jungle out there with the new Instagram algorithms and shadowbanning and such, but there are still honest methods to boost Instagram growth.

This is why I enjoy researching and reviewing Instagram growth services and companies that sell followers and engagement.

The company walking the review plank today is Instapromote.

Let’s see if they sink or swim.

Instapromote Review 2024 sells followers, likes, automated likes, and customized services for Instagram engagement.

The first thing I noticed is the similarity of this website’s images, layout, packages, and pricing to a few others I have previously reviewed.

When I see this, I am suspicious of the website and the service, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and look deeper.

Instapromote’s Main Features

This company sells Instagram followers and engagement they tout to be real and active. Their features include the following.

  • Quick Delivery
  • 24/7 Support
  • Top-Quality Followers
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Marketing Network
  • Best Value Results

Some of the wording is different, but this still seems familiar to me. Perhaps it will come to me by the final thoughts section. It’s nice when companies have quick delivery like this, but whether they can follow through on it with each individual client is another question completely.

Top-rated Growth Tools for Instagram

Here’s my list of top tools to grow your Instagram account. Did Instapromote make it?

RankGrowth ServiceMore Info



  • Starter – $2.95 for 100 Followers
  • Newbie – $6.95 for 500 Followers
  • Rookie – $13.95 for 1,500 Followers
  • Pro – $39.95 for 5,000 Followers
  • Famous – $64.95 for 10,000 Followers


  • Starter – $2.95 for 100 Likes
  • Newbie – $6.95 for 500 Likes
  • Rookie – $13.95 for $13.95 Likes
  • Rookie – $24.95 for 2,500 Likes
  • Pro – $39.95 for 5,000 Likes
  • Pro – $56.95 for 7,500 Likes
  • Famous – $64.95 for 10,000 Likes
  • Splendid – $99.95 for 15,000 Likes
  • Notorious – $144.95 for 25,000 Likes
  • Star – $279.95 for 50,000 Likes
  • Legend – $499.95 for 100,000 Likes
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Perhaps this is a little over the top in my opinion. There are two Rookie and Pro packages.

I’m not sure if they ran out of cool names for them, or they just wanted to provide a couple of extra options for their customers. Either way, they have gone far beyond their calling with the price points, which makes us wonder whether they’re being spammy or not.

Automated Likes

  • 25 Likes for $2.95
  • 100 Likes for $10
  • 300 Likes for $30
  • 600 Likes for $60
  • 1,000 Likes for $100

All automated likes are used across 10 posts each.

Customized Services

  • Customized services allow you to choose your followers, automated likes, comments, and views.
  • You must enter your profile ID in order to gain access to the price of custom packages.

All packages include:

  • Quick Delivery
  • 100 Percent Safe
  • Top-Quality Profiles
  • No Password Required
  • Safe PayPal Payment

This is all directly from the Instapromote website.

Is Instapromote Safe? Is It a Scam?

Now we get to the heart of it all. Is this website safe?

First, let’s briefly go over the pros and cons.


  • Secure https website
  • Visible pricing
  • FAQ/Help page on the website
  • Verified PayPal payment gateways
  • Contact form-fill page for support
  • Their onsite reviews appear to be real/genuine


  • Off-site user reviews for this company are poor and report it as a scam with fake audiences
  • The website’s WOT rating categorizes this website as a Scam or misleading or unethical
  • They may be using fake profiles and followers

While every company out there in any industry has had some run-ins with bad reviews over the years, only the ones that are a scam are going to have negative reviews everywhere. There are just too may for us to feel that this company is safe and good for your growth.

You also don’t want to associate with a company that’s selling fake followers and engagement. These types of interactions aren’t going to help you get ahead – they’re only going to slow you down, and make you look spammy.

I wouldn’t recommend this service for several reasons, but mostly the WOT rating and scam reports. Scams lead to nowhere, except bad reviews and the risk of ruining your reputation completely.

The WOT report is here and includes reviews.

What About Their Team?

There are two different kinds of companies in this industry – those that are upfront and honest with their clients from the beginning, and those that aren’t.

Obviously, in a perfect world, we would have every brand be honest with their clients, but this just isn’t realistic. We couldn’t find Instapromote to be genuine about anything, much less about the team behind their features.

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This is concerning because it means that they aren’t giving you the accountability that you need as a client.

Review Conclusion

I did figure out which website this one looks like, and it also has a poor WOT score and scam reports.

That website is

These sites look so much alike, they are either owned by the same entity or one of them is plagiarized. This means that not only are they going to be selling you bad engagement, but they’re going to most likely have legal issues in their future with one company or another. You won’t want to get caught up with a company that has this coming their way.

That is another reason I wouldn’t use this service. Additionally, if you want to go over and look at their Trustpilot reviews, you’ll see that nobody else has really had a good time with them either.

They have said that they’re nothing more than a scam, and that the followers they got dropped off after just a couple of days. They also said that it was impossible to get in touch with them to inquire about this. Companies like this are bad news all around.

I would find an honest and reliable method for my Instagram growth. You don’t want to go for a company that’s prepared to skim off other websites to create a service and try and attract clients. This smells of shade, and we can’t recommend companies that are so willing to do this.

Top Instapromote Alternatives

RankGrowth ServiceMore Info

Instapromote Coupon

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- Jon

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