LinkedProspect Review 2024 – Is LinkedProspect a Scam?

LinkedProspect Review – Is LinkedProspect a Scam?

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Could LinkedProspect Potentially be the solution to all of your LinkedIn connection problems? We highly doubt it.

The thing about the LinkedIn connection industry is that it is a lot more difficult than you might realize to connect with the right people.

It is pretty easy to come up With a relatively effective strategy for your profile, but if you aren’t finding ways to put your content in front of the right target audience so that you can beat the competition, you are not going to end up doing really well.

It is actually a lot less to do with you and a lot more to do with how many people are using LinkedIn these days. There are just way too many people out there trying to achieve the same goals as you. This makes the whole thing pretty challenging.

I’m Jonathon Spire. I have seen LinkedIn go through a lot of changes, and while some of these changes have been really good, a lot of them have meant that people working hard on their profiles have missed out big time.

This is because LinkedIn is always changing up their algorithm and making it hard for people to remain consistent with their connections.

This is a big part of the reason why people are choosing to outsource their LinkedIn connection growth to third party companies. You can’t trust them all, though.

Let’s review LinkedProspect, and decide whether you can trust them or not.

LinkedProspect Review 2024

LinkedProspect logo

LinkedProspect is one of those companies that looks really good when you first check their website out.

They say that they have a proven system where you can target and engage with the right people. The only issue is that we think they’re violating LinkedIn’s terms.

What is LinkedProspect?

LinkedProspect Services

As we mentioned, LinkedProspect is one of those companies that looks like they have it all going on. They say that they can help their clients with targeted connections so that the people who are recommended your profile will fall within your niche.

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They say that they understand your needs to have a targeted audience, and they can cater to this as much as possible.

While this is all well and good, the issue is that they are most likely just another generic LinkedIn automation service, which means that they will get you in trouble with LinkedIn for using them.

This isn’t the kind of risk that you want to take if you care about your reputation. 

What are LinkedProspect’s Features?

LinkedProspect Work

So, what is LinkedProspect offering its clients then in terms of features? First, they want to help identify your target audience. Then, they want to write targeted messages for you so that they can get those targets to respond to you.

Once they have done this, they will optimize your profile so that when people visit it, they like what they see and hang around.

Beyond this, they find interested leads that aren’t going to be timewasters, and then they focus on closing the deal so that those leads turn into real, long-term connections.

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What is LinkedProspect’s Pricing?

What’s super weird about LinkedProspect’s website is that they have a tab where you can find out more information about them, but when you click on the tab, it doesn’t work.

We’re not sure if this is a glitch or if they’re just not interested in updating their website, but this ultimately means that we couldn’t find any pricing on their website to speak of.

This means that if you were to sign up with them today, you would have to do it blindly, without knowing how much you’re going up end up paying for their features. This isn’t the best way to do things, so we take this as a decent red flag.

How Did LinkedProspect Do in Tests?

Despite the complete lack of pricing, we decided to put LinkedProspect to the test. We signed up for their service, and to be honest, while we had a bit of hope in the beginning, we were let down when things started to get delivered.

It became evident very quickly that they’re just another LinkedIn bot that is going to get your LinkedIn profile in trouble with the popular professional social networking site.

This means that they will either suspend or ban you, and you really don’t need this if you have an existing reputation. The engagement didn’t hang around for too long, and they didn’t close in on any leads. 

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What About Their Team?

Another great way to determine if a company is worth your time or not is to see how much information they have on their website about their team. While they might be a software service, there are definitely going to be people behind the service that is responsible for developing it.

When a company is prepared to share information about their team from the beginning, it shows that they are interested in being accountable, upfront, and honest with their clients.

We couldn’t really find too much if any information about LinkedProspect’s team on their website, so this is another red flag that you need to consider when thinking about using them for your LinkedIn growth.

Review Conclusion

While you might think that LinkedProspect shows a lot of promise on their website, there’s a lot more going on underneath than you realize.

The bottom line when it comes to companies like this is that LinkedIn doesn’t approve of this kind of automation, so it doesn’t matter how good of a reputation they have, there is still a big risk that you are going to get suspended or banned for using them.

Unfortunately, we cannot condone companies like this as we are not prepared to roll the dice on what could potentially happen with your LinkedIn profile.

This is why we suggest that you opt for something else that is a lot more trustworthy and is prepared to grow your LinkedIn connections the right way.

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