How to Write an Impressive Cover Letter for an SMM Job

The business world is experiencing stiff competition today. Companies use every possible way to win customers. One of the strategies they use is social media marketing. They open social media accounts on multiple platforms

Due to various tasks, the managers cannot manage the accounts. They hire a social media manager to do it on their behalf. To get a job as an SMM, you need to have the right skills. Your cover letter plays a crucial role when getting hired. These tips will help you write an impressive cover letter. 

Understand What the Company Does

It is good to have information about the company. If they need an SMM, it means their teams are busy. It shows courtesy to understand their need. Mention it in your cover letter. The best way to know is to search online. Search their website and read what they do. Search other sites to get deeper information about the company.  

Start With Your Contact Details

Your contact details are necessary for the cover letter. It makes it easier for the recruiters to contact you. If they struggle to get your contacts, they may decide to hire a different person.

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Before you start writing a cover letter, decide on the contact details to include. This will help you not to miss communication. You may include all the information below:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Telephone contact
  • Postal address (if necessary)
  • Link to your LinkedIn profile
  • Link to your portfolio/website
  • Link to your social media account/s
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Address the Employer by Name

The employer might have included their name in the job advisement. If not, check the company name. When writing salutations, address them by their name.

Start by writing the job title you are applying to. In this case, you are applying for the position of an SMM. Write the specific name of the recipient if you have it. Indicate the name of the company. Follow by the address, phone number, and email address. 

Write an Introduction

Do not start with what you will do for the company. Start by introducing yourself. This section is very crucial in your cover letter. It must look attractive to the reader.

Avoid writing a lengthy introduction. One paragraph is enough. The hiring managers could be handling hundreds of applications. They might likely skim through the cover letters. Let it stand out by making it impressive. 

Provide Your Experience and Skills

The hiring managers will likely check if you have SMM experience. They might be looking out for any of these experiences. 

Avoid providing too many details. The managers don’t have time to read everything. The key points are enough, followed by a brief explanation. The explanation highlights how you gained the skills or experiences. If you lack experience, give more weight to your skills. 

Provide Information on Why You Are Applying

The employer might want to know why you want to join them. Provide reasons even if you haven’t been asked.

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In this section, the employer wants to know if you will fit in. every company has an established culture. It is what gives them business. Company culture is tied to values and goals. A social media manager should comply with these virtues. 

Show How Your Experience Is Related to the Company’s Needs

You might have worked as an SMM before. The culture in the previous company is entirely different from this one. They might have entirely different products. Their customer demographics could be different too. Regardless, the experience you have is important. You only need to adjust to the new company culture. 

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It is upon you to prove you can do it. The job you are applying for may have the same roles as the previous company. However, use a paragraph to show the relevance of your skills. In other words, explain how you will benefit the company in your SMM role. Make your cover letter unique and let it stand out. 

Write the Closing Paragraph

The closing paragraph should be as attractive as the opening paragraph. In the advertisement, the company indicated they wanted an experienced SMM.

Mention it in the concluding paragraph. Mention again that you have the experience they are looking for. In two or three lines, mention your experience. Let the employer know you look forward to working with them. Thank the employer and sign the letter. 

Edit Your Cover Letter

Editing should be part of the writing process. Without editing, you might miss important information. You may also miss submitting a grammatically correct letter.

Read your cover letter audibly. Pay attention to grammar flow and error. Grammar editing tools are available online for free today. Take advantage of them to ensure your cover letter is perfect. When you are comfortable, you have the best cover letter, email it and hope for the best. 

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