How To Create A Website For A Consulting Business

As an owner of a consulting business or any similar independent service, there are many ways to benefit from a good website. For starters, you will make it possible for every prospect or client to familiarize themselves with your service.

Next, you will help them decide whether they want to buy it, and even help your success in the future.  How does a good consulting website work? It depends on what you are selling, but make sure your skills, talents, and creative solutions are easy to see.

The better the website, the stronger the online presence, so make sure you share the things that are unique about you. 

There is no single way that will take you there, but everything you include on the website should be a reason for visitors to become customers. Let us help you with that.

Communicate In The Clear Text Why Your Services Are Valuable

Prospective clients are hunting for a value proposition from the very first moment they land on your website. The value proposition is your USP (unique selling point), and that is what you should display first, ideally on the homepage.

It can be a short paragraph or even a single sentence, but it must tell visitors why your services are better than the competition. 

What we also recommend is a slideshow of pictures or videos that communicate who you are and what you do. As the main consultant, make sure there is a picture of you so that people can recognize you.

Make It Easy For Customers To Refer You And To Share Your Information

At least for some of your posts, visitors should have the option to reshare content on social media platforms or their blogs. Enable a sharing option for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and any similar platform.

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In this way, you can engage more visitors and drive traffic from other sources. After that, lead generation won’t be a problem. Another thing you mustn’t neglect is contact information.

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Your phone number and email address should be visible on the homepage, and easily accessible from any other page. If you prefer not to display it, introduce a call-to-action button where customers can request it. 

It is a good strategy to invite new clients to a 30-minutes get-to-know-you session before you start working together. You can add a scheduling tool or a booking service for customers to do this on their own, and even outside your business hours.

You Need A Functional, But Also An Appealing Website

First impressions matter, so make sure your website is designed according to your users’ needs. We don’t mean something extravagant or flashy, but rather a clean and intuitive site that will keep new visitors interested.

If you’re not the ultimate design guru, go for a modern or minimalist design that works with your brand. And install on it a WordPress scheduling plugin or a scheduling software for service companies.

You can also research other consultant websites for ideas. You will see that most navigation bars are simple and located on top of the page, and all critical information is there. Speaking of pages, go for the classics: About Me, Contact, Services, and Testimonials. 

Keep in mind that the main menu should be accessible from any page, ideally with a single click.

Provide Content That Is Informative, But Not Overwhelming For Your Clients

The best example of clear communication is a CTA on the homepage that invites visitors to contact you. 

For your website to succeed and rank better on search engines, you should provide intuitive content. The content should be focused on tips, advice, and solutions for new clients. Better yet, content should not be limited to your services and practice.

It should also offer helpful knowledge from the consulting industry. The best way, of course, is to write your content and run a blog with useful posts.

This is a possibility to establish more personalized relationships and give customers a sense of who you are. Dedicate a part of the page to how you can tackle their problems.

Focus on the benefits of hiring you, and even use humor to connect on a more personal level. Many consultants offer infographics instead of classical content.

This way, they communicate their ideas more visually and more appealing, and customers find that easy to understand. You don’t even need special design skills.

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Tools like PiktoChart or Canva can help you achieve this in no time. You can even use them to edit photos or create icons the way this is done in Photoshop.

Interact With Your Clients

As a consultant, you know how important close and trustworthy communication is. You need to be there for clients without it feeling intrusive or pushy, and you need to maintain those relationships for a long time.

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Sales pitch bombing isn’t the right way to keep customers interested. Instead, you should be offering quality content at regular intervals. Many tools can help you build and maintain relationships.

Among these are web-related tools, blog posts, newsletters, webinars, and visual content. For instance, you can offer your email newsletter to all visitors that subscribe and ask them to follow the updates.

If they notice you are active and interested to continue the relationship, they will trust you even more. 

Legitimize Your Consulting Services

If you plan to convert all visitors into clients, you need to show them that you are legit and that you possess the necessary qualifications.

To build credibility, share some office pictures and highlight your successes and accomplishments. A great tip is to ask satisfied companies and customers to provide testimonials.

Also, make sure your contact information is there accompanied by your physical address and your telephone number.

Clients will know that they can rely on you. If you’re not sure how to do it, look at other consulting websites and see how they’re doing this. 

If visitors have any further hesitations, let them read the customer testimonials and comments. This way, they will be convinced that doing business with you is a good idea.

The best way to make this happen is to create an entire page with customer testimonials and keep updating it. As soon as you get a positive comment on customers’ experience, make sure you share it on this page.

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