7 Careers And Sectors To Consider To Move Abroad

If you’re craving adventure, there are a few ways to scratch that itch. Online entertainment has reached new heights, so you can play live games at Casumo, bet on a sports game and follow it live or compete in an MMRPG with your friends.

Alternatively, you could seek some excitement outside of your home. A theme park, bouldering or a thrilling trip to a new country might fit the bill. However, if temporary bursts of adrenaline aren’t working for you, you might consider a bigger life challenge. 

Choosing to live and work abroad is definitely one of those. It comes with a few details to work out and a fair bit of planning. To get you started, let’s solve the issue of how you’ll fund your lifestyle in your new home country. Here are seven careers and industries that could facilitate a life abroad.

1. Teaching

Something that everyone needs in every country in the world is a teacher. Whichever country you choose to move to, you should be able to transfer your teaching skills and qualifications. You could choose to specialize in adults or children, depending on what you choose to teach.

Work as a language teacher is a particularly sensible target. If you speak English and a second language, your chances of finding work will be much higher. TEFL qualifications are usually recognized internationally, so you could take the course in your home country before moving.

Even if you move to a country that is English-speaking, you can seek out those who move there to help them with the language.

2. Join An Agency Or Program

If you’re not as worried about what kind of work you do, you could keep your options open by working with an international agency. They could keep you updated on positions in your chosen country and will even help you with local knowledge that might improve your chances of getting the job.

International recruiters are familiar with the processes for remote applications. They might facilitate a phone interview. If successful, your employer might cover some relocation fees, such as your flight and accommodation for two weeks while you find your feet.

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Alternatively, you could seek out programs for international employers. They could include NGOs, cultural associations, charities or corporations with headquarters across the world.

If you already have experience in a particular field, try to find a closely linked organization. This route might require more research but could lead to an interesting position and relocation support.

3. Web Developer

While language can be a barrier to getting a job when living abroad, work as a web developer might be slightly easier. After all, the language of code is universal. As with teaching, every country has businesses that require websites to be built, revamped and maintained. 

It’d be wise to build a portfolio before the move, as competing with local contractors could be tricky otherwise. Joining online communities before your move will also help. You can start to understand the situation there, the demand for web developers and any standards you need to meet.

In the early stages of your move, you’ll still be learning the language and your way around. It might be worth partnering with an interpreter or a local organization to make things easier. Alternatively, you could advertise your web developing skills to other expats.

4. Creative Industries

A job in the creative industries can be hard to find anywhere, it’s true. However, if you’re skilled in photography, acting, music or another form of art, you could find a new audience in your target country.

Creative communities are strong, so connecting with other artists will help you settle in and should eventually lead to profitable projects.

Like web developers, graphic designers are often in demand. You could find a role in an existing company or set up your own entity to provide services to expats or in another untapped niche. Self-publishing or selling your creative works online is an alternative way to make money from your creative endeavours.

5. Social Media Manager

A particular role that involves a lot of online work and slightly less face-to-face time is that of a social media manager. The tools of your trade, such as Twitter and Instagram, will be accessible to you from anywhere in the world.

It makes it a promising potential career when moving abroad. There are several routes to go down. One could be to find a role at a company in your target country. If you know the language, that’s great.

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Alternatively, providing English-language content could also be useful. Another option is to find a role with a company in your current country that doesn’t mind where you are when you’re working.

6. Freelance

Many of the roles mentioned in this list could work on a freelance basis. It gives you the flexibility to find clients in your new country without worrying about language barriers. There are several freelance positions that you could consider.

Online teaching is one of them, and web development or creative production are two others. You could also freelance as a gardener, cleaner, personal shopper, painter and decorator or writer.

It might take a bit of effort to find your niche and build up a client list, but there are plenty of platforms to support freelance advertising. 

If you choose this route, it’s best to have some savings to rely on in your early days. If you can start making connections and planning your offer before you travel, you’ll get the best start possible.

7. Remote Work

Similar to freelancing, but slightly different, you could consider working from home. Remote work could mean staying in an existing career but getting a role with a company that hires candidates across the world and doesn’t require them to come to the office.

You could have a conversation with your existing employer about remote work or choose to be a remote working freelancer, such as an online content writer, where all your work and communication happens online.

Final Thoughts

Travelling to a new country to live there is a thrilling challenge. Choosing and finding work that will support your life there is an important step to making it a reality. The right work will make the transition easier, helping you make new contacts, assimilate and give you something to focus on.

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