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Ella Marcotte

8 Reasons to Seek a Career as a Physician Assistant

When you’re seeking a job in the medical field, one of the most stressful decisions you have to make is determining what professional path you will take. Finding one that will satisfy your professional desires, keep you gainfully employed, and keep you satisfied is critical. If you’re looking for a job that pays well, has

Ella Marcotte

Opportunities and Challenges for Locals from Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis is becoming even bigger with the legalization of adult-use weed in 18 states. Several things have emerged that make stakeholders think about how to make things better in an industry with enormous growth projections.  Legalization had some states listing canna dispensaries as essential services during the COVID-19 lockdown, enabling organizations such as Green Earth Collective to

Ella Marcotte

How to Land a Job: Top 5 Careers With Promising Opportunities

The careers market is full of opportunities, isn’t it? Yet, you might struggle to find something fitting your salary expectations, skills, and needs. The reason is that you might be digging in the wrong way. Reality asks people to seek new solutions to the challenges it offers. Some jobs might not be of the highest

Jonathon Spire

How to Get Instagram Famous Overnight

The online world makes it incredibly easy to achieve overnight what some people gained over years of working hard for it.

Let’s see what it takes to get Instagram famous overnight. Literally.

Ella Marcotte

Focus Group: Definition and Methodology

Creating an app without user research is like walking in the dark. You can find a way out or break your neck. The business idea you’ve developed can become a hit or fail in oblivion.  So, when you hire user interface designers for your next project, make sure to check whether they are conversant with

Ella Marcotte

How To Make An Appealing Resume For Teens?

You don’t have to make your resume seem like you’ve got all the necessary experience to fulfill the job description as a teenager. So sit back and relax; we’ll walk you through the process step by step. To attract companies, include the following parts in your adolescent resume: • Information on how to contact us