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Jonathon Spire

Top 8 Tips For Business Energy-Efficiency

Utilities are among the most heavy-weighted expenses any business, whether big-fish or small and independently run, face on a weekly to monthly, and yearly basis. More importantly, this fixed expenditure, besides adding onto what you deduct from income and/or revenue expenses, is what allows business operations to take place with ease.  With these factors constantly

Jonathon Spire

Six Tips To Keep Users Engaged On Your App

In a technology-driven world, mobile devices have an important role to play. Today, millions of consumers make use of their smartphones and tablet devices to access information and data that can help them make informed decisions. Hence, most consumers prefer to consume content online. For this, brands and businesses today have to focus on how

Jonathon Spire

5 Benefits of Hiring a Database Consultant

Any modern company cannot operate without accumulating, storing, transforming, and using a vast amount of information. Business applications usually use a database to provide storage of information/data. That is why database consulting services are currently in high demand. Let’s discuss why companies are turning to database consultants and why it’s important to a business. Who