How To Fix A Corrupted Recycle Bin On Windows 10 (TOP Methods)

Other than data recovery software, Recycle Bin is one other sure way to recover files and folders that have been accidentally deleted in Windows 10.

However, the recovery will not be able to work properly if your recycle bin is corrupted and gives you the “Recycle bin corrupted” message. 

Besides, you may face more dilemma when the recycle bin gets deleted as you attempt to repair or reset it. 

You should however not forget about your lost data as there are genuine methods you can use to recover your files.

Disk Drill developed by Cleverfiles for instance provides a simple and easy way for Windows 10 users to restore corrupted recycle bin and even their lost data. 

In this article, we focus on some of the top methods you can use to fix and repair corrupted recycle bin in Windows 10.

The methods we shall discuss for easy recycle bin recovery include CMB, reinstall among others. But first, we’ll look at what causes recycle bin to corrupt on Windows 10.

What Causes Recycle Bin To Corrupt In Windows 10

Here are the possible causes:

  • $Recycle.bin folder error: Since the $Recycle.bin is the actual recycle bin, errors within it can be the actual cause of the corrupted error message. 
  • Corrupted DLL File: The DLL (dynamic link library) is a format that holds multiple procedures and codes. DLL shares data and resources to allow simultaneous access to one file by multiple applicants. Therefore, if one of the DLL files of the recycle bin gets corrupted, it could corrupt the entire recycle bin too. 
  • Unexpected shutdown: When your system shuts down unexpectedly, there are chances that the open files could be impacted and even cause widespread corruption. 
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How To Fix The Corrupted Recycle Bin In Windows 10

Method 1: Run CMD To Fix Corrupted Recycle Bin 

Step 1: Open Command Prompt

Begin by opening the command prompt. You can do this by right-clicking the “Start” menu and selecting command prompt. 

Step 2: Type the command “rd/s/q C:/$Recycle.bin” in the command prompt and tap “Enter”

Step 3: Type command “rd/s/q D:/$Recycble.bin” and tap the “Enter” key. You will need to use the command separately for every drive.

This is because each partition on the Windows 10 consists of a separate Recycle bin folder and you need to repair them one by one before you can execute data recovery for all your lost files.

Method 2: Delete All Permissions And Reinstall Recycle Bin In Windows 10

This method helps you clear all the previous permissions together with the corrupted recycle bin and reinstall a new one. 

You can also use this method to repair corrupted recycle bin in Windows 7

Delete All Permissions And Corrupted Recycle Bin

Step 1: On the Control Panel, locate “Tab File Explorer” and click “View”

Step 2: Unhide or uncheck system protected operating files and select “Open each drive.” You should see the Recycle bin folder and permissions with an additional recycle bin

Step 3: Delete all the permissions and all the recycle bins in each drive

Step 4: Restart Windows to effect the changes 

Reinstall Recycle Bin 

Step 1: Right-click on the “Desktop” icon and select “Personalize”

Step 2: Click on “Themes” and then the Desktop Icon settings under “Related Settings”

Step 3: Check Recycle Bin and click “Apply.”

Once you get the recycle bin back on your Windows 10, do not rush to use it. First, open it to check whether the deleted files are there or not.

If you can’t get your deleted files, use Disk Drill to recover files from recycle bin. 

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Method 3: Delete And Reinstall Recycle Bin

Step 1: Open “My computer” and go to system partition C

Step 2: Look for the original recycle bin folder “$Recycle.bin”

Step 3: Right click on the $Recycle.bin folder and delete it permanently

Step 4: On the Delete File window, select “DO this for all current items” and tap “Yes”

Step 5: Now restart your PC

Step 6: Right click on the Desktop icon and select “Personalize”

Step 7: Check the recycle bin and tap “Apply” then “OK”

Method 4: Repair Your Corrupted Recycle Bin In The Windows Explorer 

This is yet another method you can use to repair corrupted recycle bin on your Windows 10 and retrieve recovery data on PC.

However, remember to backup your files before you proceed as it may end up deleting important files and folders in the recycle bin. 

Step 1: Find the Control Panel through the search bar

Step 2: Choose Appearance and Personalization 

Step 3: Select “Folder Options” and tap the “View tab” 

Step 4: Now go to advanced settings and select “Show hidden files and folders.” Click on the box to uncheck “Hide protected operating system files” and tap “Apply” to apply the changes

Step 5: Click “Ok”

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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