Real Vs Fake SoundCloud Plays

Real Vs Fake Sound Cloud Plays
SoundCloud Plays

Sometimes, you come across artists on SoundCloud and you are left wondering how their music got so many plays, especially when it is subpar.

When you compare it to your efforts, or that of your friends, you can be left wondering when the fates will shine on you and give you a break.

But, it is worth looking a little closer at the plays that some of these people have because not all of them are real SoundCloud plays.

But what is the difference between real and fake SoundCloud plays and do these actually help you grow your SoundCloud account and get your music out there?

Here we find out.

Real SoundCloud Plays

Real Soundcloud Plays

It may sound obvious, but real SoundCloud plays are exactly that.

They come from users that have searched through SoundCloud and come across tracks that resonate with them, that they want to listen to.

These plays from genuine accounts and genuine people are real plays and these plays push your content out to a wider audience.

Everyone who is sharing their music on SoundCloud should be aiming for real plays.

Top Vendors of SoundCloud Plays

RankCompanyMore Info
1Media MisterVisit

Fake SoundCloud Plays

Fake Soundcloud plays

As it says on the tin, fake SoundCloud plays are just that.

These are ‘store bought’ for want of a better phrase.

You can buy SoundCloud plays from a variety of locations online, but don’t think that they substitute real plays.

Fake SoundCloud plays come from, you guessed it, fake accounts or bot accounts.

If you go back to that terrible track you found that has thousands of plays and you can’t work out how, have a look at the accounts that have played it.

You may find that a lot of the accounts look fake.

They will often have long non sensical numeric usernames and they won’t have an avatar, but it was only inspection that you found this out.

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On the surface, it looks as though the account is popular.

Fake SoundCloud plays are excellent at adding the veneer of popularity to your account. It is this veneer of popularity that can act as a catalyst.

People like things that other people like, or at least they think other people like.

So if your tracks start to look as though they are gaining traction, other people will also want to be involved with it. 

Are Fake SoundCloud Plays Worth It?

Well, this is the million-dollar question.

When it comes to buying fake SoundCloud plays, you can actually get your account punished for doing just this.

SoundCloud are well aware of the issue of artists buying plays, so if they think that you have done so, they may look to stop you reaching as many people.

The best strategy to take, is little and often.

Don’t load your account up with thousands of SoundCloud plays in one hit, this will flag your account as it will be unexpected activity.

Instead, control the number of plays you put on your tracks and slowly build up.

This way, it won’t look like fake activity.

The more plays you have the higher the chances of you getting noticed.

Other artists, labels and promoters aren’t interested in people that have a poor presence on SoundCloud, but you need to make sure that you are smart about it. 

Dual Strategies

If you are going to buy fake SoundCloud plays, then you want to pair this with an organic growth strategy.

Organic growth is something that you can manage yourself or outsource to an established marketing agency to handle on your behalf.

It takes longer to take hold than purchasing followers but, the results it yields makes it worth it, as you are getting real followers and plays that are interested in your music.

You can then bolster this strategy with fake SoundCloud plays to keep increasing your veneer of popularity. 

Be Careful

Buying plays isn’t sunshine and rainbows and unfortunately there are some unscrupulous companies out there looking to capitalise off artists.

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Before you part with your hard-earned cash, make sure that you are handing it over to a company that has a decent reputation.

Look for companies that have a customer service line or email address. This point of contact will go a long way if you place an order it goes missing.

Also, never settle for the cheapest option.

Often, these don’t turn out well and your order may not get delivered at all.

Conduct some basic market research like you would with any other purchase, as you are investing in yourself. 

Wrap Up

There is a big difference between fake and real plays on SoundCloud, but if you are smart, you will be able to leverage this to give your tracks the veneer of popularity.

Don’t just hope on fake followers alone to boost your account growth, allow it to work along side your organic growth strategy, so that you really are able to gain a foothold in your niche.

Before you part with your money, make sure you are getting your plays from a company that has been reviewed.

You don’t want to lose anything you’ve earnt to an organisation that is just there to rip off artists.

Buying fake SoundCloud plays isn’t as bad as some say as long as you are careful in how you do it, practice caution, but have fun doing what you love and that’s making music. 

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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