Pathsocial Review 2024: Is Path Social a Scam?

Pathsocial Review – Is Pathsocial a Scam?

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Pathsocial Review 2024

Pathsocial appears on the surface to be the kind of company that wants to help its clients get ahead on Instagram in any way that they can. While we appreciate this sentiment, we don’t think that it’s necessarily true.

There’s a lot going on right now for everyone, and one of the things that you might be finding difficult this year is figuring out how to grow your Instagram properly.

You’ve seen everyone else around you do it and do it pretty well, but for some reason, you just can’t seem to crack it. You would love to be able to figure out how, but you don’t even know where to begin.

That’s where the Instagram growth industry steps in – but it’s not all sunshine and roses.

In fact, it can be pretty dark at times.

I’m Jonathon Spire, and I know what it’s like to get super jaded on your Instagram growth.

Third-party companies are a dime a dozen, which means that you’ve got your pick of the crop – but they’re not all worth your time.

In fact, some of them are the downright ugly kind and are going to scam you.

Let’s get on with my Pathsocial review, and decide if they’re good or bad.

Pathsocial logo

Pathsocial is the kind of company that likes to make its clients feel at ease about their Instagram growth.

It claims that it can help them grow their Instagram to where they want it to be, and they say they’ve helped many people with this already. We think that they’re a scam.

What is Pathsocial?

Pathsocial Services

Path Social is one of those Instagram growth companies that claim to offer its clients organic growth for a long time to come.

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They claim that all of their features are sustainable so that you can focus on making more content while they worry about the interaction side of things. They seem on the surface to be the kind of company that you would want to associate with, but we’re a little worried.

They look like a pretty standard Instagram bot – in fact, we’ve seen plenty of other Instagram bots out there that have this exact same layout. Are they just copying another company completely, or are they legit like they claim? Let’s talk about it a bit more.

What are Pathsocial’s Features?

Pathsocial Features

Pathsocial says that they begin by talking to new clients about what their audience looks like. They say that they will ask you about their average age, demographic, gender, and location.

They say that once they’ve been able to grab their attention, they will start interacting with them and promoting your account for you. Once they’ve done this, you get what they claim to be high-quality followers.

Again, we think that this is fancy talk for an Instagram bot, which means that we cannot guarantee the quality of the followers that you will get. There is a bit of risk involved with using a bot, so we don’t condone it.

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What is Path Social’s Pricing?

Pathsocial review- pricing

So, how much is Pathsocial going to set you back, then? Their first price point is $49 a month, which is pretty expensive considering how basic their features are.

They say that this comes with follower growth within two days and an expert growth team, which we assume you talk to about your profile.

Their next price up is $69, and this gets you more followers every month, as well as support through their LA office. Again, we think that this is a lot to spend on a basic bot and not something that we highly recommend.

How Did Pathsocial Do in Tests?

So, we make sure to put every company that we review like this one through the testing system, so that we can be sure that they’re legit or otherwise.

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We signed up with Path Social’s cheaper option, and honestly, we were disappointed by the results. It would have been nice to get a bit more exposure to our Instagram profile, but it wasn’t there.

We also didn’t think that the targeting was that specific to our niche – another disappointment. It’s clear at this point that they’re just a bot that’s trying to charge too much for their features.

Pathsocial Review Conclusion

Here are three reasons not to use Pathsocial for your Instagram growth – they are selling a bot that’s generic and basic, they have expensive pricing, and they don’t have any real Pathsocial reviews on their website.

It would be nice if they wanted to put a bit more time and effort into their clients, but the dedication just isn’t there. If you want the kind of company that’s going to care about your growth and put the time into it, then we suggest you look elsewhere in the industry.

They’re out there, you just have to know where to look.

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Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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4 thoughts on “Pathsocial Review 2024: Is Path Social a Scam?”

  1. Pathsocial is a joke. They falsely claim that they will research your niche and target followers based on the results. LIES! The followers are bot accounts and their profiles make it obvious. I paused my account and ended up being charged again after a few months. I reached out to their customer service for a refund because by now I already knew the service sucked. They said I would be charged anyway and that they were still “servicing” my account until the end of the cancellation period. Halfway through the month not and I have not seen any evidence of what services they’ve provided in the billing cycle. When I tried to log back in to my account they had already deactivated my profile. Say goodbye to your money if you deal with these crooks.

  2. Avoid this service! I got about 12 normal looking followers before they inexplicably charged me $400 (I had only signed up for the $49 monthly plan and was on day #3 of the service). They also locked me out of my account and never sent password reset emails. Their support team refuses to help or say anything outside of a prewritten response.

  3. Not worth using it, you get only (quite realistic) fake mass followers. At that price I expected that Path Social to make more personal effort. But that’s all automatic bots, 50 followers every 12h. Be aware about the ‘option’ to pause your profile. After some months you get automatically charged for another month. So you are conned twice. Stay away from Path Social – your Instagram profile risks to be limited or banned!

  4. Hi, thank you for writing this article. It sounded too good to be true. What kind of bot do you think they are using? They said they grow everything through shoutouts, do you think that is true?


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