10 Resources To Find And Hire Content Creators For Your Business

Talking to your customers is necessary. Even with the best product and excellent service, you need to tell the users about them. And it is not enough to have a website and accounts on social media. It is just saying one word when you need to talk to the audience regularly. 

Your Web resources help you engage your audience. You must update them continually and present excellent content. The website pages, blogs, newsletters, and all other materials play the leading part in attracting new customers and building loyalty. 

Any business needs quality content writing services. It is an axiom. The question is, where you can get such services? 

To Write Yourself Or Hire Professionals?

You may be an excellent writer with an original vision and abilities. The trouble is, blogging is a part of your brand marketing strategy. This role requires a different level of dedication. Or, in simple words, it can’t be your hobby. It must be a full-time job that would hardly suit you as a business owner. 

Creating content is not last-minute work – it is a profession that requires knowledge, writing skills, and experience. You can get it all when you hire content writers to care about your web presence. 

Most businesses employ full-time writers to have in-house marketing teams. At the same time, referring to content writers for hire is a helpful opportunity. External specialists bring the advantage of a fresh look, and it goes without saying that your in-house copywriters will benefit from the exchanging professional experience. 

So, if you want effective content strategies – hire blog writers, employ them permanently or make partnerships with third-party specialists or services. It is the best fit for you, in any industry. 

Fantastic Copywriters And Where To Find Them 

Content creation is a popular field, and it grows continually. It means a big market with fierce competition among specialists. You as a client can hire a blog writer or a team of writers. You can deal with individual contractors or large agencies. Finally, you can get the content writing service only or a larger package with advanced marketing assistance. 

So, where should you go to meet and hire highly qualified writers? We’ll try to help you with this article. Here you have the top-10 of platforms where you can hire talented and reliable content experts. 

1. Woffex – Creativity, Professionalism, And Personalized Attitude  

Woffex is a modern copywriting agency with an in-house team of professional content writers for hire with expertise in different industries. The scope includes IT, Healthcare, eCommerce, Travelling, Fashion and Beauty, etc.

Woffex is known for its flexibility and the exceptional qualifications of its writers. The range of services includes Web content, blog posts, SEO articles, press releases, product descriptions, and any complex tasks on an individual demand. 

This company takes care of everything for the customer. There is no need to search for the right performer or worry if you hire native English speakers, or if these people are reliable.

The company connects you with the most experienced performer who specializes in your industry and bears responsibility for the content quality. 

Many pluses of Woffex include direct communication with the writer in a Live Chat, SEO assistance, a guarantee of zero plagiarism, simple ordering and communication procedures, super-responsive support, and affordable prices. Don’t forget about discounts and rewards and free revisions and rewrites.

2. LinkedIn –Connect With Experts And Hire Full-time Writers

Any business is familiar with LinkedIn – a social network for professionals. LinkedIn is the favorite recruiting platform and the resource allowing professionals to find jobs. You can get reliable information about people and companies. If you need to hire blog writers – the LinkedIn profile is a comprehensive resume. 

This social network can connect you with expert writers and provide you with detailed information about their skills, specialization, and professional experience. Also, you can find copywriting companies present on LinkedIn if you prefer working with such organizations. The live chat allows you to communicate with them personally. 

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However, LinkedIn is not the best option if you only need to buy content for website once. These social network members are more oriented toward full-time jobs. But LinkedIn will serve you excellently if you want to improve your in-house team of copywriters.

3. Upwork – The Most Popular Freelance Marketplace 

Upwork is one of the most popular marketplaces for freelancers on the Web. It is also one of the default resources to go for customers in need of copywriting services.

On Upwork, you will find talented writers who deliver professional article writing, blogs, books and eBooks, various website content, eCommerce writing, case studies, product description, and any other written materials. 

You can find a copywriting specialist on Upwork by posting a job or searching through the profile. Describe the project, and specify the services you need, conditions, requirements, and budget. Copywriters will react to your offer, and you will be able to choose the one. 

Upwork lets you search for specific skills and competencies. Besides, it checks and verifies every member to make sure they are reliable. The review system allows the customers to share their experiences and impressions about cooperation with freelancers. Thus, you can find a trustworthy specialist. But it will require time. 

4. Writing Studio – The Full-package Content Service Provider 

Writing Studio is a copywriting company that creates various kinds of content. You can order articles, blog posts, white papers, technical writing, eBooks, newsletters, etc. In addition, the Writing Studio employees compose scripts for audio and video content to attract users and provide related services like SEO, editing and proofreading, and CMS formatting. 

The quality of work is decent – the customers get well-structured and user-friendly materials that are helpful for both people and search engines. For every order, Writing Studio representatives discuss all the details and clarify the customer’s preferences, topics, delivery schedules, and payments. 

The team consists of writers who can research and deliver quality content about many industries, including technical topics. However, you won’t get the pricing information on the website – for each order, the payment is negotiated separately. 

5. ProBlogger – A Meeting Point For Bloggers

ProBlogger is a platform for bloggers who want to expand their blogs and earn money blogging. Also, it is a place where businesses can hire blog writers and performers for other copywriting tasks. 

You can post the job ad on ProBlogger, and other bloggers will respond to it. ProBlogger is absolutely free for both parties, and businesses can make a deal with qualified performers.

This resource is Australia-based – it focuses on this region and its businesses first of all. However, international brands can also find competent content writing service on that platform. 

The disadvantage of ProBlogger is that it only informs writers about offers and provides customers with a place to post their orders. Negotiations about the price, payment means, and additional services like editing or checking for plagiarism aren’t covered by the platform.

It is all your responsibility. Besides, the platform lacks responsive customer service and quick moderation – there can be scammers, so, pay attention to that. 

6. Animalz – Professional Copywriting And SEO Consulting

Animalz is a USA-based company that produced content for leading digital platforms (including GoDaddy and ZenDesk). It has a huge team of specialists who are proficient with all kinds of tasks to raise brand awareness. Also, Animalz will deliver SEO consulting and audit services, lead generation, product marketing, and promotion in social media. 

Animalz has a lot of pluses – a variety of services, competent writers, and experts in SEO and marketing. However, it might not be the best option if you need a long-term partnership – you can’t expect to work with the same writers all the time, which affects style consistency. Besides, Animalz’s prices are significantly higher than their competitors offer. Make sure to get a quote before hiring this company. 

7. Scripted – The platform caring for your comfort 

Scripted is a platform connecting customers and freelance writers. Businesses publish job ads to hire writers. Freelance copywriters respond to those ads and offer their services. The platform organizes the process, protects both parties, and provides payment means.

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Customers can order all types of content, from longer articles and blog posts to social media posts, white papers, and video scripts. Scripted attracts freelance copywriters who specialize in various areas and styles.

It is a popular and reputable resource, and it grants a decent level of service. Unlike some other services, Scripted is rather selective about the people who want to operate on its platform.

Candidates have to prove their area of expertise and provide examples of their work. If Scripted finds them quality and reliable, it allows those writers to join the community. 

Another issue is the price. Scripted is a paid service – there is a membership fee for customers. This fee defines which writers you can connect with and what tools you can use. The lowest price is $149/month, the most advanced membership is $2500/month. 

8. Contently – An All-around Service With Integration Possibilities

Contently is also a meeting point type of service. It gives an area to freelance specialists in content creation and marketing and allows customers to hire such specialists. The focus is on copywriting, but the range of services is not limited to it. Clients can hire designers, scriptwriters, filmmakers, and editors. 

One of the advantages of Contently is providing all services in one place. You can plan and implement content marketing strategies from this website. Besides hiring content writer, you can use tools to create, publish, and optimize the content yourself.

Also, you can connect Contently with other resources, like Mailchimp, WordPress, and Facebook, and automate content-related marketing procedures. 

The main disadvantage is that this platform is quite expensive. Contently aims the enterprise-level businesses, and, depending on your needs, you may pay from $3000 per month to access the service. Besides, it has a complicated learning curve if you want to use all its digital tools effectively. 

9. Brafton – A Marketing Agency For Multiple Industries

Brafton is an agency aiming the small and medium businesses and helping them plan and realize marketing strategies. Content marketing is one of its most popular services – Brafton delivers various content types and has a team of professional copywriters whose expertise is verified by the company. 

Brafton offers a personalized attitude to every client. The managers define which content type the client needs, which research level it will require, if they need to optimize the content, etc. After that, Brafton can give the client a quote for the service.

Further, the client receives a personal manager to coordinate the strategy and efforts. Additionally, Brafton’s experts can help the client build the content plan, research keywords, and track the performance. You can receive the full package of content marketing services.

However, Brafton is quite expensive. For example, it charges $1 per word for a blog post, which is significantly higher than average when you hire a content writer directly. 

10. Skyword – The Content Marketing Company For Businesses Of All Sizes

Skyword is a marketing platform that delivers both textual materials (blog articles, website materials, newsletters, etc.) and corporate videos. The original and engaging content has proved efficient in attracting users.

There is a community of freelancing content creators behind Skyword – the client can hire blog writer or an expert in a different content type. The company can build the entire strategy.

It researches competition and target audience and develops the workflow, including the content themes, formats, and optimization demands. Further, Skyword engages writers from its pool to create the required original content and adjust it to the distribution channels. 

Skyword is the solution for those who need an all-embracing marketing approach to raise and develop their brands. 


The quality of content is the foundation of any marketing strategy. It helps you engage users and turn them into regular clients, build trust between you, and raise your brand name. A professional content writer can help your business reach its peaks.

So, choose the people whose creativity and professionalism in article writing services you can trust, and proceed to the next stage of success!

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