4 Best Sporting Apps

For avid sports fans, there is a world of information and excitement out there just waiting to be discovered and there are plenty of apps to help.

Whether you want to find out all the behind-the-scenes gossip from the Premier League or are keen to learn about more niche sporting events, there are apps to help you keep in touch with whichever sports interest you.

One of the best ways to keep up with the latest news is to have it all delivered right to your mobile phone so there’s no way you can miss anything.

From scores and results to league tables, statistics, and injury news, you can keep your finger on the pulse without having to trawl the net for updates.

Some of the best sporting apps include:


Fans of the globally popular sports channel will know that it has a reputation for bringing a wide selection of sports to its viewers.

You might expect the companion app to deliver the same kind of wide-ranging news and commentary, and you’d be right.

Users can choose which teams to follow and tailor the information they get so that they never miss an important update.

While the free version offers plenty of news, information, and insight all in one place, there are also subscription options that offer increased functionality and content.

From watching live games to checking future fixtures, there is plenty to recommend the ESPN app.

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Bleacher Report

For fans that want their sport instant and varied, Bleacher Report is a great app with plenty packed into it. The list of sports it covers is extensive and includes:

  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Baseball
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The user personalisation is what makes this app really great – fans can follow their favourite leagues, teams, and players and have all the latest news delivered directly to their phones.

The speed with which the app delivers news is impressive and fans enjoy being in the know as things play out rather than having to catch up later.

Anyone taking advantage of NY Sportsbook Promos could use the Bleacher Report app as a way to maximize their potential winnings.

365 Scores

Some sports fans are all about the statistics and if you are keen to get busy with your calculator, then the 365 Scores app has plenty of facts and figures to pore over.

You can set up notifications for your favorite sports so you can be the first to hear about every goal or point.

There is twenty-four-hour-a-day coverage with super-fast updates to ensure that you are always up to speed with what is happening both on and off the pitch.

The interface is clear and easy to use, making this ideal for fans that are keeping track of lots of different sports.

The app updates so quickly that it’s like having a live feed of the action, so it’s ideal for anyone that hates missing out. This app is designed for those that love facts, stats, and figures, and it really delivers.

The Masters App

Some apps are more generalist, but the Masters app warrants a mention because of the sheer number of people that have been impressed by the functionality and design.


While it is largely only of interest to golfing fans, it does give some idea of what is possible when you have the might of IBM behind you.

Every year, golf fans and those that follow the Masters as the tournament is played eagerly anticipate the latest version of the incredibly popular app.

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Commentators make no bones about describing the Masters app in glowing terms and, while the focus is purely on golf, it does set the standard for sporting apps.

One of the things that true golf fans really appreciate is the ability to analyse any shot from any player during any game of the masters.

Despite having a firm ‘no cell phones’ policy, the Augusta golf club has a super high-tech system of cameras, microphones, and even lasers that record data about every shot and deliver it to fans via the app.

Fans can enjoy instant highlights as the app uses advanced input recognition technology (such as the sound of the crowd reacting to a shot) to identify the key moments of any match.

It then combines these important moments into a highlights reel that is available within minutes of the game finishing, delighting fans that want to keep up but cannot watch the whole thing.

The sheer volume of sporting information that is available today can be overwhelming, particularly if you are trying to pick a winner, but the array of apps available can be a huge help.

From catching up with the latest from your favorite underdog to finding out if you’ve won big on a wager, the app store has you covered.

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