BitUniverse Review 2024 – Is It a Safe Bot? Is It a Scam?

BitUniverse Review – Cryptocurrency Trading and Portfolio Tool

Cryptocurrency trading and digital asset exchanges have been around for many years now, but never has digital currency been so popular as it is today.

Traders who have been dealing in cryptocurrency from the start and stuck with it, likely have hefty portfolios today. The pursuit of wealth goes beyond fiat currency now, so there are options for how you want to trade, exchange, save, and pay. 

One of the benefits of cryptocurrency is that even in distressed market times, it can easily be traded and build your portfolio when you have the correct information and strategies.

Strategies are the main way traders trade in any market, but are particularly effective in crypto trading. 

That is one of the reasons that today’s traders are so into cryptocurrency trading bots to help them save time and enjoy a better quality of life without having to sit in front of their devices watching the market all the time.

The world of digital assets is constantly fluctuating and is considered volatile, which is another reason people are turning to automated trading options.

There is risk in any kind of monetary trading. Cryptocurrency trading bots can help you mitigate your risks when they are used to their full potential. That said, there is no such thing as a sure thing in any market or any trading venue.

However, having smart tools at your fingertips help you hone your crypto trading skills and find strategies that best work for you.

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BitUniverse Review 2024

BitUniverse is such a crypto trading bot. This platform allows you to automate your trading as well as track and monitor your portfolio along the way. 

Let’s talk about how the BitUniverse system stands up in this industry.

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What is BitUniverse and How Does It Work?

BitUniverse mobile

Essentially, what BitUniverse is and what it does for traders is in its name. BitUniverse is a bot that provides cryptocurrency trading and portfolio tracking to its users. As the website states, it’s where “Technology Meets Trading.”

You can choose fully automated options or semi-automated options through this service. Virtually anyone at any level of skill can participate in crypto trading via this platform.

The convenience of being able to track the crypto market is essential to any trader for making wise decisions for their strategies and trades.

While no one can predict how this market will turn or fluctuate at any given moment, having a tool that shows patterns (past and potential future) can be helpful in this market. 

BitUniverse is a relatively new service in this developing market segment as its inception and introduction occurred in 2018.

It gained some popularity among traders from January of 2018 and then as traders (both seasoned and novice) learned about the service, gradually started moving up in popularity.

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According to its users, the interface is visually appealing with a modern and sleek design. The automated options add to this appeal as it tends to make things a little easier for traders. 

The goal of cryptocurrency traders is to maximize profits (gains) and minimize risks (losses), but with such a volatile market, technology like this may be a better way to trade and track.

It’s all about efficiency, saving time and effort, and being able to focus on what matters when leveraging the crypto market effectively.

BitUniverse is an app that is compatible with Android and iOS systems, but there is also a web-based option so you can use it on virtually any device.

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Is BitUniverse Popular & Reputable?

BitUniverse has only recently become popular since traders are still learning about its presence and what it does. Essentially, word of mouth from its users have driven this gradual increase in popularity alongside of the chats in forums.

Seasoned and novice traders talk about its appealing interface and multiple use for trading and portfolio tracking, which is likely why others are noticing it more now.

It’s hard to determine just how popular such a platform is based on forums and reviews since there are other factors that we cannot know.

If you go by its downloads on Google Play and other Android stores, it’s been downloaded over 100,000 times and has pretty good reviews overall. 

Of course, user reviews are not always accurate or real since nowadays people will review your products and services for free or for pay, though we cannot say that is how this app works.

It’s just something that can happen and does happen across products and services nowadays. That said, it appears to be popular based on these app reviews.

Another space where you can find out what people think about this cryptocurrency trading bot is Twitter where it has a relatively active community. On this social platform, this app seems to have a solid and loyal customer base.

Whether that continues is yet to be seen.

The creators of BitUniverse surely paid attention to the little details for developing an app with an appealing design, and its simplicity of use for some traders.

It’s been mentioned that its automation offerings create value and somewhat push the limits of this industry.

Overall, we can say that this trading bot is pretty popular among its loyal users.

What Exchanges are Supported On BitUniverse?

BitUniverse mobile

The BitUniverse app is capable of supporting an ample array of cryptocurrency exchanges from the most prominent to the lesser known exchanges. The website claims it supports over 22 exchanges and 6,000 coins/tokens.

Some of the supported exchanges include:

  • KuCoin
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Binance
  • OKEx
  • Huobi

As this app grows, the plan seems to be to continually allow more exchanges and functions to be added.

How Much Does BitUniverse Cost?

BitUniverse offers only two plans, the free plan and the premium plan.

  • The Free Plan is free and its role is more of a portfolio tracker than anything else.
  • The Premium Plan offers advanced settings for $20 per month. 
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Performance Metrics

BitUniverse Review - Performance Metrics

Ease of Use: It seems that people like how simple this app is to use. That is one of its draws and lends to its retention rate. 

Users recommend to use the mobile app over the web-based interface since some features are not readily available on the web version. That could be a disadvantage for users who prefer desktop and laptop web-based programs, while a benefit to those who prefer mobile apps. 

Settings: There seems to be a lot of chatter regarding the Grid Trading Bot and its features that allow for buying low and selling high in an automated method. Trailing, take profit, stop limit, buy/sell, and other settings are also accessible. 

Security: Apps are usually secure, and this app hasn’t had any problems yet. It offers three-layer security solutions like AWS and AES. 

Customer Support: Most users claim that customer support is a positive experience. With Telegram, forums, and Twitter presences, there are multiple methods of reaching out for support. 

Profitability: While its users claim that this app isn’t a disappointment, but rather a helpful tool, there are no guarantees in the risky and volatile cryptocurrency market. Often, it’s about feeling comfortable with taking risks and being diligent about watching for gains.

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Review Conclusion

Overall, it seems that traders using this app find it to be simple to use as well as an appealing and effective tool.

Some people may not like the idea of losing opportunities from using the web-based version due to preferences in display, while for others it’s a non-issue. Personally, we like the idea of using mobile and web-based trading bots that allow for more flexibility.

As you learn and grow on such trading bots, you will see the winds of change constantly flowing in the cryptocurrency market.

It’s important to muster your patience, diligence, commitment, and dedication to your cryptocurrency trading experience if you plan to see gains. 

It’s also important not to put your total trust and reliance upon cryptocurrency trading bots, but also pay attention to your own intuition and watch the patterns in the markets when engaging in trades. 

We would recommend Bitsgap or Quadency over BitUniverse for your automated cryptocurrency trading needs because of the reputations and security of these programs.

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