Viralyft Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Viralyft Review – Is Viralyft a Scam?

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In the world of social media marketing, there is a lot to be said for outsourcing your growth to a third-party company. The great thing about the social media marketing industry is that it is full of experts who have the knowledge and skill to help you get ahead.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should just jump into bed with the first company that you come across. In fact, there are a lot of companies out there that aren’t legit and are just going to scam their clients.

The very fact that there are an overwhelming multitude of companies online claiming to be able to work “magic” for your social media growth is insulting.

Being reasonable people, we all know that magic is not what you need. What you need is real help from real followers and real companies that provide genuine outsourcing for social media tasks. 

The last thing you need to worry about is getting flagged for spam, bots, ghost accounts, or anything fake related to your social media profile. That is how you lose credibility online.

You need real people who are active and are truly interested in your niche to interact with you. You cannot turn a bot or fake profile into a loyal customer.

It’s time to stop thinking about the numbers and start thinking about the efficacy of social media growth services. 

This is true whether you choose an agency or an online growth service.

I’m Jonathon Spire, and I have been in this industry for long enough to know that there are potentially more scam sites out there than legit ones. However, I know how to tell the difference.

Let’s review one and determine what we think of it.

Viralyft Review 2024

Viralyft logo

Viralyft is a social media marketing company that claims to help you with all of your social platforms online. This means that it can help you not only with Facebook, but with Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, and YouTube.

We think they’re a scam.

Some of the reasons that formed this opinion include the many negative reviews across third-party forums, negative reviews on Trustpilot, and even where there are positive reviews, they are most likely paid for or fake.

The lack of trustworthy positive reviews is a major red flag, which is what leads us to believe this service is a scam and not safe for use.

We advise at least caution and that you do your own homework before you think of engaging with any service like this.

Regardless of what we think of this service, we are going to delve into what it offers to see if it offers any value.

Viralyft for Facebook

Viralyft for Facebook

Viralyft says that they offer their clients Facebook likes which are divided into a tiered pricing structure based on how many you need.

For example, if you need 500 Facebook likes, this is going to cost you $18. For 1,000 likes, it’s $30.00 and so on.

As you can see from the image, delivery times range from 24-72 hours, which could be a red flag depending on how well this tool can steer clear of Facebook’s algorithm.

The claim from the website is that these are top-quality likes, and it doesn’t require a password to use the service.

The fact that you don’t have to provide your password is a positive thing we can mention about this service, but this should not be your only metric for choosing such outsourcing tools.

However, we do find that the claim of top-quality likes is suspicious to us considering the poor reviews on third-party sites.

They also say that they come with around the clock customer support. This is all well and good, but we think it’s too good to be true, based on the many negative reviews.

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Viralyft for Instagram

Viralyft for Instagram

Viralyft claims it can help you with Instagram followers, likes and views.

Again, the pricing is structured in a way that allows you to only pay for what you’re going to use.

This means that 100 Instagram followers is going to cost you $2.99, 250 followers will cost $4.99, etc.

The claim from the website is that these are real users, and that they’re safe and secure.

Once again you can receive them within 72 hours. They also say that they are high retention, which we highly doubt.

As a matter of fact, from what we have read and seen, in user reviews on third party sites, followers drop off quite often.

Since a high retention rate means that your followers and other engagements stay with you for a long time, users claim this isn’t the case, therefore the claim, while well-meaning, is not valid for every user.

We cannot and will not say that these claims are intentionally misleading since we cannot know another’s intentions. We can only base our opinions on what we read and learn from former users.

After all, we are striving to provide unbiased and honest reviews.

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Viralyft for YouTube

Viralyft for YouTube

Viralyft can help you with YouTube subscribers, views and comments.

The claim is that 100 YouTube subscribers are going to cost you $10.99, 500 are $49.99, and so on.

Once again, they also claim that these are top-quality subscribers and you don’t need to show your password to receive them.

Not having to share your password is a good thing, but we doubt that the subscribers are top-quality, or at least not all of them are.

Just like with IG and Facebook, they also say that their delivery time is between 24 and 72 hours, and that they source their YouTube subscribers from all around the world.

While we cannot dispute the claim that the subscribers, or any of the engagement across platforms are sourced at the global level, we do question the validity and viability of these resources.

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Viralyft for Twitter

Viralyft for Twitter

Just like the rest of the engagement they can help you with, Viralyft claims to be able to offer you Twitter followers at some really affordable pricing.

They say that 100 Twitter followers is just going to cost you $2.99, 500 followers cost $14.99. and so forth.

And again, the best part is that they don’t require your password to deliver your followers.

They say that they can get them to you within one to three days, and that they are sourced from around the world.

Again, this may be repetitive, but we believe in being cautious about follower and engagement sourcing regardless of the online growth service you use.

We don’t think that can be said enough.

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How Did Viralyft do in Tests?

Just like with any other company that we review on here, we put Viralyft to the test to determine once and for all whether they are worth your time or not.

We decided to buy Facebook likes for a test Facebook page, and to be honest we were disappointed with what we got.

First, it took a lot longer than three days to receive our delivery.

Even after we did recieve our order, the likes started dropping off again after just a day or two. This means that they have a really low retention rate, and are going to make your Facebook page look really bad.

This is why we mentioned the retention rate earlier in the review, so that we could bring you back to this information without bias.

We tried it, and going by the claims on the website, we were unhappy with our results.

What About Their Team?

Companies that care about their clients when it comes to accountability and communication will have a lot of information on their website about the team behind the features. This is their way of proving to potential clients that they are trustworthy and can help you with whatever you need.

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We’re sad to say that we couldn’t really find too much information on Viralyft’s website about their supposed team. When we have trouble finding out the backstory of a company and/or the team that runs things, we consider that a red flag.

If you look at the most reputable websites out there that provide any kind of service, they usually have an about page that tells the story of how and where they started.

Other signs of a reputable service-related website include team member profiles and a little background information like their education and hobbies.

While providing a history and background of a company and the people behind it isn’t necessarily an indicator of credibility or reliability, it’s certainly a great way to present your business.

Likewise, not every reputable online company includes a lot of information about themselves, but we feel there should be an about page with something of value on it.

Viralyft User Reviews

Viralyft Trustpilot reviews

As you can see, we have provided you with some of the user reviews we found that told us a lot about Viralyft.

There is so much potential to help people grow their social media presence effectively and ethically. It saddens us when we see these kinds of reviews.

Review Conclusion

So, what do we ultimately think of Viralyft? We think that they are the kind of company that can’t be trusted. They are one of those companies that on the surface looks amazing, but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover that everything they say is inflated, and overrated.

If you want to maintain a solid reputation in the social media marketing industry, and not get taken advantage of, then we suggest that you avoid companies like this at all cost.

They sell their clients fake, low quality engagement that is just going to hurt your engagement rate.

Not only did we doubt the positive reviews we found, we found out that Viralyft has fake reviews on websites like ReviewsXP and it seems they had their Trustpilot account with reviews removed from that platform.

We want everyone to keep their social media profiles safe and protected from scammy and spammy engagement as well as from bots and poor services.

We cannot, in good conscience recommend Viralyft at this time. The bad reviews, our own experience, the red flags of promises on the website, the lack of customer support, and other aspects of this service are some of the metrics we used to make our recommendation.

That said, we hope this service and website makes the appropriate changes to provide quality services to the public who need to build and grow their social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

We do recommend that you do your own research before choosing to outsource your social media growth and engagement.

Watch out for the red flags as mentioned in this review and learn as much as possible about the company before investing your hard-earned money into any such service.

Please be cautious and wise about the services you choose to protect your reputation, credibility, authority, and online social presence.

Top Viralyft Alternatives

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Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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3 thoughts on “Viralyft Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?”

  1. I ordered the 2k followers for Twitter, but the service was not delivered, only received 1500 followers, I contacted them, this is what they replied back to me with: “Hello,
    Please be advised if you feel the need to threaten “buyer protection” we will not only ensure to delete this profile, but hunt down every single social media account associated with you and your business and delete each of them one by one, you will not be the first nor the last. You are more than welcome to test this, you will not be the first nor the last we have erased.”

  2. Viralyft own and they write spammy fake reviews about themselves and other providers. You can tell the reviews are fake because the reviewer names are all unrealistic and they are all written in Indian English (the owners of ReviewsXp and Viralyft are Indian) with a crappy writing style.

    The owner of reviewsXP and Viralyft is named Parampreet Chanana and he is a huge con artist.

    Here is his LinkedIn profile

    Don’t be juped by these scammers!!


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