How to use Instagram to promote your blog

How to use Instagram to promote your blog

You’ve conquered the blogging world – it’s become a piece of cake, and you’re more than happy with the healthy amount of traffic that seems to be coming through every day.

You’ve got your brand, content, and scheduling down.

What more could there be to do?

Reaching more people, that’s what.

It’s time to take your blog to the next level and see how people like it on other social media websites.

You can even use this guide in conjunction with a top bot for Instagram.

One of the most strategic business moves you could make is linking up your blog with your other social media.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain – it’s all about syncing them all up and using them to your greatest advantage.

Let’s take a look at how you can use social media platforms like Instagram to promote your blog.

Instagram Basics

Instagram Basics

If you’re already on Instagram, you’ll know that there are two main components to the Instagram page – your profile and your feed.

Getting creative with both and getting as much out of them as you can make the difference between a mediocre trickle of traffic through to your blog, and an all-out torrent.

The way that your account looks and how it reflects you and your branding are critical.

It’s like first impressions – you only get one, so make sure it’s a good one.


Instagram Username

With Instagram, you are given two chances with your name.

Naturally, you start with your username which is what comes after the “@” at the top of your page.

Right under this is your name. It goes without saying that the two should be relevant to one another, especially if it’s centered around your brand.

Getting creative and clever with your name will make all the difference when people first head over to your page.

You can use emojis, but remember that they have to reflect the mood of your brand – if you’re going for a professional look, then try not to go overboard with the emojis.

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But if your theme is fun and easy-going, you’ve got a bit more wriggle room to use them. Just remember, balance is everything.

Your Feed

Instagram Feed

Treat your Instagram feed like a literal extension of your blog and its content – you want them to sync up right?

When people come across your Instagram page, you want it to be a little preview of what your blog is all about, and ultimately make them visit your blog through the clickable link in your bio.

Keep the colors the same and the images either the same or similar as well.

If your blog consists of vibrant, cheery colors, you don’t want to choose moody, dark colors for your Instagram. Keep it the same.

Let’s look at ways you can perfect your posts to fit in with your blog brand:

Use the same graphics: using the same brand graphics that you’ve used on your blog in your posts will give you a smooth look across the board, but with a little twist.

Because Instagram is known for its square images, just adjust the graphics to fit in with the square, and you’ve got another creative variation on your branding.

Give your followers a little preview: people like to know what’s coming up – it keeps them focused and engaged.

Posting content on your Instagram with the caption “coming soon!” or “later on in the week!” directly referencing the blog, will keep them coming back and checking out both your Instagram and blog.

Just remember to be true to your word and post what you promised!

Behind the scenes: people love to get a little sneak preview of what goes on behind your content.

It makes them feel like they know you better and are being let into an exclusive part of your life.

Taking photos of what went on behind the scenes, whether it was a photoshoot or a creative arrangement will keep people intrigued.

The great thing about Instagram is that everything you post is new – even old blog posts.

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Go back to old blog posts and find ones that were particularly popular and relatable, and then take a snapshot and post on Instagram with the caption “back in the archives.”

This will give people a better idea of your blog as a whole and might even get them looking back through old content, eager to find something they found helpful and interesting.

Treat your Instagram like it’s a mini blog of its own.

While you can keep the majority of your content over on your blog, you can use the captions under each image to include a little excerpt either from a current blog post or one that is unique to Instagram entirely.

You can finish these small extracts off by saying “read more about this on the blog,” encouraging people to head on over to your blog for the rest.

Social media is beyond staying connected and posting photos of your pets – it’s the new way to promote your business and attract potential customers to your blog and website.

While your blog has probably experience success all of its own, there’s certainly no harm in collaborating with other social media platforms in your power and seeing just how creative you can get as you’re pushed to promote your brand even further.

Followers are bound to want to check out more and find themselves on your blog where the majority of your branding is.

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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