7 Simple Ways To Secure Your Company’s Data

When it comes to protecting the data of your organization, you have a foolproof game plan. Safeguarding your data is essential in 2023 since more and more attacks are happening due to the increased use of mobile apps and people sharing their personal data all over the internet.

As a result, attackers have new ways of stealing or damaging vital data of an organization. Proper cybersecurity protection includes everything from encrypting confidential files to securing employees’ computers when they work remotely.

But that’s not enough; modern companies should also consider cybersecurity training and a cyber incident response plan that will help you respond in case you get attacked.

With the immense rise in cyber-attacks this year and global digitalisation, it is essential for every business to pay attention to its cybersecurity guidelines and practices, as well as ransomware attack readiness.

However, not everyone knows the importance of cybersecurity and what they can do to keep business data safe. Let’s explore this below.

Why Should Businesses Care About Safeguarding Their Data?

If you are ruining your business, you likely know the importance of keeping your organizational data safe as well as protecting the sensitive information of your employees and clients.

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Not only is it essential legally in some industries, but it also helps companies to safeguard customers’ data so they won’t lose loyalty and trust.

Any type of ransomware attack on your organization can have a crippling effect on the entire business’s success or failure, which can often mean lost revenue with severe future implications as well.

What Data Do You Need To Protect? 

Even though almost any data should be protected, there are some kinds of data that require a higher level of protection. Sensitive information that your organization holds – whether it is personal employee data or medical data of your customers – is a precious asset that must be protected at all costs.

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It is especially vital for healthcare organization’s since they usually keep sensitive patient information, which should never be stolen. It can be a new drug formula, patient medical records, test results, or even data proving that your organization developed a risky or dangerous drug.

In addition, the accounting department handles highly confidential financial information related to revenue streams and the company’s operating costs.

If an employee taps on a dangerous link or leaks this data, it will lead to serious consequences for your organization’s financial performance.

It is vital to note that any kind of corporate data that is somehow related to your organization’s public presence will always put your company at risk.

For instance, if you have a social media channel or a blog, managing it should include following strict data protection standards, and your employees should know what they can share via their personal social media.

A leak on social media or a blog can be just as dangerous as a rigid employee stealing and sharing sensitive data.

Simple Tips To Increase Your Data Safety

Now you can understand the extent of damage that a successful cyber-attack or a data leak can cost your organization, you are probably considering cybersecurity services.

However, you should know what steps you can take and what you should invest in before hiring the security team. Let’s explore a few basic steps you can take to increase your organizational cyber resilience.

Organize Monitoring To Detect Abnormal Behavior

Monitoring the situation can greatly help in identifying any abnormal behaviour and prevent many types of cyberattacks.

A most effective and simple way to achieve this is by using a cloud-based service that is designed to detect suspicious activity, including unusual login activity, IP addresses accessed from weird locations and many more.

Establish Restricted Network Zones 

All your network zones should be carefully monitored for anomalies like all new users that are connected from outside the organisation or sensitive services and products being downloaded on company-owned devices from unwanted or unknown external sources.

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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is considered one of the best ways to quickly yet effectively check your current cybersecurity posture. It means mimicking real attacks to check how software and how your teams react when an attack may happen.

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Ensure Access To Proprietary Data Is Restricted 

When you install any new software, especially which has not been known as a “standard-issue” or “approved” tool, you should guarantee that there are no side effects to the information you keep or the company’s networks and systems.

Educate Employees

Educating employees is one of the key steps you can take to boost the security of your company’s data. That is because attackers always look for weak spots when trying to steal data. And employees tend to click on dangerous links and open files that may damage their security posture.

Use Antivirus Software

When updating your systems and software, ensure you update it when necessary. It is also recommended to regularly scan all systems and updates for malicious software while disinfecting them periodically to ward off threats.

Use Encryption

Using encryption is not only the fastest and most secure way to protect sensitive information, but it can also help prevent any unauthorised access or data loss for any establishment.

Final Thoughts

The number of cyberattacks is dramatically growing. Hackers continue to develop new ways of stealing sensitive data, and the world is going online, making it even easier for attackers to damage your business.

That is why it is essential to protect your data more than ever and know some tips that may help you improve your company’s security posture.

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