Search Berg Review 2023 – Is It a Scam?

Search Berg Review – Is Search Berg a Scam?

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Search BergTop Alternative
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Search Berg is one of those companies that is hard to tell whether they’re legit or not just by looking at them. That’s why we do reviews like the one below – so that you can get a better gauge on whether they’re worth your time or not.

See, the Instagram growth industry is a big one, and while this means that you’ve got a lot of companies to choose from, it also means that you have to keep your wits about you.

If you’re brand new to the industry and have never used a third party to help grow your Instagram, the experience is going to be both a blessing and a curse.

This is because there are some companies out there that have excellent, high-quality features that can help you stand out and get your content in front of the right people, and then there are those that are really nothing more than a scam.

How do you know which is which? By reading reviews like the one below.

I’m Jonathon Spire, and I’m no stranger to the idea that you’ll need some serious help with your Instagram if you want to stand out.

However, I also know that the industry for Instagram growth is tough, and there are many companies out there you should try and avoid.

Check out the review below, where I talk about some things that will help you work out if a company is legit or not.

Search Berg Review 2023

Search Berg logo

Search Berg is the kind of company that says they can help you from the beginning.

They have a chatbox that pops up as soon as you visit their website so that you can get in touch with someone to talk about what you want. They’re great on the surface, but we think that they’re a bot. 

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What is Search Berg?

Search Berg isn’t afraid to show off what they’re able to do so far in this industry. They have a lot of badges and awards on their homepage, which we assume as associated with past clients – if they’re real.

You’ve got to wonder why a company has so much to prove. They say that it’s never been this easy to get more followers for your Instagram, but we beg to differ.

They spend a lot of time talking and not so much time doing, so you’re probably going to be left feeling a little frustrated about how they do things. 

What are Search Berg’s Features?

Search Berg Features

So, what is Search Berg offering its clients in terms of Instagram growth?

They say that they can provide you with target audience research, which basically means that they find the right target audience for your niche and industry. They also say that they can help you spruce up your profile so that it looks great for people coming to visit.

Additionally, Search Berg says that they can help you with reporting and scheduling upcoming posts as well so that you can focus your attention more on future content, and not stuff that you’ve already come up with.

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What is Search Berg’s Pricing?

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by what you see on Search Berg’s website, we don’t blame you at all. In fact, we’re struggling to figure out where even to start, because there is so much going on.

From what we can gather, they are a digital marketing agency that can help with pretty much everything under the sun. When it comes to their Instagram features, they say that they can help you engage more clients and make more sales, and their pricing starts from $199.

They don’t say if this is monthly or weekly, though – they ask you to get in touch for more information. We don’t like it.

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How Did Search Berg Do in Tests?

Search Berg, just like any other company that we put to the test, went through our rigorous testing system so that we could feel confident about the review we’re giving of them today.

We signed up for their confusing Instagram growth and ended up paying way more than we think it was worth. We also were pretty disappointed about the level of communication around it – definitely not as much as they’re promising.

In summary, their features are definitely nothing to write home about, and we think that they’re just a glorified bot.

Search Berg User Reviews


Review Conclusion

How do we sum up our experience with Search Berg?

They’re average at best. They have way too much going on to be a simple, effective approach to your Instagram growth, and we don’t really like that they are offering so many other features when they could just focus on Instagram.

We also don’t like that their prices are ambiguous and that you have to get in touch with them to find out more. We don’t recommend that you sign up for a company like this.

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- Jon

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories.And now, for the last 8 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.In my spare time I dabble in crypto and various types of automation.
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Jonathon Spire

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

4 thoughts on “Search Berg Review 2023 – Is It a Scam?”

  1. STAY FAR AWAY! I used Searchberg for a few projects and let me explain the situation with one and why you should NOT work with the company. 

#1 Your project manager will always be in a meeting when you call, since the time I signed up with them, I have had 3 different project managers and the issue is the same, they will never be readily available when you call, then the receptionist will tell you that they will get a message over to them and they will call back but NO, they won’t call back they will send an email. They keep switching project managers, this says a lot already. 

#2 I purchased a website, with 1 year of maintenance, they should make it clear before you sign up that maintenance is NOT website edits, it’s simply making sure your website is up and running (which doesn’t take much time or effort), and any further changes you may need, ex: need product, title change, price change, etc, will come at an extra cost. OK, fine, let’s say I was aware of this and was okay with it, when it comes time for me personally to enter the WP backend to make my own changes, I can not access the entire backend because they used a paid theme and kept the credentials for themselves. So pretty much, to enter the backend of the installed theme that they purchased to create the site, I need the credentials for it, I asked them for it considering the website is MINE and I paid for FULL OWNERSHIP of it, they are requesting I pay to get the credentials for the theme backend. SO now, I am stuck in this circle where they tell me I need to pay for further edits or do the edits myself, then I try to do the edits myself, and OH! I can’t because I don’t have access to it. What a pickle.

    #3 Their communication is extremely poor and email responses take several days.

    #4 They do not provide any additional value. They won’t provide recommendations on how to make your website better, nothing. As a matter of fact, they literally do what you tell them and if you are not a website expert they will create a poorly designed site based on your requests when in fact, a trustworthy agency would give pointers as well as provide feedback on why certain things should NOT be done on your site.

    #5 They promise mobile-friendly sites and DO NOT produce it. I have requested over several weeks to have my website edited based on what I paid for, MOBILE FRIENDLY, and they ignore my requests.

    Do not do business with them.

  2. Its a VERY bad company that is good at promoting themselves. They do not come to the phone when you call, after they get your money they produce minimum results and slowly while they bill you still. I spent hours rewriting half the articles and blogs because there was so many errors. The website took many months to do and they paid little attention to my input. I had to repeat myself to explain what I wanted a lot as I had three project workers, and two of them left the company in a period of less than 6 months and because communication is extremely bad at Searchberg. The SEO/Marketing was poor and ineffective and I suspect they do not care as they rely on new clients with new money based on very suspect good reviews. No money back. I feel it is a con job. A very stressful con.

  3. SearchBerg completely scammed me as of March 2022. They sold me on a money back guarantee for positive growth and results, and they produced zero. Also the articles that they had me approving I found out afterwards were completely plagiarized and stolen from other articles already out there. I have multiple cases of actual proof of this. I tried re-engaging and being nice two times after arguing with them about what they were doing including keywords, lack of communication, and just not making any progress. Finally, the third time I was finished. Of course they tried to justify their actions and refuse to honor their money back guarantee. They tried saying that I approved the keywords. I told them I have no expertise in that and that I was just trusting them. They were completely ridiculous. I have details I would like to share about this in the chance that it might prevent someone else from being scammed.

  4. I agree. Their website is reminiscent of scam websites I’ve seen — lots going on, a lot of reviews from many different websites, and the design is horrible. Many of the reviews are from accounts with just 1 review or if they have two reviews, the second one is for some random company, but was written the same day or a week after. No reviews were written from that account from that point on. My gut tells me to stay away.


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