My Music Viral Review 2024– Is It a Scam?

My Music Viral Review– Is My Music Viral a Scam?

My Music Viral Review 2024

My Music Viral is one of many different social media growth companies.

You’ve tried for a while to get your music out there on various platforms, from Soundcloud to YouTube, but for some reason, you just can’t seem to break through and find the people that you know would love it.

While you might be feeling jaded on the idea of making music at all, the reality is that it’s not you, it’s them.

It’s the social media platforms that now have so much competition, it’s virtually impossible to do any of it yourself.

This means that if you’re not using a third party to get help, then you’re definitely missing out.

But what does a legit third party look like, then?

Hello, I’m Jonathon Spire, and I’ve spent many years in the social media marketing industry now.

This means that I’ve spent time looking at legit companies and companies that are no more than a scam.

I know how they work, and what they’re trying to get from naïve clients.

I have a passion for helping my reader figure out the difference between the two so that they can get their music out there and have a good time online.

Let’s review My Music Viral, in particular, and get to the bottom of whether they’re worth your time or not.

My Music Viral Review

My Music Viral Review

My Music Viral is a company that claims to be able to help its clients grow their music presence on all types of different social media platforms.

They say that they can do this through their high-quality features, which they offer a money-back guarantee for.

We think they’re a scam. 

What is My Music Viral?

My Music Viral

When you go onto My Music Viral’s website, you’ll find that on their homepage, they talk about why you should choose them.

The first thing they say about this is that they’re music industry veterans, which of course, means that they’re claiming to have been in the business for a long time.

However, we don’t think that this is the case – they certainly don’t have enough positive reviews to corroborate this.

My Music Viral also says that their services are reliable, and again they mention about the money-back guarantee, which is hard to believe.

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There aren’t too many companies out there that can offer this type of service. They also say that they have email support. 

What are My Music Viral’s Features?

My Music Viral - Features

My Music Viral says that they offer quality social media services for everyone, not just musicians.

Of course, they are leaning their efforts towards musicians, as you will be able to see through their features, but they’re trying to expand their reach by offering their services to everyone.

They also say that they can help you build a reputation online as a musician, and they even go as far as to claim that they can help you start getting album sales.

We’re not sure about this.

They offer downloads, likes, followers, and plays for Soundcloud, mentions, video views, followers, and likes for Instagram, fans, likes, followers and advertising for Facebook, and followers for Snapchat.

If they were a legit company, this would all be good, but we don’t think that they are.

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What is My Music Viral’s Pricing?

My Music Viral-Pricing

What’s interesting about My Music Viral is that they seem to think that coming from a different angle to everyone else is going to help them stand out from the crowd.

However, if you spend a little bit of time on their website, you’ll realize that they’re nothing more than your average social media company selling fake engagement, and potentially using a bot.

For example, if you want to buy 5000 YouTube views, this will cost you $17.99.

You don’t need to share your password, and they claim email support. Their largest price point for YouTube is $149.99.

One of the things that are pretty concerning to us here is that they say that they can offer a set number of followers, views, plays, or mentions, and they also don’t need your password to get the job done.

These are two big red flags.

A legit company shouldn’t be able to predict how many followers or likes they can send your way if they’re real, and a legit company will also need your password so that they can safely deliver your real engagement.

My Music Viral lacks both of these.


What’s the Difference Between Cheap and Affordable?

Cheap, for the most part, means that the quality of the features is low. Affordable, almost always, means that the features are much higher quality.

In an industry like this, you tend to get what you pay for. This is why you need to spend a little bit more to get better quality.

What About Their Team?

So, normally if a company is above board and not a scam in any way, they will be open and honest with their clients from the beginning.

As a part of this, they will have a little bit about themselves and who is behind the features on their website. It’s a way to make their clients feel comfortable and like they can trust them.

We couldn’t find anything that talked about the team behind My Music Viral on their site.

Final Thoughts

So, what do we ultimately think about My Music Viral – do we think that they’re legit or a scam?

Honestly, we think that they’re a scam, and we don’t think that you should be using companies like this for your social media growth.

It would be nice if they were a bit more approachable, honest, and had higher quality features, but they don’t.

If you’ve already got a reputation on social media, then you need to keep it intact and avoid companies like this as much as possible.

Top My Music Viral Alternatives

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Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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4 thoughts on “My Music Viral Review 2024– Is It a Scam?”

  1. One thing I do notice with Music Viral is they do give more information on the the type of spotify plays your actually getting. The services mentioned above offer the same amount of plays for a higher price and less information at a faster rate. You can’t get 20,000 plays in 24-72 hours without getting flagged on spotify. My Music Viral tells you it’ll take at least 30 days for that service. i have used them for spotify pays and have actually received royalties for the streams. I do admit the higher coasting packages is a risk. I don’t see any reviews, there is no chat or email support but i did try the lower packages and it did work. As mentioned earlier the other sites doesn’t give you enough information on the quality of the plays. Music Viral is very descriptive on all the services so it is believable


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