6 Maintenance Tips For Your Metal Mesh Products

One of the most useful metal goods available is metal mesh. Despite its seeming simplicity, there is no other product with as many applications across many industries as this. 

Metal mesh products are popular among architects and designers because of their corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal. Metal mesh is used in various applications, from personal use in home food preparation to manufacturing business or factory worker safety. 

One of the most important things when using metal mesh products is knowing how to keep them in good condition. Indeed, no matter how high-quality your mesh products may be, not maintaining them correctly destroys them instantly. 

In order to maintain maximum performance, the mesh should be free of corrosive substances such as free iron and deposits from dirt, grime, and grease accumulated during routine handling.

With that in mind, here are tips on properly maintaining metal mesh products.

1. Have A Regular Inspection

Products made of metal mesh occasionally need to be maintained. Even while they can survive shifting weather and environmental circumstances, they eventually deteriorate.

Your metal mesh products might already have holes, rips, discoloration, or persistent rusting that may have harmed some of its components, even if you don’t immediately detect them. Regular inspections can help keep the cost of fixing these problems minimal while preserving the integrity of the metal mesh products. 

2. Rectify Problems As Soon As Possible

To prevent further damage, you must fix any problems you discover with your metal mesh products as soon as you see one upon inspection. Taking time before fixing it may cause more damage and be impossible to repair, and you’ll end up replacing it instead, which will surely cost more.

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These damages may include rips, holes, broken pieces, rusted poles, and screw shortages. These minor issues quickly escalate if left as is and make it more vulnerable to various types of harm.

3. Regularly Clean Metal Mesh Products

Regardless of where and how metal mesh products are used, it is essential to have regular cleaning schedules. First and foremost, the metal mesh needs to be cleaned to remove any iron contamination caused by the metalworking and welding processes that it goes through.

Maintaining the metal mesh’s corrosion resistance requires frequent cleaning. If there is regular cleaning, any corrosion-stimulating processes or deposits, such as grinding swarf, welding sparks, and ferrous metal dust, can’t build up. As a result, your metal mesh product will have optimal corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal. 

4. Do Not Use Acidic Cleaning Solutions

Do not use acidic cleaning solutions typically used to clean the exteriors of materials like stone and brick. Due to its metal nature, metal mesh is not a good candidate for these treatments. Clean the screen’s surface thoroughly with clean water if any metal is exposed after removing the acidic solution.

Some important things to remember when using cleaning solutions:

  • Bleaches and cleaning products with hydrochloric or sulfuric acid bases result in discoloration and pitting.

  • Hypochlorite bleaches should be used sparingly and with short contact times, followed by a thorough cleaning with water.

  • Use caution when using concentrated bleach on touch screen surfaces.

  • Avoid using steel wool or carbon steel brushes since they leave behind particles that promote corrosion.

5. Use Deionized/Distilled Water For Cleaning

Rinsing the mesh with deionized/distilled water to eliminate any loose impurities is advised for complete cleaning. Clean mesh with a gentle cloth and deionized or distilled water containing a mild. You can also use an ecologically safe multipurpose cleaner or 5% ammonia.

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Moreover, it is best to soak the metal mush for some time before you start scrubbing it, so it is easier to remove any dirt that is attached to it.

Remember that when cleaning products made of metal mesh, you must be extremely careful to avoid damaging the object.

6. Use Soft Nylon Brushes When Cleaning

It is ideal to use soft nylon brushes when cleaning your metal mesh. If you wish to keep the beauty of the metal mesh, make sure to use nylon brushes, as they would not cause any damage to the product. Also, avoid using materials that have rough surfaces that may cause a scratch on the metal surface. 

Using steel wool cleaning pads on stainless steel wire mesh is never a good idea. The unalloyed “free iron” can cross-contaminate stainless steel wire mesh and cause brown rust stains. 

Final Tips

As the saying goes, ’prevention is better than cure,’ which also applies to things. If you prevent damage to the items you use, like the metal mesh, it will not cost you as much. Making sure your metal mesh products are well maintained should be a top priority if you want them to last long. 

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