Top 3 Differences Between BPO And Call Centers

If you have ever dealt with business needs and worked with a lot of companies, you must know what a BPO is. What is BPO in call center? In most cases, employees are not sure about the term and misuse its meaning.

BPO can be simply identified as a complex business outsourcing practice. However, a call center is a different phenomenon, and it serves other functions. 

Nevertheless, it would be incorrect to state that these notions are completely different. They have some common features, but in most cases, their use has various directions.

Having a lot of interrelated features, these terms serve in more or less opposite directions. Let’s figure it out. 

Do You Know The Difference Between BPO And Call Center? 

First, let’s start with defining the main concept of this article. BPO is mostly responsible for the tasks that another enterprise is responsible for. What is the main purpose of the BPO services? These aim to prevent money waste and succeed with their direct productivity. 

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However, a call center definition is different. If we take a look at it, we will notice the opposite points. And this can be a major point between BPO and call centers. A call center is constructed to handle communication tasks for another firm or team. But it’s mainly focused on the services related to telephone calls. 

What are the main call center responsibilities in the US? In the United States, this tool will handle customer complaints and help fix requests related to ordering procedures. Furthermore, booking inquiries over the phone will also be a part of the call center’s responsibilities.

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On the other hand, the number of tasks is huge; the tasks are restricted. BPO won’t be able to cope with such tasks as data capture, customer contact, or administration. Moreover, there are also chatbots that a BPO service can’t manage. 

Can We Use A Call Center And BPO As Synonyms? 

We can’t call BPO a call center because there are lots of NOs that make BPO far more different in features and services provided. BPO basically refers to services that you can outsource.

It is usually a service provider, not developed on-site. Such organizations can have a wide range of fields that their structure covers. The reality is that the Call center is a part of what BPO generally covers.

An organization can use it to offer customers solutions to fix their requests. And it is usually done with the help of the needful medium. For example, it can be a phone call, texting, popular social networks, or other useful tools. 

Work Division Difference 

There are two main processes that BPO services can handle. These are mostly back-end tasks. But there are also front-office processes involved. The first process type includes management, data entry, payments, and highly sophisticated surveys.

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If we take a look at the front-end tasks, they are made of social media channels, customer management services with the help of phone and email reach outs, and live chats with highly-developed chatbots.

You can feature telemarketing, effective appointment setting, online customer support, sales practices, and market support. The main thing is that most BPOs can’t provide all the services. They are mainly focused on the front-office processes and partially on call center outsourcing options.

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Different Functionality 

After figuring out the main call center and BPO difference, we can move to the more specific comparisons. BPO services are mostly focused on finance and accounting. There are also sourcing and procurement services.

You will also feature BPO being involved in human resource outsourcing and effective customer management services. In many cases, businesses fall for online reputation management services together with other efficient services. 

On the other hand, a call center service provider can work only with the front-end tasks. A call center is basically focused on keeping customers happy and encouraging potential customers to get interested in the services or essential products while calling or texting them. 

Necessity Difference

What is difference between BPO and call center? In most cases, a call center can be important for direct communication and better company relationships with its customers. However, BPOs are critical to work on important office work, including both back-end and front-end.

It helps with the organization of social presence with the assistance of practices related to reputation management on the Internet. Is call center and BPO same? As you can probably see, these two notions have something in common, but BPO is a more all-spitting term. 

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