How Virtual Meeting has Transformed todays’ World

Over the previous two years, there have been numerous changes. Digitalization has evolved into a new common sense, while the world is still attempting to deal with new ways of doing things. A lot of old practices have been replaced by new ones with the help of new  discoveries, reinvention, and digitization. 

This has resulted in a new way of working remotely. It’s especially adaptable for businesses with international employees. Office building walls are no longer a barrier to collaborative efforts, but rather a source of unprecedented productivity.

Virtual meetings have created new opportunities for businesses worldwide. It has allowed businesses, entrepreneurs, team members to collaborate without bothering about geographic location, travelling possibilities.The following are the reasons why virtual meetings are so popular around the world:


Virtual meetings did not necessitate the presence of all team members in a specific room, requiring the creation of space, the provision of a comfortable meeting environment, and the expenditure of time. For a trip on the specified date.

Travel costs, venues, and time spent on regular meetings may appear modest at first, although in some cases, getting to the meeting may take much longer than the meeting itself.

All of this is eliminated by virtual conferencing. There will be no commuting, planning, or wasting of time. It’s simple to add other coworkers right away, and after a meeting, anyone can get back to their regular work. It becomes highly comfortable for everyone involved.

Increased number of participants

Again, many members have been unable to attend a meeting due to the distance, forcing them to attend offline meetings. Participants in a virtual meeting can be located anywhere in the world. Online meetings provide a platform for all employees to attend and participate in conversations or updates.


Virtual meetings enabled the addition of members despite their location, creating a highly productive environment, particularly for geographically separated teams. LMS platforms like Easygenerator include simple options to share files, making it simple to share visuals, PDFs, presentations with attendees.

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Improved information flow

This is how a physical meeting used to be conducted. Everyone gathered in a room around a flipchart, or possibly a whiteboard, and tried to discuss the statistical information that would usually slip through one’s mind if they could not take notes every second.

The added benefit of virtual meetings is that you can use the platform’s full capabilities. The flow of information could be virtually  optimised, and interaction can occur through various channels. Meeting attendees can participate in the meeting and get access to information through various ways like presentations, screen sharing, group chats, and more.

This also helps to ensure that the project is done as soon as possible. Virtual platforms like Easygenerator provide the  ability to broadcast the meeting to a larger audience and also helps to bring the company’s various points of view to the center of attention. This provides insights and expertise that may not have been available at traditional offline meetings.

It’s clear what’s important and what isn’t

Meetings, in a broad sense, represent a distinct office dynamic. During “normal” times, some participants are more expressive than others, while others stay hidden in clear view, providing few opinions.

Although these less vocal teammates attend and are usually visible, their contributions appear to be restricted. However, when everyone is meeting virtually, individual contributions are more noticeable. 

So, hiding from work becomes more difficult. It’s also more tough for someone to dominate the conversation with irrelevant babblings. We don’t have time for this anymore.

video conference

Enhanced productivity

As previously stated, traditional meetings demanded a significant amount of time and attention from everyone in attendance. And those who organised it took even more. Furthermore, physical meetings had to cover every topic, half of which did not apply to all participants.

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The virtual conference saves this time. This note is used in a more productive manner. Meetings are simple and brief, allowing you to be more productive with your time. Increase the speed with which you make decisions and make better use of your time.


Traditionally, meetings required a minute-by-minute notetaker to record and track everything that was said. Organizations can use online meetings to document the entire meeting for later reference with the click of a button.

Various softwares like Easygenerator allows you to record online meetings so that they can be viewed again later or made available to everyone who was unable to attend.


The rise of digital collaboration and interaction has emerged as a significant catalyst in major corporations. As the popularity of virtual  meetings, training courses, and conferences grew, so did the popularity of LMS softwares. It’s also very reasonably priced. For example, because it is almost free for all users, entry-level Easygenerator is an ideal solution for beginners.

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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